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How to know when you have found your Spiritual Teacher/Guru/God Mother/God Father? When the Student is ready the master will appear.

I wrote about one of my mentors, Mr. Mitchel, in the post The Spiritual Power and Uses Of Salt. I met him through my mother and he was a remarkable man.  Through him I met Mr. Pierre, he was an Haitian Houngan (male priest of Voudon), and in between meeting these men, I met Padrino, an Oriete of the Cuban Lucumi religion.

I had three Spiritual mentors while growing up and into my Spirituality. All men, they were all men. They all did not know each other with the exception of Mr. Mitchel and Mr. Pierre, but they all loved me, and I loved them in return. I met Mr. Mitchel when I was a teenager. I had already been on my spiritual path, although I had no idea I was in Spiritual school.  I had just thought that I was going through some rough and miserable times. By rough and miserable, I mean I began to experience anxiety and panic attacks. Trust me , these are difficult  memories for me, but to help you understand better by relating my experiences which may help you on your path, I will grit my teeth and write.

This was during the time when my mother told me that I just sat in the house, with no friends reading, and she shouted to me that I was crazy, which is recounted in the post An eye Opener  . After that, I was miserable. I began to wonder if she was correct. Was I crazy? No I couldn’t be, I was just a teenager! Just a teenager. Was I to be like Mad Marie? A lady we had known in Jamaica, who use to come into our yard, and remove her clothes, down to her underwear and dance all day, bearing her breast as people looked on and laughed. This brought me to depression, and I cried everyday. For days upon days I would cry and worry, why me? Little did I know that I was in school, spiritual school, and I was in for a long ride, and along the way I would meet many who would assist me, and I did.

There were times when my mother would visit Mr. Mitchel, he was a Jamaican man, a Christian Bishop and a great diviner. He read with tarot cards, and he read them very well. Anything Mr. Mitchel said, anything came from his lips during his  readings was Law! After I had met the Wicked Baby Father  and things were bad between us, because of his promiscuous ways and his Obeah working women, Mr. Mitchel was someone I could talk to. I would go to him in tears, crying my eyes out because of the turbulence in my life at the time. He would divine for me and talk to me, and calm me down. He told me at the time when the baby father’s woman was haunting our lives with Juju/Obeah relentlessly, that she would not stop, he said I should endure and not fight her back spiritually.

Which I had never thought to do, the only thing I wanted to do was to beat her down with my bat, but she seemed to know this and would try her best to elude me. I had taken several base ball bats to some of his other women who called and taunted and even threatened me, and they fled, but this one must have heard and made up her cowardly mind that we would never meet and we did not. I loved to read and still do, so one day I found a book, the book was about the Orisha Esu, but titled Elegua, which is how he is called by Lucumi people. I had no Idea who or what Elegua was. I went to see Mr. Mitchel with the book and asked him if he knew of this, and he told me that he had heard of Esu, the Spanish people called him Elegua.

He told me that it was a powerful thing but he had never worked with it. Although he was a staunch Christian, he never dissuaded me from reading the book, instead he encouraged me to read it, to which I was surprised, but  he cautioned me not to perform any rituals the book may prescribe. I had no plans to as I only wanted to read not to do any magic what so ever. During the time with the wicked baby father, Mr. Mitchel was my go to person, to cry and vent. It was not all the time I went for divination, he comforted me with his words of wisdom and made me feel safe. He would always tell me, “This too shall pass” , I never believed him, but eventually it did.

Mr. Mitchel had introduced me to Mr. Pierre, an Haitian man, an Houngan. When I met Mr. Pierre, he was a small wisp of a man, chocolate brown complexion, soft spoken  with a wizened wrinkled face. He divined with playing cards, as Haitians often do. Mr. Mitchel and he were friends, and Mr. Mitchel had felt that I needed to see another person, since he believed that this girl was going after me too hard and not only me but my children, he wanted me to see Mr. Pierre, just in case Mr. Pierre would see something that he, Mr. Mitchel missed.

I sat in the  room with Mr. Pierre as he consulted the cards for me. I was nervous because I believed at that time, with all that had been going on, things would only get worse. This woman and her Juju was so bad, that she was even coming after my children. Mr. Pierre, sat on the floor and I before him, and he quietly shuffled his card, while I nervously looked on. He opened his cards and studied them for a while before addressing me.

What he told me that day I have never forgotten it. He said, in is french accented voice, “What is your name”, I told him. “Well miss Obara, I need to let you understand, that you and your children’s father will separate very soon. Even though I knew this and wanted it, my children came to mind, and I wondered how was I to do it alone with four children, my heart began to race as I anticipated what he was to say.

