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My mood for writing today is not 100%, but I have got to do what I have committed self in doing with this blog come hell or high water. Yesterday blogger Toy shared a link to a very disturbing video of a Pastor preaching about the Black race and also of the continent of Africa. I am sorry I watched it, because it touched me very deeply, very deeply, and especially to see that the Pastor is a Black man!

Blogger Toys Link;

Cutting EDGE 12/03/2015:


When I was a child growing up in Kingston Jamaica, if any of our school friends were very dark in complexion my mother would call us to the side and tell us to send them home and warned us not to befriend anyone who was too black. It never registered to me as a child, I paid no mind to her warnings at all, because my child’s mind could not perceive her argument, I did not understand it at all, I saw no color. Jamaica has a diverse culture, our motto there is “Out of many we are One”, so when I saw Mr. White (his real name) and his son Peter walk pass our house in Jamaica, though they were white skinned with blue eyes and what Jamaican people call “Pretty hair” (hair of the Caucasian type) I saw and knew them as “Jamaicans”, I did not identify them as White people. They lived in my neighborhood and had my Jamaican accent, they were Jamaican to me.


One day I was having a conversation with my then ten year old daughter, my first child, and when I mentioned to her that “we black people”, she jumped up and shouted “Wait, we’re Black!? She seemed genuinely shocked,  I thought she was joking (she is a very funny girl, she really could be a professional comedian), I laughed and she said, “no mom I am serious, we’re black? Still looking befuddled. To this day I have no idea if she was serious or joking as usual. She continued that it was Nickelodeon and Disney channel  that grew her up, so she had no idea that we were black, lolol! I had a business and I worked hard so they were left with the live in Nanny and Nickelodeon. Television was an still is not black enough and so all my child saw then in which to identify with were White people as the majority.

The Bible has been one of,  if not the most influential book (Doctrine) in teaching black people to hate themselves and each other. This was indeed the sinister plan of the people who created Christianity and gave us a white Jesus to bow down and pray to. The implication of the white Jesus being the  “son” of God is that the Supreme Creator of all, is White. The mental process for all who subscribe to this through the erroneous and deceitful concept of Christianity is that everything White is good and all which is black is bad, mainly also because the representation of the wicked brute called the devil is represented as a Black man. How could we accept that, and still to this day carry that acceptance? Was it a wicked thing that white people did? Yes, I answer the question, wicked indeed, and the motive very clear, to rule and conquer through the enslavement of the mind. It worked, genius albeit very wicked.

To shackle someone and then set them free,does not give them real freedom. For what they had to endure, if some of them are not strong the shackles and mal-treatment stays with the mind forever. How is it cured, how can it when people such as this stupid uneducated, wretch of a Pastor is still doing the work the slave masters created, to his own people.

In Nigeria here the other day, I drove pass a drawing on a community wall of White Jesus feeding a small white baby, Clearly the Africans painted it themselves, but what I cannot understand is why did they not put a black baby in his arms, since they have accepted their Lord and saviour as White, then where are they, the devotees in the whole picture. Conditioning of the mind, it is understanding outside of Africa, but with the growing influence of Christianity and Islam, foreign religions in Africa, it is an atrocity.


The hate for a race of people have spread so wide to the point that People who cannot identify with white and would rather die that identify themselves with Black, have began identifying themselves with the countries in which they were born or languages which they speak, and while doing this they even hate and despise us more than the Europeans who started it all.


The hate for the black race even have Black skinned people who speak Spanish like Dominicans, Cubans and Puerto Ricans to name few, despite being extremely dark in complexion they will quarrel with anyone who refer to them as black.


Many of the people who hate Black African people (including some blacks themselves) even try stealing from Africa what does not belong to them and also wanting to challenge Africans for what is indigenous to them. The religious practice of Santeria, Lucumi, is such example. Take a look at a post I drafted sometime ago in response to an email I received about some Lucumi people wanting to begin legal proceedings against Africa for initiating women into Ifa, They wanted us to cease and desist from allowing women from being Iyanifa’s  (female priest) of which I am one, (I cast and read the Opele). I was so upset by this, the nerve of these people, wanting to challenge Africa for that which belongs to us, it is as if anything we have it should be taken away and owned by outsiders, and truth be told Lucumi do not practice our tradition, it may be similar but it is not our Tradition, and Orunmila is not Orula, neither is their any deity in Yoruba land called Ellegua, the closet we have is Elegba, Yemoja is not Yemaya, the name Yemoja has its meaning as with everything in Yoruba culture, Yeye-omo- Eja which means mother whose children are fishes, Sango is not Saint Barbara, Sango is a great god of thunder and lightening and he is a man but I have not yet ready to post it.


