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Embracing Spirituality is a blog of a wide variety of spiritual topics and discussions, led by spiritualist, metaphysician, and traditionalist Obara Meji and her personal experiences. Born out of a desire to assist others in embracing their spirituality, and to lend our contribution to the ultimate goal of the evolution of mankind.
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Classes Are Up – Healing, Tarot Cards, and Mystical Experiments

Greetings everyone,

This is a short post to announce that classes begin once again! The first 4-weeks course on a very important topic begins Saturday, March 19th 1pm EST via Zoom. But the best part about these new courses is that you will have access to your student dashboard where you can view your class videos even if you can not attend the Zoom.

(Those who joined the waitlist received this announcement first (please check your spam for that email if you have not received it).

I get emails everyday about classes and I thank all of you who have participated in the past when we had them. The time is right for the classes/courses to begin. The Earth and its inhabitants are going through so much. However everything happens within the Realm of Spirit before it occurs here in this material world, if only humans had access to this information. But guess what? We do.

This is where you are supposed to ask how are we supposed to access consciously unknown information?

We all have access to things within the realm of spirit, (time and space). We all travel outside of ourselves every time we go to sleep, meditate or evolve to higher consciousness due to our path and how we live our lives and our perceptions and understanding of higher life forms or forces. However because of this material world and all that humans have programmed to believe, a major part of themselves have gone dormant.

Humans for the most part are asleep.

When the human becomes awake, he and everybody around him, questions his sanity. Unless he is strong, he will push forward to finding light and when he finds it, he will assist others in finding theirs.

This is what our classes/courses will do. Heck, this is what the blog does. My journey to becoming me was hard, and I am still traveling. Many years ago, I came here and began Embracing Spirituality and many of you joined me on my journey. I did not care if I told you all my business (which I did… and still do, I still have a few posts to edit), but this blog became a place of solace for me and also for many of you. You all became my friends? I am not sure if that is the word, because many of you began to see me as your teacher, while I saw myself as a student, and still do.

As I wrote and saw how you all embraced me and my experiences and began to embrace your spirituality through what I shared, I began to write deeper, writing messages that had been given to me, things taught to me by my mentors, things that I knew that were useful in your lives and those you hold dear. It got to a point my teachings and mystical experiences became the subject of other people’s courses, classes, conferences, and even within Universities (some of which contacted me for permission, and others that people had discovered and shared with me).

The blog became such a sacred place to me, and you all as a family to me, that I did not want to co-mingle all that was here with social media because to me this was not a business. This was my life. And like a child, I loved hearing from you all. It made me happy when you contacted me and shared your own stories and commented, and took me into your confidence. I held all of this dear and at times it made me misty because here you were not knowing who I was, and here I was not knowing who you all were, and yet we all connected…

Who could have done this but our Source? Our Divine? Our All? Which is God.

Whatever the case may be, some of you are still here and many others have come. I am happy to be in your acquaintance. When I end a post with ”I love you all”, I truly mean it. I am genuinely loving so my love extends to all, (well, not you enemies, not anymore). You don’t have to know someone to love them. Love is vibrational, it is energy and it passes through us even through words.

Anyways darlings, (imagine me with red lipstick, a pouting lip, French accent, and a long cigar held with a gauntlet on) The Celestine Council School is now finally opened! If you are wondering, this name was given to me by Spirit.

Although there is a first course coming this weekend (the subject is fascinating!!) there is also a Divination Mentorship Program for students of the tarot and practitioners alike, which is very deep and different from anything you have ever experienced.

Also, there will be a personal mentorship program offered to those who are seeking the pathway to Light. What this means is that there are some who are on a path, but have no physical guide or mentor for things they are currently experiencing or have gone through in the past in way of enlightenment or awakening. This program will assist students in rising their vibrations and in the awakening process. During this walk with me within the program many gifts will be unfolded within you and come to surface with your understanding of how to use them for your benefit and others. You will also study Nature and Universal laws and how to live in accordance with these laws, opening up your awareness as you transform into becoming a renewed Being.

The awakening process, as I said, can be jarring and those who are on a quest needs that guide in the physical form. This particular mentorship program will become available in April! For those who want to keep updated on when the new course(s) is released, you can sign up to the class announcement mailing list (if you haven’t already).

These are not enticing words… they are the truth. Because I was not taught my Man, but by Spirit. Always remember that when I use the word ‘spirit’ I am not speaking of a single entity, but what you do not understand now, one day you will know.

Saturday’s course is on Health and the Spiritual Origin of Illnesses, Signs, Symptoms, causes and relief (plus some information that I can not share here). This is a very deep and important course, so deep that the title does not do it justice. One thing for you all to always remember, though it is written in my posts many times, is that I am a medium. So me, as an instructor, means that I channel messages as I teach… I really wish I could stop, but if you are lucky you will hear things that I don’t even know.

It is a four week course (4 Saturdays (but remember you can still join even if you do not attend the Zoom as you will have access to your Student Dashboard)) which will include certain experiments which will impact your Light in a positive way. The more you learn, the faster you evolve, and we are in a time where as the Earth shifts to a new dimension, many will follow and many will not.

See you in the New Earth!

I love you all,

Obara Meji

Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.

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2 years ago

Dear Obara, I am new here and on this spiritual journey. Please is it late to register for the personal mentorship program? Thank you

2 years ago

Clap Clap Clap!!! Vow! So so great! Thanks for class.

2 years ago

Oh wow!!! Congratulations on this ma’am. Way to go!!!

I love you too!!!

2 years ago

I’m signed up and VERY excited!!! Thanks for the opportunity to learn and congratulations on this accomplishment!

Intellectual Bhutu
2 years ago

Congratulations on the launch of The Celestine Council School! This is good news and an awesome opportunity for those who will sign up. Mi deh deh pon mi yai lash! I recently found my notes from the obeah class that happened some time ago. Where part is my “cerfiticate”? For those who have been privileged to interact with you in classes, we can truly say that you give freely of your knowledge and experience. From the aspects of the outline that I’ve read, Saturday’s class will be indepth and helpful to us as we navigate life and embrace health and… Read more »

Intellectual Bhutu
2 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Tearcher, wid dem high levels of science deh yuh haffi guh give me a Ph.D 🙂

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