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I had to re-post this today because of what happened to me yesterday. Yesterday I was betrayed in more than one way by someone who I had just recently met, but have been communicating with for a long time, via computer and the telephone. I really like this person. She seemed smart, funny, jocular and all the things that I, Obara Meji would consider in a friend. I do not KEEP female friends, because it was told to me at my initiation in Africa that WOMEN would BETRAY me!!. Nevertheless this woman and her winsome ways, set me off my guard for a moment, and also I dealt with her using my heart and not my HEAD, got close to me and my family. She asked me something about someone she had met around me and I denied it. I denied what she asked because I was protecting the persons privacy as I would do anyone, because I do not violate people’s trust and confidence in me. This woman waited until I was out of earshot and ASKED the person the same question she asked me and of course the person told the truth, and then told the person NOT TO TELL ME. BETRAYAL!! BETRAYAL!!, BETRAYAL!!…… I was told, and when I accosted the deceiver her excuse was “well the spirit in my head wanted to know”. In Jamaica we would say “no yuh jus faas!!! (you are nosy!!). I was hurt!, to say the least, she got the opportunity to do this because I GAVE it to her!, I should have listened to my spirit who told me that she would deceive me!. She went on to say more things during the confrontation, which could have created a major rift between myself and the other person. WOW!!. I really liked this woman, but the lesson she brought to me was. NEVER LET MY GUARD DOWN!..EVER!!!. I still will move ahead with her and not malice her, because we can get pass this but an EVIL SPIRIT, showed up within this woman and she must DEAL with it. My people be careful of the betrayers. They are all around us, they come as family, friends, lovers etc… AVOID THEIR STING!!!  AVOID THEIR STING!!! 

Growing up in Jamaica was fun as I am most fond of telling you all. It is obvious by all who read this blog site that I am proud to be Jamaican. I have spent ,most of my life in America. and even though I love Jamaica, I am always proud to be a naturalized American. America has done a lot for me, and has been my home so for that I am Loyal. What is Loyalty?, and how do we deal with dis-loyalty, how do we deal with betrayal?, from friends, family, a lover, your spouse or others. Loyalty is- the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.———-It is of good character to be Loyal. The seat of the betrayer is never good. The Christians condemn the lowly Judas for his betrayal of the Man Of Sorrows, the trust worthy Peter who was to be the faithful follower denounced the christ when threatened him with the same faith……Then the cock-crow!!!….. and the story goes…………….

The second betrayal is the disciple’s betrayal of Jesus.  Betrayal has a cyclical effect.  Earlier in the evening Jesus had told the disciples Satan had been given permission to test them.  Jesus was praying that their faith would not cave in.  Peter said his faith would never cave in, that he was willing to go to jail or even to die for Jesus.  Jesus told Peter that he would deny Jesus before the rooster’s crow at dawn.  But then he added, “Peter, after you get back on your feet, be sure to strengthen you brothers.”  

As Jesus is taken captive, Peter follows from afar.  A fire is kindled in the middle of the court-yard where Jesus is being questioned and people sit down around the fire to keep warm, Peter among them.  A teen age girl sees Peter in the light of the fire, stares at Peter, and thinks she has seen him with Jesus, points to Peter on the fire’s light, “I think that man was with Jesus.”Peter shakes his head, he says, “Miss, I don’s know him.” Not long after another person looks at Peter in the firelight, ‘You sure you are not one of them?’  Peter says, very uncomfortable now, ‘No, not me mister.’Nothing happens for a time, Peter begins to relax, an hour or so later a third person accuses Peter of being with Jesus, ‘You must have been with him because you sound like a Galilean [Yankee]. The book of Mark has] Peter curses and swears an oath, like, “I swear on my mother’s grave that I don’t know this man you are talking about.’  Or worst?Just them, Peter hears the rooster crow and he remembers Jesus words, that before the rooster crows, before the light of dawn, Peter would deny he knew Jesus.  “Peter went out and wept bitterly.’ Luke 22:31-34, 54-62 –shalomcommunitychurch.mi.us.mennonite

You all saw what I wrote about Sophia Spencer in the Sophia Spencer, the betrayer thread, the dis loyalty she showed, and that taught me a great lesson for me from an early age, but I still refused to believe that people could be so deceptive and spiteful and so I continued to look for the best in human being, the baby father came along like the spider in little Miss Muffett, and I wished he had frightened me away, but destiny is destiny, and again there I was pregnant, young visiting a prisoner and caring for him, giving him his first child, then he came out and di me so bad!!…the ultimate betrayal. The friend who takes away your husband, and so forth. It hurts to see someone who you call a friend show their disloyalty.  I have been betrayed by many people and I have recounted my stories on Embracing Spirituality time and time again. We must listen to our own mind, trust our instincts more often. Pray against these things, but it has been the Modus operandi, of many a people from birth, an inane quality in some astrological signs, I will not mention them here. Tell me what happened to you. Come mek we reason!!.

Come share your story with me of, Loyalty, Disloyalty and betrayal…let us discuss it… 





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Me is are rite yahsoh

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GGGG whey yuh been? How yuh juss dash wi whey so maam?

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