I went to a Bembe once with a Lucumi practitioner, (a festival to the Orishas worshiped by Lucumi people) and I noticed the absence of black skinned people, African Americans or blacks in general who were  practitioners of the tradition. I asked the lady how come they were not there, and her response was that Lucumi people do not welcome them and so the do their celebration separately, in other words they are not invited to Spanish Lucumi events. She said years ago in New York, when African Americans or any other black person wanted to initiate all Orisha houses, (Cubans) would reject them. So it was one Cuban woman who began to do it for the blacks, and since then Blacks in America became initiates. What I do not understand however especially with the Blacks in America who was initiated by this Cuban woman, the practice of  the Yoruba tradition, the real practice not the bastardized one, is only a plane ride away in Africa, why continue to practice like the people who rejected you, especially if their way is not the authentic way of practice! Why continue to give people the warriors (which is receiving Esu and Ogun) when there is no such thing as this done in Yoruba land/ Or receiving a barrage of elekes (Orisha beads) this is not done in Yoruba land.

I will post the drafted post next week for you to read, in the mean while read the post below.

This is such an emotional topic for me, I know I cannot change the world or how our people think, and the hate spewed against us beautiful people, but I must voice out. To hell with all the people who bleach their skin, Michael Jackson was super talented and people who knew him says he was a very nice person, but I cannot respect him, though dead and gone, because of the image he made of himself, clear self hate and hate of the race into which he was born. He even made sure not to have any offspring’s which were black, shame on you Michael, but may you realize your folly now that you are among the elders in the realm of wisdom.

Black people curse each other about their skin color, “Old black and crusty”, come on now! The greatest trick the white has ever played is to teach the black man to hate himself.

Now this stupid Jackass, saying Africa never built any boats that could stay on water, when before Columbus entered hid mothers womb, African have been travelling the world, using the stars in the sky to navigate their way. Read a book called they came before Columbus, by Ivan Van Sertima.

I really cannot go on with the post I will probably finish it on Monday, I am very upset!

Black lives matter, my people come back to your senses, learn to love yours selves, you are members of an incredible race, please research and love your history!

Stop the bleaching, please my people you are from a great race of people, wake up!!




All religion are valid as long as it teaches peace and love…. Obara Meji!


There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji






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I am almost 100% sure he will get ever dime. African american are so mind controlled. If you even start to question a “MAN OF GOD” ( that how they say it) you are consider a sinner.

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

I agree it’s upsetting the self-hate that has been inflicted upon us which we ourselves continue to perpetuate. But you can hardly blame them for it when the concept of white supremacy continues to be thrust upon us from all angles. How could many Black people NOT struggle with self-hate. The education system, the media, the justice system, the predominate religions, the national heroes (in the U.S. and Latin America), the beauty industry, and almost every other institution in society celebrates whiteness and Western ideology as the ultimate goal and standard. While many of us were lucky to have parents… Read more »


I was so shocked and annoyed that his congregation didn’t walk out of his sermon. He talked about Nelson Mandela. He classed the black man and woman…. like he didn’t come from a black woman. Then his church members who sat and listened to his filth… I think i am more upset with them for giving him a platform


Yes! I have been feeling this way for sometime. Blacks are so mind control that it’s not funny. If you dare think outside the box you are consider the devil. We post so many thing about how white people do this and do that , but we don’t want to clean up our community. We hate so hard. African american can never get anywhere because we don’t want to change , we don’t want to learn, and we don’t want to move forward. We are biggest enemy. There is so much truth that is being told to us ,but because… Read more »


Look at that entertainment guy that got fired from Univision yesterday for saying the first lady looks like she could be on ‘planets of the ape’ and he doesn’t understand why he was fired because he doesn’t consider himself a racist. His father is also afro-hispanic


Well this is a timely post especially in this racially charged time we are in now. Firstly, you can’t listen to pastor Manning his self hatred is beyond deep. It is a re-learning process for our people as you mentioned above we are surrounded by another image that’s projected as true beauty and then we have that skin tone/hair texture issues

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