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This is a throw back post.

Do you believe that you are one of the few that are chosen to or rather sent here to earth to be a Medium, Spiritualist, Clairvoyant, Healer, Prophet, Warner?. Do you have dreams or visions that often if not always come true?. Do you see dead people?, Do you find yourself reading up on the Occult or wanting to know every or anything that has to do with the spirit world or spiritual things?, Are you obsessed with God, who is he, What is he, Where is he,? Do you see people’s auras?, In other words do you see color reflecting off people and may have had to rub your eyes to make sure you just saw that?.

Are you fascinated by Nature and do you study herbs and herbal healing?, Does the sound of the drums affect you?, do you find your self in school studying comparative religion? Are you a person who is afraid a lot?? do you find your self often in a metaphysical bookstore, and do you find yourself purchasing metaphysical books, or spiritual CD’s. If you answer YES to any of these questions then congratulations you are on a Spiritual path.

You are finally becoming awake, after being unconscious for a long time. Now your guides have a long road ahead of them of connecting you with your messengers, Spiritual teachers, physical teachers,etc, who will help the waking process. As Buju sang “It’s Not A Easy Road”, but it gets easier as time goes by. Not everyone receives the same gift, but every gift is special and unique, and it should be used wisely. At first the language of spirits will be difficult to understand but it will become clearer as time goes by.

On the gift of seeing or Clairvoyance; Most every living persons possesses the natural gift of clairvoyance or clear spirit.”Spirit Sight” to a very marked degree, and yet do not know what use to make of their gift.  Many people posses this power in an undeveloped state, capable of development to any extent when they will use these gifts to their advantage and take proper means to unfold them, Clairvoyance or Astral sight (state of introspection), is not a sixth sense as some writers wrongly state, it is the true development of man’s ordinary inner or Spiritual Sight, which has been stunted and injured by the materialism and ignorance which rules the world today.

Live a natural life, as did the old seers, philosophers in the by gone ages, when the highest and best reigned supreme, and men and women were taught to introduce the state of introspection at will, and you can develop all your spiritual gifts or inner sight…. The first considerations is, of course the rules for a sitting (reading), the necessary precautions for development, and the best time and conditions which are to be adopted by the would-be seer in his attempts at unfoldment.  You must also study all that has been said here about the interior focalization of the mind, (which we on Embracing Spirituality will discuss as you grow). In a word  unless you will attempt to live the Life, you cannot attain more than the ordinary gift, but if you will go on and seek higher, and believe you will succeed, you cannot have any limit to the extent of your spirit and Astral sight in any PLACE., at any TIME, and under any CONDITIONS. You will be able to introduce Spirit Sight at will, and read  in the Astral Light the mysteries of the past, present and future, both in your own life and in that of others; all will be as an open book to you and the amount of this knowledge you choose to reveal to others will be entirely dependent on your own good judgement. (From the Mystic text  by de Laurence).

I am spoon-feeding you my children, read, learn and understand!!

He who is courteous is not a fool….Yoruba Proverb


Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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I need guidance. Please. I’m afraid… [email protected]

Spiritual Seeker

“The interior focalization of the mind” I would like to know more about that.


Well Lincoln can sense sickness ..and unfortunately has the burden of sucking there energies..hush..I can smell death..well I guess it is the being who is present before the person passes..

Super Natural
Super Natural

Goodnight Obara, Joy, & Lincoln..

Yes to all… For the aura’s I sometimes see people either in a “good light” or darkness..
My first experienced with the unnatural was at the age of 8..
I’m super scared to sleep alone even if my partner is in the living room and in bed I rather hold him or be held…. What does that mean?
I read up on all types of cults, craziness but never buy any books because of fear..
And like Lincoln mi nuh like guh a people yard because it seems mi usually draw them problem, sometimes down to dem weight loss..
E.g I have a friend and a aunt that was going tru some things an is like the same crap start tek mi suh now I have to pray and cut certain times I see them.

Super Natural
Super Natural

Oh, and Obara let me ask you this… Someone told me they dreamt that they saw their dead grandmother naked and blind and they covered her up with a white sheet (she was alive in the dream) but in the dream they were crying and saying “sorry” but the grandma couldn’t see them…….. It’s a puzzling dream… What you think?


and i meant sweat profusely lol


Good morning Obara it been a long time

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