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When I met Mr. Mitchell one of the three wonderful mentors who helped me along my path, read here, I was in awe of his divining skills. He was a christian man, a Bishop, but he had a remarkable gift, one that although he worked it, he never fully embraced it. I believe because he use to curse his eguns (spirits of the dead, or ancestors, his messengers, non physicals). Let me be as clear as I possible can in explaining him to you all. He always told me that anywhere I went and heard spiritual people ringing a bell “ah duppy/ghost dem ah call”. He did not want to have anything to do with the dead, and at the time I did not understand why. Unfortunately it was because of his religion, christianity, o ma se o (what a pity)! I work with them, Eguns, all the time, since I am not under the restraints of Christianity whey love frighten people outta dem clothes (scare their followers) with no explanation as to why people must forget dem ole granny after she die and run har when she come around, why? Jesus had a body, was alive, died and is now venerated and worshipped, he is an Egun! A deified one, but one nevertheless. Can we say hypocrisy!

I was never frightened of him, or course he was classified as a Obeah man, he had some great knowledge, he was very good, great, I will say of him. He walked the benevolent road, as far as I knew. He lived alone in New York City while his wife and children lived in Jamaica. I really do not remember our first meeting, but I knew my mother him met through a friend. We became fast friends, and often times I would go visit him just to sit and hear him speak. I have always loved sitting with elders. I have written on this site often enough, of me as a little girl sitting with my mother and miss Ruth, her friend, on the veranda of our home in Jamaica, while they had their “big people chat” in the evenings. It had nothing to do with wanting to hear people’s business, I just liked sitting with elders while my own peers played. I, though young and without any idea, was an elder myself, it would be years before I realized that.

While teaching the online class this past Saturday, Mr. Mitchell who has made his transition, I am not certain when, but it has been for some years now, passed through. We had been out of touch for a while, but I kept contact with him through spirit. When he left the world, I was alerted by his spiritual family, his guides, although they did not allow me to see him or know where in the realm of time and space he was assigned to. I never tried to search for him. I waited for him to heal, (he was ill,  a victim of Alzheimer’s before he left, this also was told to me by his guide) on the new plane where he now resided. Alzheimer’s is a mysterious illness to the world of science, they have many reasons as to why people get stricken by it, but there is a spiritual reason attached to it which I may explain here one day, may. One thing I will share is that although they cannot function normally outside of themselves, in the physical world,they are alive and functioning properly within the realm of time and space while breathing and with a heart beat.

The class was great, and all and everyone had their attention on the information being given. There was a certain part of class where I got to when I passed on some knowledge taught to me by him. It was an incantation, a great one, an old one. I repeated it to the class and as they jotted these classic words in their notebook, I felt his presence and I felt my body swayed back and forth. I had already warned the class that I may fall into a trance, I had been feeling electricity run through my body, it tingled. I am a medium and could feel the presence of many non physicals who were in attendance with us. My voice, took on another tone, almost masculine or that of a very strong woman with a deep voice, and my speech was steady and precise. The words pronounced audibly and clear. While I was aware of the unseen presence which was around me, as I struggled to stay in my body, I zoned out just a second, just enough to see him. Mr. Mitchell appeared in the form of a thin smoke. I saw him through it and I immediately grabbed unto my desk as I swayed a little upon seeing his sharp beautiful smiling appearance.

My daughter Osun Karode, knew what was happening to me, and sprang into action as she was taught, to welcome this wise man of old who was one of my mentors while he lived on earth. I alerted the class to his presence, while I still struggled against possession, all was quiet as my daughter rang the bell to acknowledge and welcome him. The very bell that he warned me about, the one he said would signal the presence of duppy/ghost. Well he certainly was not one. A duppy or ghost is an earthbound spirit, and Mr. Mitchell had a home, in the realm of time and space. He had come because he had received a star. A star, an elevation from the elders of his realm, because on the earth realm, Obara Meji was teaching class and included in her teachings were lessons he taught her. He beamed at this, that I would share with this group of spiritually chosen people who were on a spiritual path, his own words taught to a little girl, who he knew what she would be even if she did not, during the day she would sit with him, at his feet and listen to him, an elder. Little did I Obara Meji know that I would one day write about him, call his name and teach his words. He did his work, although for the most part he resented a part of it, he still did his work while on earth, and now it earned him a star, he elevated in the realm of time and space during our class session, I thank all of you who were present. Iba Mr. Mitchell, I call your name sir.

Remember your teachers, mentors, those who have carried you along the way of this journey you have embarked on. Know that you were the ones who chose them before you came to live on this plane, you chose your life, therefore you chose the people who would meet to help you on your journey. Never disrespect them, never speak ill of them or speak to them disrespectfully, never forget them. If they have taught you even one gem, one lesson, remember them and then pass it along to those who are worthy to receive it. Spiritual elders are among us, and perhaps one day you will join the group of such an elite set of personalities. Respect is always to be a part of your character.

