It is said that the spirit of God lives in the heights of darkness. The Christian Bible says “in the beginning, the world was void and filled with darkness and God said let there be light and there was light.” In the Odu’s (life destiny codes) of the sacred scriptures of Ifa/Orisa of the Yoruba People of South Western Nigeria, there are the first two major Odu’s: Obgbe, which is light, and Oyeku, which is darkness. Within the Chinese spiritual principle, which shows their philosophy on life and all within, we find the principle of Yin and Yang. Yin being light, and Yang being darkness. Every word spoken comes from thought. The thought which is darkness, produces words or actions, which is light. Keep in mind that each thought is within the consciousness of the mind, which is shrouded in darkness and is therefore brought into action after it’s creation, either by speech or action.

 From the beginning of the world, light and darkness has always had its play in the consciousness of humanity and all things cosmological; and in every culture and tradition, you will always find the principle of light and darkness at the forefront of everything. The sun will have to rise and the moon will have to set, differentiating our day and night. A child gestates in the darkness of the mother’s womb for 9 months until it is born, coming into light. Out of darkness comes light. One creates the vacuum and the other one fills it. Creation itself in every aspect of the word, depends on the duality of light and darkness. Below is a post sent in by an anonymous blogger, but one day I will write a post on this very peculiar topic. Thank you blogger, I love it!


American Horror Story: Season 4, Episode 13 “Curtain call”

After he murdered most of the freaks and escaped, Dandy was finally caught and trapped in a Houdini style water tank.

Jimmy: “You wanted to be the star of the show– here’s your chance, big shot.”

Dandy – “I’m not an escape artist. I’m a song-and-dance man!”

Jimmy Darling – “You’re a murderer! You killed our family– shot ’em dead in the dirt.”

Dandy – “Bette, you of all people know my heart.”

Bette – “I hate you. I hate you! For taking my friends from me! I felt so blessed to finally have friends. And you took them all.”

Desiree – “A lot of freaks died on these cursed grounds. Some by your hand and some not.”

Dandy – “Those were good people! I’m good people, too! I was just doing what God put me on this earth to do. You can’t punish a man for fulfilling his purpose! Please please my darlings I forgive you for all of this.”

**Jimmy Darling, Desiree, and Bette all take a seat and watch while Dandy drowns**

Jimmy Darling – “Heck of a show”

Desiree  – “That boy is a star”

Scene cuts away to another main character, Elsa Mars, walking onto the Hollywood walk of fame.(movie projector clicking, fanfare playing) ANNOUNCER: “Every little girl dreams of becoming a Hollywood star, and now thanks to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the ones that make it to the top will have their names etched into the very streets of this magical town.

Today, we’re honoring the Queen of Friday Night, Miss Elsa Mars– winner of three Emmy awards and we mustn’t forget she’s a recording star with three gold albums honoring her German heritage.”

This snippet from the incredible TV series American Horror Show “Freakshow” summarises the quasi-Masonic symbolism in this series. I say this because merely by looking at the various appearances of the number 3 (the 3 witnesses of the protagonist’s death, the 3 albums, the 3 awards), tells me that this intentional symbolism is part of a wider symbolic narrative, one that has played out in our own lives i,e the idea that this world is a stage on which we come to play out various roles, and earn a star at the end of it.

In every good play, there is is always a hero and a villain. Dandy and Elsa both played detestable villain and personable villain respectively, which led to the greatest good of all involved. The surviving freaks all appeared much happier at the end than they were at the start.

I recently read a book by Hilary H Carter who spoke about the guilt she carried from a past lifetime event and how it was influencing her present life. She reflected on the concept of duality while taking into account her past lives when she had lived as a less than decent human being  “At last I understood yin/yang symbol. Within duality nothing is 100  per cent light or 100 per cent dark.” She continued “Light and dark are necessary because we are in duality. Those that appear to be dark can be lighter than light beings. Some of them are higher souls because they clothed themselves in darkness in order to take the light beings into their places for the ascension so there should be no judgement because all are playing their parts exactly as was written in the play of consciousness.” In other words, we need villains to bring out the hero (heru) inside us.

