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Yesterday a peeper sent me this from the Jamaican star. I know I have written more than once on this topic, which is real, but the Pastors reply had me rolling, lol. Jamaicans say licky  licky never fail, and craven choke puppy. Men,do not be too quick to eat from women and women do not be so quick to eat from men, although there are many ways to hang a dog without putting a rope around his neck. Nevertheless, these things are common among all the races, and bad people are all about. If you are ever tempted to do this, please do not. It alters destiny, not only the person you are doing this evil to, but to you also. Remember life is a journey, and people pass through your lives, to teach you something or to open you up to your true potential, and then you both have to move on. If the lesson is harsh, then this is how you chose to receive it. You may have had to experience it many times during your many incarnations here. Also do not forget that you may, in your desperation, bind/tie on (crosses) someone who will cause you your own demise. Try out “good ways”, and low de people dem pickney, ole Devil oonuh! (Not oonuh mi bloggers, but oonuh just de same, pick de sense outta de nonsense)

Dear Pastor,

I have been involved with a woman for almost 10 years. I went to do some work for a man and I met her. She was his helper. His wife was living in America. I was employed to do some roofing work and to paint the house. She and I became friends, and in less than a week, we were lovers. I did not know that she was married. She told me that she didn’t have children or a man. She offered to give me lunch if I would provide her with the groceries. She said that the owner of the house had a woman who went there and checked on her, and that the woman was very nosy. She asked a lot of questions.

She accused the woman of having an affair with the man, but it was not true. She did not know that the woman was the man’s sister-in-law. He never told her.

She told me everything about the man. She said that he was a lodge man and that he liked to dress in black.

This man was always very busy and he was not watching her. She liked him, but he did not have a relationship with her.

She was very jealous. After hearing her say bad things about the man, I stopped eating from her for a time.

I found out that she had a husband and two children in the country. I heard the woman telling her that she could go down at such and such a time to see her husband and her children because Mr so and so would be leaving for a week to be with his wife. I was shocked! I asked her why she had lied to me.

She made me have sex with her, and I had never had sex with a married woman. She told me that she didn’t consider the man her husband because they were not living together.

Do you think this is a good woman? I have tried to leave this woman, but I don’t know what to do. I believe she has ‘tied’ me. When she should have gone home, she did not go. I spent the whole week with her.

I finished the work I was doing at the house, but I got other jobs from the owner of the house. Then we started to live together.

It is like I can’t help myself. She is still married but is looking after her divorce. She is hoping we can get married. She is not good marriage material. I can’t save any money. If I talk to her about my money, she curses.


Dear J.B.,

I consider you a joker. How could you allow yourself to be fooled by this woman you had not known at all? You met her at the house where you went to work. You just drank in her story without asking any questions. An intelligent man wouldn’t do that. An intelligent man would ask the owner of the house about her to verify her story. You were too eager to get under her skirt, so you made yourself into a fool and she had you covered before you were able to count 1,2,3.

She was glad to have you. She wanted to leave her husband, and you were a good catch. I don’t know about her ‘tying’ you. You love your stomach, so you gave her your money and she cooked and fed you. You are not a wise man. You have her now as your common-law wife. This woman probably has been saving her money from you to get her divorce. She is ‘eating you out’, so to speak. It has taken you 10 years and you haven’t learnt that this lady is a pathological liar.

I would suggest that you end the relationship with her and hide yourself somewhere so that she can’t find you. Where would that be? I don’t know. Figure it out.




Happy Thanksgiving to all, galang and prep for tomorrow and skank to this! Big up Sizzla

Obara “Skanking to some wicked reggae music today” Meji…………..Cleaning, skanking and cooking today, de music gone inna mi head………how yuh mean!


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One love to you all


Obara meji Jah guid you and protect in JESUS name Amen.

Spiritual Seeker

“She made me have sex with her” *major eye roll*. All I can say is that I would love to hear her side of the story. He have enough wits to suspect that she tie him, but him still a go back fi nyam more? Too damn craven.


But it look like the woman did want get her employer fi herself but dat nuh ketch suh shi get the licky licky man instead.


The poor man excuse dem weak bad though.’ she made me’ do this an that; di pastor neva haffi rush him up suh


Lmfaaooo….whhhhhhoooiieeee… The Pastor answer him perfectly… him love him belly so him get what the duck get…to kakaclatt…a dat reach licky licky man who can’t meck a frock tail pass dem. Lmao..yow..Pastor a thug. Him say him fi go hide himself..yow mi ova yah a roll.. Pssst Obara beg you lilly a di Nhamings no man..mi can imagine how you busy like restaurant inna you kitchen yah now..and a mad you neighborhood with you sweet hand. You fi galang betta man and stop mad the people dem..go see all tomorrow how the place ago mash up.. Mi no mine heat… Read more »


@super natural

No mi love!!!!!!

I would not like to face deh pastor deh in a tracing match. Nutten can’t tell me seh is not Shebada or one of his conglomerates a use the pseudonym of pastor fi class people.

Him empty di man like bakkle. Outta orda

Super Natural
Super Natural

All I can seh is, “one week” an dem a “lovers?” This is nuff men and handful of women problem, too quick fi lidung an nyam from people…
Plus him too unprofessional, a work him guh fi work, how him end up frigging fi maid?

Super Natural
Super Natural

Good afternoon Obara & Prosperity

You know I tawt it was me alone think seh dis paasta a idiot? Him rarely, RARELY give an advice, all him duh a cuss without addressing & assessing the situation before him chat…
Dah paasta deh wah smaddi duck him wid some holy wata.


I want use a big stone and lick deh pastor in a him head. One big cocoa inna him forid. What a man judgemental, him nuh have no counselling skills. A which theological course him guh pan.

No sah him bad like ebola mi feel shame an a nuh me him just do up. Him really tell the man seh him love him stomach. If I laugh a kin ova.

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