You are not on a spiritual path if you have no respect for anyone, if you have hate, resentment of any kind and to anyone, if you are spiteful or malicious, look down on people, if you have ego, if you are seeking power or if you love to be exalted above others, love praise, have jealousy, contempt, quarrelsome ways, wicked minded, a bully, a thief, a liar, if you have no love, empathy or compassion. You are not on that path if you are seeking knowledge just to use it to hurt or inflict pain on another human being, if you are vicious, a murderer a kidnapper, a rapist or more. You are not, you are not on the path.

For even they, who have walked the path of spirituality, those who are terrors upon the earth with their misdeeds and evil actions, there was a time when they walked not as brutes but with some humility within them, while seeking knowledge. It is the only way for one to gain what they seek in the world of spirituality, it is the only way for the doors to open to them, no child was ever born with evil written across its forehead, only in hollywood I should say. They may choose to divert into the wayward ways of thought and wicked actions, once they have grasp hold of knowledge, but be assured that they too know the consequences that their actions comes with, that which they must answer to one day in here on the earth realm or a place far away. Many people have google as their guru. Should I laugh? I have never disrespected any of my spiritual elders, I had three. I love them to this day and call their name. If someone has helped you along your way and their time with you have ended, whether through death or separation on this realm, remember who they were to you, regardless of your feeling toward them, which more than likely is your character flaw, not theirs, how easy can the mind fool humans. Always remember them for the role they played in your life and call their name.

Oò ṣá’gi lọ́gbẹ́, oò ta ògùrọ̀ lọ́fà, o dé ìdí ọ̀pẹ o ńgbẹnu s’ókè, ṣé ọfẹ ló máa ńro ni?
You neither cut an oil palm, nor punctured a raffia, yet you opened up your mouth under a palm for wine. Does it drip freely?

[Nothing ventured, nothing gained]

Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji


Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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Thank goodness you clear that up O! U have me here thinking I’m wicked for having ppl up lol. I will have to say I have grown tremendously because rather then wanting something bad to happen to those who hurt me I kind of feel sorry for them. Not sorry for them to the point I want to keep them around, but sorry for them that they missed an opportunity to share in my greatness. Not being conceited or anything but I didn’t have a good self image at a certain point in my life and I would always pick at my negatives. But now I tend to look at my positives and they outweigh the negatives. I’m on my way to greatness spiritually and mi nah look pan dem lol


Good morning folks! Iba Mr
Mitchell. Sorry I missed that one too. I am loving these lessons. Thanks Obara. Have a good day everyone


Good morning Obara Meji and fellow truth seekers!

It surely was a wonderful class and I know it opened up new things as well for those in attendance. Iba Mr Mitchell.

I shall remember this always “Never disrespect them, never speak ill of them or speak to them disrespectfully, never forget them” because I have met a few teachers. Some caused a great deal of harm and whenever I think of them, it is in a negative manner. I shall therefore start to be respectfully of them and leave the rest to God who sees everything.


Good evening. Oh I am sooooo mad that I missed the class especially since I did the homework. I look forward to this Saturday. Obara, will you give me a makeup lesson about the bath? I look forward to hearing from you.


Good day Lisa and Obara. I will have to say that moment in the class was intense as it came out of no where to me. Here I am writing my notes and the announcement comes in. Its a blessing that Mr. Mitchell came to you in that moment. I couldnt see too much of your actions because the screen switches from your video to the other students in the class.

Anywho, like you say O, we should take every negative experience with ppl and look at it as a lesson learned. If we still have resentment towards the ppl that caused the hurt does it mean we have not learned the lesson as yet? And if so, how do we go about learning that lesson? Or does it come when it must?

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

Good afternoon Obara,

Such a beautiful post paying respect to Mr. Mitchell. Iba Mr. Mitchell! So sorry I’ve missed out on the class and glad that it has been a success. Obara, thank you for all you do to teach us and share with us on this site.

lisa alveranga
lisa alveranga

I remember how your face changed as you saw him, and then you tried and successfully finished the class. I know I am but a baby in this just learning how to crawl but I will not stop. I know I am not perfect, but I will not quit, my end game is to help to heal my fellow humans. I want to be good and do good, no reward necessary. I just want to be a blessing to someone, no thanks necessary.

You have put yourself out there and now you can safely say you have seen what you have sacrificed for Obara, you are an inspiration to all who hear you and listen,
I am proud to be a member of your class and I will try and do and say what is right, even when my flesh is saying otherwise..

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