My now deceased father’s relationship with my mother was similar to that of Obara Meji and the Big bad wolf and just like Obara Meji, it took her a long, long time to rid herself of him. My favourite aunt always tells people that despite being the least favourite, I am the one child who would willingly give up my life for my mother, and it is true. I would. I came to this Earth to protect and eventually separate her from him and I did (fully prepared to die in the process. He was very violent). Several years later, he attempted to reconcile with her and I was horrified that she would even entertain the idea but he died a quick and sudden death before anything could come out of that. It is too distressing to get into the specifics but needless to say, he was a very unpleasant man. A monster is what I liked to call him under my breath (or loudly to my mother on the many occasions I tried to convince her to leave him).

My mother, being a typical peace loving water being (although her current choice of deity is a White Caucasian who was nailed to a cross by some haters many years ago) and has long since forgiven him and hopes that one day I shall do the same, but in the meantime, I need to first understand why he was the way he was.

Obara Meji and my mother came to mind, as did Obara Meji’s children when I thought about heroes and villains. I wondered if these men had simply taken on dark roles, and played the “bad cop” because their Higher selves knew that struggle builds character and fortitude, so throughout all their trials, both women were being primed to be the Goddesses they were and are meant to be. Like the mythical Phoenix (another symbol of Horus/Heru/Hero) rising out of the Ashes. Aren’t we all manifestations from the spirit world? aren’t we here because there is a story being told through us while we are judged by an audience? (“That boy is a star”)

As American Horror Story beautifully illustrates (and hat tip to the writers for giving this episode the title “curtain call”) life is indeed a stage and where there is a stage, there is an audience, a script, and a star (Iba to Mr. Mitchell for playing out your role and becoming a “star”). The protagonist became a star by playing out his role, even if it was a “dark one.” Some roles are neither dark nor light, but neutral in that they are props/extras to assist us. In one of the lessons, Obara Meji explained why we give money to beggars and how beggars are highly evolved people who have taken on this lowly role in-order to carry our burdens (Hebrews 13:2 “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares).

Without my father and his actions, I would never have been opened up to the Universe, the spirit world, my ancestors and my guides. My mother would never have known how strong she was.  Obara Meji would have probably taken longer to start on her own path, because as she says in her own words states “I cannot regret him at all, nor the the Wicked one, because from them I bore beautiful fruits which I love and adore, and perhaps my seeds had to come through these mis-fits. He too was one of my many teachers, he too played a very major role in my life, he too set me along my path and he left many things with me, not just my daughter but much more, much, much more, lol!…much more!”

Give thanks to all the villains in our lives for assisting us in finding our own empowerment. Ase!


Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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I love this show. I can’t believe this whole time that I was watching show and looking deeper. Now I remembering all the episodes and now things are starting to connect. Hi Obara, Cami, Kia, Nunu ES family how are you all


Hey Toy (muah). Did you see the ‘Coven’ series? I liked how they put Legbe in association with Fiona.

Adaure Joy Reonez

Big big thanku to mr anonymous… Hmmm serious food for thot…wao


Hi NuNu…are you all on vacation? from day me a peep fi see somebody…


Good day, This was a great post, thanks anon. I like American Horror Story as well. I see alot of reference to things we learn here.


Evening Obara and ES thanks anonymous for the post. May God bless ur mother for living with the “Monster” im glad she was freed.

Seeker ur so right…its hard to appreciate the light unless you’ve experienced the dark.

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

This is a very good analysis from Anonymous. Now you make me want to watch the show to check it out. I don’t think you can even recognize the light without first having known darkness and vice versa. They simply can’t exist without the other. You can’t appreciate the good things/people (light), unless you know what it’s like to not have good things/people (darkness) in your life.

Everyone of us have the potential to enact both darkness and light. Circumstances or our own free choice dictates what we end up doing. With human beings, it’s a thin line with the duality of “good and evil”. The most wickedest person you know, might also be the kindest, loving person to someone else (and vice versa). No one is all good and no one is all evil (I know it might be hard to believe for some). So, I try to remember that when I want to cuss some people who have done me dirty in life. There is a lesson behind everything and some people are just meant to show you their “evil” side for whatever purpose.


Oh, Anon blogger you forgot the 3 breasts. lol


Anonymous blogger…that was a great read! I am a fan of that series and it has a whole lot of spiritual messages in each season.

Dandy was indeed dark since birth and the mother was well aware of it…she was his prop.

For me, Elsa was on the side of light and a reborn who ignored her true task of helping the freaks, rather than stardom.


you should watch the movie INSIDIOUS- they talk about the astro plane travel at sleep…most people think it dream but you are astro traveling

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