“Your life, is not yours alone”, to which I nodded, because I thought he meant my children, “You are here for a special purpose and it is for the healing and service of your fellow human beings’….What!!…wha rahh??..I could hear myself thinking,…”is what this man talking about”?…, but I kept quiet and continued to listen, “Obara, you were born to do this work , spiritual work,and you have all the tools to do so, in order for you to settle in your work, you cannot be with this man, you have to prepare your mind for him to go, so that you can push forward and do the work you came here for”, and with that he closed his cards, but continued to talk to me. He said, “you have to choose where to settle in your spirituality, what I mean is you cannot manage all what you have without being apart of a Spiritual house or a Spiritual Religion or Tradition”. “I need someone to give all that I have here, I will give t to you, you just have to spend three days here for your initiation into Voudon“.

I did not choose to become initiated into Voudon, but Mr. Pierre became one of my mentors, from that day on.

Padrino,I met in between knowing these two men, Mr. Mitchel and Mr. Pierre. I met Padrino, through one of his God children, an African American woman named Connie. She was an initiate of Osun in the Lucumi tradition, and also a very good reader. She introduced me to her Padrino after meeting me. I had a situation that was going on which I did not understand, and was caused by Connie and the woman she worked for in their Botanica. I had received an Elegua for my business from this  botanica (this was where I met Connie), but it was not prepared correctly and my guides came to me in my visions and told me to get rid of it.

I called the Botanica to tell them what my vision showed me and through fear of being apart of the wrong doing  Connie invited me to her home and introduced me to her Padrino. He was seventy nine years old when I met him. A tall, fair skinned, handsome Cuban man who dressed in all white and who referred to himself as an African, and I loved him for that. He divined with cowrie shells, and what a diviner was he! A remarkable man, with a heavy Spanish accent and a gifted Santero.

I loved him, and I knew he loved me. Although I had Mr. Mitchel and Mr. Pierre in my life, both of whom I loved and respected very much, there was something about Padrino which tugged at my heart strings. I divided my time between these three elders, just being around them, even in silence was enough. My times with these men taught me about life, how they viewed it in their eyes, the wisdom they imparted onto me are priceless. I would  visit and sit with them, and we would reason about everything. None of them taught me spiritual work or how to divine or heal or make charms, but they all, including Padrino, pointed me and confirmed to me the direction of my life’s path.

Although I had rejected Mr. Pierre’s offer to give me all he had, which were the Loas (Haitian spirits he worked with) he worked with (I did so out of fear, and because, I was still locked in Christianity and was so much in love with Jesus), I made it a point of duty to visit him two to three times per week, I had no Idea that he was dying.

My time with him was about one year, and then one day I visited, only to be met by his wife at the door, who informed me that he had died. I saw him once since then , in my dreams, where he wet me with water, I know now that he was confirming that I would find my Osun, I didn’t know it then. May you find peace wherever your are My wonderful  Mr.Pierre, I will always remember you, you helped me find my way, though it was dark and slippery.

Padrino re-introduced me to the Yoruba tradition, (remember the book I had read, years ago about Elegua, and Padrino was also an initiate of Elegua), he would often tell me, that I would do his work one day. He also told me the same thing Mr. Pierre told me, that I was here to do this work and I could not run away from it. Padrino would come for me early mornings and take me to the Ocean to pray and offer offerings to Yemoja and to Olokun, deities of the Ocean. He would take me to the river and do the same for Osun, and In the woods to Pray to Ogun.

He was also a medium, and an excellent Palero. When he would hold his medium sessions, he would look at me pointedly and say “One day, you will sit in this chair”. I managed to see his words come to pass, because for years I held medium sessions with many people in attendance at my home. I smile among brimming tears as I remember him now. After awhile I was blocked from his spiritual house by Connie herself, who was jealous of our relationship. She had begged me to initiate into Lucumi, which he, Padrino had said he would pay for. Padrina had told her that I would to become a powerful Priestess one day, this did not sit well with her.

I knew that the religion came from Africa, Nigeria in fact and so I decided that if I were to do this I would go to Africa and do it there. I was after all an African. For years I had lost contact with Padrino, and it saddened me. Whenever I called the house, Connie would tell me he was out of town.

