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David was a client who became a friend. He was tall and extremely handsome and he was a very good person. He had a reputation from in the streets as being very fierce, (a bad man as we called them in Jamaica), he was Jamaican. He loved old people and small children. He was kindhearted by nature and very spiritual. The first time I met him, someone had recommended me to him and he came to my home for spiritual counselling, I opened the door and saw this extremely tall, devilishly handsome man. I had to blink twice looking at him because I had no idea that a single human being could be this beautiful. As a woman he appealed to my senses, (hey I’m not dead! I appreciate beauty on all levels, but it was just that, no thoughts of attraction toward him at all I).The  Instant he walked into my house I heard an old rock steady reggae  song played in my head, I have no idea who the singer was but the lyrics was, Rudie nuh fear no bwoy Rudie don’t fear, and also Walking down the road with a pistol in your waist Johnny yuh too bad.…That was my spirits telling me that he was a force to be reckoned with, and I said as much to him to which he answered “something like that, mi can tek care ah miself”, rather seriously.

We became quite close and he would come to visit me often times just because. Ours, remained  a spiritual relationship, as he himself was very spiritual. After a couple of years as our spiritual bond grew stronger and he would just pop into my house to spend a weekend with me, just out of the blue. He came one particular time to stay with me a couple of days. He always said that he liked to stay on my couch, it was very comfortable and he loved how I cooked. It was a pleasure having him there with me not only was he good company, he was very interested in spirituality and we would talk into the wee hours of the mornings on spiritual topics. That particular weekend when he came to stay, when he was about to leave, I had made breakfast for him and we ate together along with the children, it was a Sunday. As he headed for the door and opened it to step through I heard myself, say very strongly….“David do not leave ,come back, if you leave here you will die!‘ …, He closed the door and sat down looking at me shocked. He knew of my reputation of being an accurate divinerand seer who did not need to open any oracle to read, especially when I discerned, and he knew that one of my portions in life, spiritually, was to tell death at its time and hour. At that time I still attended church, still practiced Christianity, (I do not anymore)! albeit, Spiritual churches, Revival. I told him you have to come to church with me.

I took him to my church and the church was jumping, (all were possessed by spirits) when we stepped in. The drums were loud and people were dancing and sweating, the air was charged and filled with good energy. We took our seat in the back of the church. When they had settled down, the Pastor went back up onto the rostrum. He dramatically wiped his face and with his glazed eyes (he was a great seer), he looked pointedly in our direction and said “Young man who just came with Obara Meji, please stand up!,“…I nudged David to stand and he did. The Pastor proceeded to tell him that, he was planning to go to Florida in  that same week on Thursday and if he did he was going to die. David did confirm to me later, that he was planning to go to Florida on Thursday as the Pastor had said. The Pastor had no Idea, that I had just given him the same revelation without the details, he knew absolutely nothing of it!

David and I went back to my house where I had already planned what to do to appeal to the energy that was on its way for him, to go away, (This is possible people, it is! God is great!). It was done and he left three days later fresh and new. He kept on coming to see me from time to time and we remained very close. One day I was home and my door bell rang, it was him.He was very excited and told me that he was heading for Canada, he said Obara before I go could you please read me, (give him divination), and I did. When I began to divine for him, all I saw was money, money, money!!!..and I told him so. He lifted me up, swung me in the air kissed both my cheeks and fore head and said thank you! Then he left. I was puzzled by his reaction, because he always had money, I did not understand the over excitement. I was to find out later that some unscrupulous behavior had taken place on his behalf, and this was to be the beginning of his journey into the world of spirits. It was to be two years before I would hear from him again. Two years, unto his final destination!!.

One One coco full basket!!!…..old time proverb


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Greetings from London. Mi just deya a read some older blogs and mi nah lie David sound like somebody mi would need up lol. Tall handsome and full a money


David seemed like a really nice guy. He just made a really bad choice. I am glad he has found peace.


[…] left me out, until the day came and I warned him about his death, I have written about him before David and David part 2. When Peanuts death was predicted, Walking on the left,  the song that came was […]


Well Teach since I have enrolled in this school I have learnt so much. Last week Thursday I had the dream with the funeral and wedding. Didnt understood it. You explained it to me…I know death was on the way for my friend. I have prayed for my friend’s life…


Obara the way you described David, it is the same way Biblical David was described. David, David, David…


David oh David oh David…


Tonks…..mi going goh read


Where is the rest of the story??
Juss when mi start get excited, yuh stop.

Mi like di picho uppa top dehsoh doe….mek any woman look twice

Memba when mi come back from JA an mi tell yuh seh di pastor whey did come ah di howse pray fi mi an as him put him han pon mi farrid, b4 him even start pray, him tell mi di same ting whey you did tell mi……di sed ting!!!!!

Mi love dem kina church deh enuh…..lively an full ah energy…..afta a while mi did fraid fi goh doe, caw it seem like as mi walk inna church nuh matta who dem deh pon at di time, sure enuff dem ahgoh stawt pon mi (ah mussi ongle one or two time dem neva bodda wid mi)…..an fram dem tell mi fi git up, mi start fret, caw mi noe sey sum’n wrong……Mi like dem still

Anyway, Obara please fi di ress ah di story…Tonks

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