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Our children are so precious to us, they are our future. Many of us make sacrifices daily so that our children can have a good or better life than we had. There are some mothers whose skills as parents are questionable, but we will leave them to the almighty for him to judge. Where I come from Kingston Jamaica, the whole village grows the child. It is important that we listen to our children, show them love, care and respect, never spoiling them but teaching them to be responsible human beings who will contribute to society when they grow in a positive way. We as parents should try to lead as good example so that they can learn and also teach their children. I was a single mom, no help did I receive for any of my children, not even child support I received, because I did not bother to go through the court system for the deadbeats who were their father. I did it by my self with the assistance from the God that I serve and my ancestors who were always at my side. I prayed steadfastly and I gave my all to these beings who chose me to care for them in this world. This is one of my favorite post, please read and share my story.

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