I saw my sweet Padrino in a dream several years ago, I did not know he had made his transition. I saw him in heaven performing an initiation, I was among the crowd. He looked up and saw me and came over to me, with a lit cigar in his mouth and spoke to me telepathically, “why did you stay away from me” , to which I answered, I don’t know.

He hugged me as if I was his long lost child, both our eyes closed as we embraced, then he pulled slightly away and puffed his cigar smoke all over me, as he use to do when he was living in our world. I woke up to the realization that he had made his transition. I asked someone to call Connie and inquire about him, and sure enough he had left to join his ancestors in the world of spirits.  Peace be unto you my sweet, sweet  Padrino, I am who I am today because of you!.

I had lost contact with Mr. Mitchel after a while, and searched high and low for him, eventually I had gotten a phone number for him and when I called, a woman who was his nurse answered. She told me that he had Alzheimer disease and did not know or recognize anyone, (there is something of a spiritual nature connected with this disease, we will explore this here one day), and I believe he has since made his transition, because I have seen him once in my dreams, he was at a distance but I saw him and he smiled and waved to me, and I did the same. Mr. Mitchel, was a great diviner and he was also a healer, but because of his faith he rejected his messengers who where there to help him and often times cursed the very spirits who worked with him, calling the duppy/ghost.

His wrestled with his Christian beliefs and his gift from God, but never the less he was a good man and a gifted one. Be at rest and be happy in your new life Mr. Mitchel. You helped me so much when times were rough for me, and you assisted in  pointing me to the path which I now walk.

In this life you will meet people along the way who will assist you in your self realization. It matters not who they are, because they may come to you in any form and from any race or culture, any age and without any degree or resume. They may even be your Mother or Father, Sister or Brother, the Dry Cleaner or the Shoe maker. You will know them, when you see them, you will!. You will recognize them. You will embrace them, because by the time they enter your life, you will have reason to need them in your life.

By this I mean, once your Spirit guide has nudged you a bit, to realize that there is something out there that you need to pay attention to, you will begin to see and understand life more clearer, and your guide, often times will create some circumstance for you to need, know and recognize these people when they appear. Always remember this…When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear…. There may be more than one. Humble yourself and be willing to learn. Listen well, be respectful, and be alert.

Life lessons can come at you in many ways. Receive them well. Do not seek out  anyone who you believe will be the source of wisdom for you in this life, you already made that choice, but pray, pray that when you are in the presence of knowledge and wisdom, you will be blessed enough to recognize and understand it. Cast not your eyes down, even on who society views as “The Mad Man”, he may very well be your teacher.

Obara Meji

“A person can be educated and still be stupid, and a wise man can have no education at all.” 
― Jennifer A. NielsenThe False Prince

Ibi tí à ńlọ là ńwò, a kì í wo ibi tí a ti ṣubú. /
We ought to focus on where we are going, not where we have fallen. Yoruba Proverb!

[Let go of past failures; Set your eyes on your goals]

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Hello Obara Meji, I have experienced a similar awakening after a long hardeous spiritual battle. I was Haitian Christian but rejected Christianity at a young age and became Atheist. I have great respect for Atheism by the way. They have true freedom of thought and are not divided from their fellow men by the superficial sheath of man-made religion. But my real spiritual struggle came from overexposure to bad people abd being from a christian family, i had nowhere to go except on a lam. That was then my teacher appeared. Now a child of Eleggua I have high affinity… Read more »


[…] although I had first been a part of the tradition by way of Lucumi, this was because of my dear Padrino. I was never a Lucumi practitioner, but my dear Padrino was and he was one of my spiritual […]


[…] I love Haitian Vodou, probably because one of my mentors was a Houngan Priest, and his name was Mr. Pierre. The Haitian divinities are called Loas. These divinities in characteristic traits and how they are […]


[…] my name or the house which bears my name, nobody! All my mentors have dies, and they were three, read here , and I am sure that wherever they are they are proud of me. The personalities that I require to be […]


[…] me, other than what I learned from watching my mother, who never explained anything. Sure I had three spiritual mentors, three spiritual gurus who, at different times in my life, I was close to. I learned a lot from […]


[…] of being tied (spiritually binded) to his first baby’s mother (read here). After I met my Padrino, one day he was doing a Misa, a spiritual seance. He was a medium. The spirit came down, greeted me […]


[…] I met Mr. Mitchell one of the three wonderful mentors who helped me along my path, read here, I was in awe of his divining skills, he was a christian man, a Bishop, but he had a remarkable […]


[…] remember Padrino, he was one of my mentors read here, one of my greatest teachers and one who set me correctly on my path. As I stood on my […]

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Very good post. I’m experiencing many of these issues as well..


