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Read and read again if that is what it will take for you to understand. This is very informative, if you only take the time to apply your mind and try to fully understand. Wake up!!!

For two thousand years the human race has been reading Genesis and Exodus without knowing what either the words or the books actually mean. It assumes that the one got its name from its own first chapter only, and the second from a historical migration of the Jews from Egypt. Thus again is the race deceived for want of knowledge of Causation and Creation.

Genesis means creation, in this case the world, and the entire book is devoted to it. Concerning this we said that Creation and Involution were one, and that Involution is the involving of the Life Principle in matter. Now Exodus is its exit from matter, the coming forth of the potentials involved. This is Evolution, and this is the subject of the second book, not Jewish history. Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy set forth the laws and rituals of Jewry written by priests a thousand years after the alleged time of Moses. As we said, who but priests would declare that God dictated them?

We now come the other Pharoah “who knew not Joseph”, the prephysical. This represents that post solar period of condensation and incrustation as set forth in our theory. Here the Israelites, or creative elements, were slowly sinking into bondage to a congealing force the Greeks called Medusa. That this is the true meaning of the Hebrews’ bondage in Egypt is attested to by scripture itself. In Galatians 4:3, St. Paul says: “even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world.” Here the creative forces were set to making bricks, for Pharoah’s treasure city of Rameses, city of Ra, the sun,where the bricks were made. Bricks are the “building blocks” and such are atoms called today. The bricks of this chapter, therefore, are the same bricks as those of Babel, namely the building of this earth. Here they became “Prometheus Bound”; a deliverer, or realeaser of matter, was needed, and so we come to the great man Moses.

To most people Moses is as real as Caesar or Alexander, yet if, like them, he actually lived, why has history ignored him?. There is not a word about him anywhere save in the Jewish scriptures. True his name appears in ancient books  but only because their authors  had read the scriptures and accepted them as history. Sigmund Freud, himself a Jew, made an extensive search of him and found nothing. The reason should now be obvious—-Moses is as mythological as Adam, Abram, Jacob and Joseph; in fact he is Joseph now in Evolution. According to Josephus, Moses’ real name is Osarsiph, i.e, Joseph; in other words, the Creative Principle now on the seventh plane. The bible itself implies this: Moses, it says was seventh in line from that father principle—-Abram, Issac, Jacob, Levi. Kohath, Amram and Moses, the involutionary seven. The word Amram is but a variant of Abram, the life Principle that died spiritually when it became matter. And from Apocryphal sources we learned that Amram “lived without sin” and dies, not of old age, but “owing only to the effect of the poison of the serpent”again, matter. This too was borrowed from old Egypt, for according to its mythology the sun God Ra died of the sting of a Serpent. Amram, Abram, and Adam are all one and Moses is their evolution sequel.

The name Moses is Egyptian and comes from mo the Egyptian name for water, and uses, meaning saved from water. names of several Kings bear traces of it; we have for instance, Ahmose, Amosis, Thutmose and Thutmosis. The word Thut means “is born,” and mose, as used means Savior. Thus Thutmose means a Savior is born–and such is Moses, the evolutionary savior of the involutionary Life Principle. This is the basis of all Savior myths. It is their Mahdi or Savior, and the hebrew Messiah, savior from matter not hell. It is the early references to this inevitable event that are now interpreted as prophecies of Christ. (Taken from Deceptions and Myths of the Bible, by Lloyd M. Graham).

When one is taking a chicken from its roost, the hen is bound to attack with at least its claws….Yoruba Proverb.

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12 years ago

yeah because me a look and me a seh this is like the myth revisited

12 years ago

G’nite Meji and my fellow embracers, jus a hail unu b4 me try catch-up 🙂

12 years ago

i read this one as being very deep…but it is believable to say it is a principle versus a flesh and blood man that lived and died…it is sortof like th esame thing as the idea of Jesus

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