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As a human being and a member of the black race, I am concerned for my fellow brothers and sisters facing a challenging time at the hands of the oppressors backed by rank and uniform.

The reports of unarmed black men being killed everyday is truly disturbing. I have cried about it, prayed on it, but I have not opened oracle on it.

I wanted to wait for my non-physicals to come and tell me, without me divining, what’s going on? Why?

I try to avoid watching the protests on the television and even reading the news on these happenings, because I do not want to absorb the energy being released into my psyche.

Bloggers, let me tell you all this. To rule the world or a race of people, you have to do it through fear. Yes, fear is the tool being used for their agenda, it is almost like a war in fact, except this war has been going on for centuries and will never stop, unless we get ourselves aligned, connected once again with the earth and our roots.

Unless we stop looking at their kind as our deity, removing that image which was used to tame our minds, have us thinking that they are our God.

It is so pitiful that they have no heart for us, but it is so easy for us to forgive them, why is this so? Jesus is a white man!

Yesterday here in Nigeria in my living room, a little four year old boy came to look for me after school. He is one of my favorites here in our community and I always play with him. He was with my daughter and I and we turned the television on cartoon network for him to watch. He saw two cartoon characters, one white and one black, he said, pointing to the T.V, the Black one is Satan and the white one is God.

His father is a Babalawo, and his mother a Muslim. His father has told me that he will train all his sons to become Babalawo’s. I know he did not get this teaching from the father, so where did it come from? I asked him, he became shy and would not speak.

I hugged him and told him no, what he said was wrong and that he should not say it again. I told him that the white was the Devil and the Black was God! Perhaps I should not have said that (the Devil does not exist as a single entity),but I was very disturbed at the time.

I told the father, who then had a talk with all his children and suggested to me that perhaps he learned this in school. While I am here I will have to work on him and cleanse his mind from him seeing himself and his race as Satan!

Please pray for me for my School, it is things like these which we will work on, removing from the minds entrapped by religious and societal indoctrination.

Children will be also able to attend, learning about spirituality not taught in classes.

I do not want to sound like them. I have no hate toward any being, because as a spiritualist I know better. But I was born a black woman and I am proud of who I am and of where my ancestors came from.

Mi nuh too sure bout dem new bleach out face African yah, oonuh fi si wha dem call hot gal ova yah, lol!

People there is more than what we know that is going on, my best advice to you all is to pray!

The message is that they can murder our race and nothing comes out of it. Sacrificing black lives is to them, “The end justifying the means”, drive the fear into their minds and they will fall in line, be still as a lamb and never revolt. Isn’t this what Jesus teach? Turn the other cheek?

The mother who beat her son, regardless of what she is saying in the media, I know that it was fear of losing her child which prompted her to go get him, hitting him and sending him home was her loving way of not wanting her child to end up like the others. Fear!

Sure the police are doing the killings, but look behind them there are puppet masters. There is Something Brewing! You all need to pray!

Watch this video and get a good laugh, while shaking your heads!

Michael Brown and the rest who died under the hands of real racism, R.I P


This White Man Was Literally Beating Up Two Police Officers, But What Happens Next Is Astonishing


Watch again, Kudos to this young man!

A protester in West Baltimore confronted Geraldo Rivera last night before he went to his live shot for Fox News. He went OFF on Geraldo, asking where were you before this?

Protester: You want to report that we’re thugs and we’re breaking shit down. You got these two black dudes protecting you (talking about Geraldo’s bodyguards) from all these black folks. We’re the ones that need protection! Report for us! You’re working for Fox News. Adam Jackson just went on Sean Hannity….(Geraldo tries to get away) Why are you running away? Talk to me. Just talk to me. Listen, a black man can raise his voice and you don’t have to be intimidated. (Geraldo mumbles something) Because I want you and Fox News to get out of Baltimore City. Because you are not here reporting about the boarded up homes and the homeless people on the MLK. You’re not reporting about the poverty levels up and down North Avenue. Two years ago, when the 300 man march and we marched (street names), you weren’t here. You’re here for the black riots! You’re not here for the death of Freddie Gray.

The unidentified protester then began saying he wanted to talk to Geraldo and pleaded for the cameras to be turned off before continuing:

I want the white media out of Baltimore City until you are here to report the real story.

His takedown of Geraldo and the media continued. Watch him passionately confront Geraldo Rivera to tell the real story:



Èyàn tó ńbínú orí, irú wọn kìí rí fìlà de. /
Those who are deriding the head seldom find the right size of cap to fit it…….Yoruba Proverb

[People find it inconvenient to deal with what they deride]


Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji


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Happy weekend to everyone…..

Nunu we have you in prayers….this is your time sweetie….


Happy Saturday evening my family♥ I pray n know you are all well. Love n light


Hello Obara and all bloggers. Such sad sad situations what we have to go through because of the color of our skin. We were born this way, and I am proud to be black as they call us. I am a proud human being. Obara as you said we all have to just continue to pray, love and teach our youths. It breaks my heart to see what these youths face everyday, expecially our black boys and men for no reason except the color of their skin. I am thankful that the little boy is in your presence to learn… Read more »


That’s what Trayvon’s mother said Obara. She told the people not to get too excited yet. Remember that Zimmerman went through the same process but didn’t eventually do hard time


Yep, my sentiments exactly! The American ‘just us’ system was simply not designed to be truly impartial. At the end of the day justice for Blacks is whatever a jury or judge says it is!


So it looks like criminal charges were laid against the officers today
with the Mayor boldly stating “there will be justice”. Lol, I wonder how he’ll ensure that happens?


Obara I have to call you. I will call you in a few


Cami hold on… It was going down at the plaza for real… 3 woman had to jump… I know you were tearing them up… please forgive me I love to watch fights and hear about them. The cop have a nerve telling you to go back where you came from. Wait this woman was flicking her tongue at you? I have a feeling she will rape girls.


Hi Everyone. It is so sad, because when we as black people speak we speak with bass and they are always saying we are yelling, no this is how we talk though. Geraldo walking around in circles this really breaks my heart. Black need to stop the marching because it isn’t helping anything.

Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown

Hello everyone. I am on the run.. going to an Oshun Festival at an African Village in Sheldon, South Carolina, USA, Ile Afrique. Just wanted to tell Obara that I made a payment for Ebo on paypal today. Enjoy your weekend and I will get back in touch. Charlotte


There are NO bolts in the back of a police van to cause injuries to those in custody. ALL elements that can cause injury aren’t present. If he had a concussion that would be from the metal barriers, and this is a case of fatality. The only way to die in transit in one of the vans is by vehicular accident, discharge of an officer’s gun, or by a fellow prisoner not properly searched or secured before being placed into the van. I’m not talking out of thin air…I’ve been in the back of one handcuffed and seat belted in… Read more »


Hey peoples Afternoon I just read that they are charging all 6 officers with 2degree murder n other charges. A bolt in the van punctured his head n spinal cord. Mi just peep n read that.
Will return later


On a brighter note, I just got a phone call and I finally got a job interview!!!! Yaaayyy. Let me go brush off mi blue boot fi wear. Wish me luck fam!


Good morning, I’ve been following the news as well and it’s just disturbing to see what’s happening. Before I can wrap my head around one injust killing there’s another. Talk about an agenda, it makes no damn sense.

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