[…] I love Haitian Vodou, probably because one of my mentors was a Houngan Priest, and his name was Mr. Pierre. The Haitian divinities are called Loas. These divinities in characteristic traits and how they are […]


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[…] what would be the use! To which I concur!..I have told you all about my Mentors and great friends, Mr. Mitchel, Mr. Pierre and my sweet Padrino. These people I had recognized as ones I had to meet in this life time, and I feel so blessed that […]


[…] responsible for Spiritually, people who bare their all to me, people who trust me, like I had trust Padrino, Mr. Pierre and Mr.Mitchel, all Spiritual men who led me on my path, on my journey. On my husbands compound Ogunda/Irete, there […]


[…] of Death. Supernatural beings, demons or Ghost can never possess a Cock, a Dove or a Lamb, says Mr. Mitchel, one of my Spiritual mentors, according to him. these animals are special to the Christ and […]


Greetings Mama Obara. My bff is in town from London so I’ve been so busy but I’m now able to catch up caah yuh know se ur teachingz caah miss me. Every day I’m grateful our paths crossed. For me, this is my spiritual school and the knowledge I’m gathering here is PRICELESS! Thanks again. Obara you mentioned that Mr. Pierre warned that you can’t be with your guy anymore because you had work to do but do you think the negativity surrounding your guy and his lifestyle played a role in him not being able to accompany/support you on… Read more »


What comment? I was at lunch so I didnt see it. Please send it to my email address.


Thanks Obara. Knowledge is key. Just last night I went into the supermarkert (today is my daughter’s trip so I had to get some snacks for her). I saw Florida Water and Benjamins healing oil. I remembered reading a post about Florida water and thought I would never see that out here. I literally thought is was drinking water. Now I know where to find Florida Water but know know the use. Hehehehe


Obara I was fed a diet that says if you dont believe in obeah then it can’t catch you. Anyways, while I was operating in that manner smaddy drop suh unda mi skin. I knew to myself that something was wrong, but who could I talk to? Me is a girl wey have a job wey could take care of my children and myself with enough to can help out family members. In recent times, things have gotten so bad that I can barely find dood. Today, May 14, 2014 as I type not even 1 sardine inna my cupboard.… Read more »


Ty, yu know bout. Strew peas wid pig’s tail and a country peppa bus inna in.


Obara, where are you? Today is Stew Peas day, nut tell mi sey a Stew Peas yu a cook and naah dun di post?


Heheheheheheh!!!! I cant wait for the post.


Morning everyone. Obara I thought about sending you a private mail, but the questions I want to ask might benefit others. Obara for a while now, some evenings when I get home, my yard smells like fish, like when you wash fish and throw out the water. Last night I again mixed salt and water and sprinkled my yard (about 9 p.m.). Shortly after I got back inside, I smelt something like sewage, but it did not last long. When I opened my room window this morning, I smelt urine, but that smell didnt linger either. It there a reason… Read more »


Thanks for sharing that story Obara, it brings back to my mind when I started my journey ; my spiritual growth began when I started to question certain things. I was brought up in the Christian religion and while I did learn there were still things that occured that couldn’t be explained to me or the answers that were given just wasn’t enough and I was left more confused. I didn’t want to step outside of that religious box for fear of delving into “sin.” I remember one night years ago I was on the train for 10 hrs and… Read more »


Awwww… I love my family here..


So true, thanks


Evening teacher and all students… This like all the rest was great… I was never told I was here to do great works but went thru a rough time between when I was younger… My parents left me, an only child in jamaica to fend for herself… I was going to a catholic high school and embraced catholism due to one elderly white priest.. He would divine for me, talk with me and teach me… He taught me the use of candles with your prayers….he died a few years ago but taught me so much… Later while in college, I… Read more »


Obara you have two sayings that I really love. 1. When the student is ready the teacher will appear (2). Whatever can be seen can be changed. I was ready to learn and brapsI found your blog and the wonderful comments/questions from foundation ppl like Maniac, Sharlene Rose, Ty, Wasavirgin and the badman wey stab up the rass inna di restaurant casue him gi him one likkle piece a meat inna him soup. The same man wey tie Sophia. I was ready for knowledge and the teacher showed up.


Wow! Thank You! I cant wait! Obara help me here. I remember going to churches (I am Christian) and being told often that “God has a calling on your life”. What in the Heavens does that mean? My God dad is a Bishop in a church and he often tells me as well.

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