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Strange Signals That Occur When Spirits Pass Messages (+ Ifa Invocation)

Many years ago when I was apart of Zion/Revival, a powerful spiritual branch of Christianity, when Spirit came about, I used to hear some of the members do a distinct yawn. The yawn was loud and just at the end it had a high pitched yelp. For some people, it would come one behind each other.

Now, it was spirit who sent me to Zion church after my awakening, I was not brought up there. I’m the type of person who — how do I explain this — prides themselves on composure and decency. At that time, I was spiritually and chronologically very young. I had no idea that spirit had sent me there to continue my spiritual education, not by the humans that were there, but by the energies and vibrations that would pass through these spiritual churches.

I, particularly, had a friend. She was an older woman who would yawn almost all through the service. The yawns were loud and high pitched, and when she began, others would do the same. One day, I decided to ask a fellow church member, why do these people yawn like this? Is everybody hungry? That sister replied to me that it was a spiritual yawn.

This made no sense to me. I also felt bad for the Pastor, because I also believed that yawning was a sign of boredom. But unbeknownst to me then, this was not an ordinary yawn.

There was one day that the church was on fire spiritually. High energy Beings were passing through… everyone was jumping around, singing, and carrying on as church usually goes. I was sitting in a corner in one of the rows when I began to yawn, mouth wide, ending with a high pitched yelp. Shocked and embarrassed, ten more yawns followed. After that, I found myself spinning out of my seat, spirit had taken over my body and I was moving along with the others, moving what the Zion/Revival church calls 60 Revival, or Celestial Beings being in our presence.

That day was the beginning of my spiritual yawning days.

This still happens to me now when ever certain High Beings passes through my environment. I laugh as I type this because I remember the days when I mocked all those who yawned so terribly, but when it started happening to me, even when I was home alone, I realized that one of the reasons my spirits had sent me to this type of church was to plug me in, to connect me with Higher Forces, and to also teach me how to detect when Galactic Beings were present.

Now, in case while reading this you are still thinking that a yawn is just a yawn — no, it is not. This particular yawn allows the body to vibrate when it comes through. The mouth is opened wider than you think you can open your mouth, and the high pitched yelp comes from down inside of the throat. The high pitch at the end of the yawn sends out a message to the visible world that you have heard and you understand. Because for most people who this happens to, a message has been delivered.

For most Mediums, these types of yawns, or sneezes or tremors or burps, (yes, there are spiritual belches and this is not for people to use this information to belch like someone drinking a keg of beer from a bar and give the excuse that it is a spiritual belch, please don’t do this), are akin to a socket and a plug, and they come through with a force.

When a Medium receives messages, what is happening is that there are a plethora of invisible beings that are around him or her that are ready to pass messages through the Medium so that the Medium can regurgitate whatever is translated to her or him to whom ever.

Before or after each message is given by a particular spirit the Medium will burp or belch, or yawn. As the Medium gives the message, when that spirit goes, the sign that it has left is the Medium belching or yawning or grunting or any other sound or song emitted. Not only this, but it is also a sign of entry, exit, and stamp of confirmation after having delivered a truthful message.

There is a woman I know who is a Medium like myself. When we speak on the phone about anything, she immediately goes into Medium mode and begins to speak to translate what spirit is telling her. When I speak when Spirit is speaking to me, I will often say “The spirit says so and so and so“. However, she speaks straight from the spirit while in conversation, and says none of these things. So if you are not sensible, you may not know that what she is saying is not coming from her but from spirit, and the burps are beyond her control.

I like her a lot because she makes no apology for the sounds that are coming out of her while she gives divine messages. Nor does she stop and politely explain what is happening to her. The reason why I like this is because her not apologizing or explaining the unusual behavior shows me the difference between her ordinary human self and her when she transcends this part.

My mother used to clear her throat often when ever we (her children) would get a phone call from her. We all used to talk about her, wondering why she would make this unpleasant sound while on the phone. But we realized that for every word that she said to us on a certain topic, she was being plugged in to her own world, and they were communicating with her, and she would in turn communicate with us. At that time I had no idea that the clearing of her throat, which was often irritating to the ears, was her own spiritual octaves.

All spiritual people plug in differently.

Some people, if acting through mediumship, they will sing or hum a particular song. But each sound that is made are varied in pitch and tone. This is often an indication of the type of Being that is present or being invoked through any type of incantation.

You will also find this in Ifa in the Isese practice of the wonderful Ifa tradition, wherein which during incantations or invocations, there is particular tones and octaves that must be used by the Babalawo (Ifa priests), at some points high pitched, at others low, whispered and inaudible, and other times monotone, and other times drawn out and sustained.

This is often when medicine is to be activated and the incantation is needed to consecrate it and invoke the spirit of the medicine. It is more than the beauty and wordplay of the poetry that is used in the activation, it is also the musical octaves in the pronunciation of the poetry.

Listen to an example of an Ifa invocation in which the priest calls Orunmila (Ifa), the “Lord of Secrets“, to descend and listen to him. He laments that he is unhappy about the state of the world and the state of Nigeria. He bemoans the wars and fighting of Nigeria and the world. He prays to the Beneficent Divinity to descend and help them; that let the world be as sweet as honey. But the pronunciation of his words are a combination of high tones and whispers, while the invocation itself is mournful yet hopeful.

All of this combined breaks the barrier of this visible world to enter the invisible world to connect with otherworldly energies or High Beings that we then call Deity or spirits, to come to our aid or advise us or to assist us in our daily lives.

For the Medium, it is needed for them to connect, and remember that these sounds, for the Medium, are not done consciously. It is not the human who detects anything, but the spirit of the “plugged in” Medium which announces the presence of a force which has come forth.

However, not every Medium will feel this, it depends on her development. When a force comes into the presence of anyone spiritually attuned, that Force instantly rises the vibration of whomever has the most Light. It may enter a space full of people but perhaps only one or two may physically respond through sound or even an involuntary bodily tremor which may force them to utter a sound. It is Light, or Spirit, which has passed through like a wave of electricity.

But I must tell you, that to all who experience this, you have received downloads which will be locked and encoded within the mind, and will remain unknown to the consciousness until it is ready to be used. Therefore, at one point in your life you may find yourself saying something profound and truthful that you never knew that you knew.

Many of you may be experiencing things like this now and not realize that you are on your way to higher consciousness, and that something invisible communicates with you. The spiritual world and its understanding is vast and intricate and complex. However, we are in a time where we must tune ourselves into as much knowledge as we can attain.

Here I have shared one.

Obara Meji

Inquiry is her delight. As one who traverseth the burning sands in search of water, so is the soul that thirsts after knowledge.

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1 year ago

Happy Happy birthday to you the great Obara Meji I wish you love and light and sweetness in this your new age as you grow beautifully.

Benjamin Franklyn Jr.

Happy birthday to you, ma’am. I hope you’re doing well. I hope that the very best in life comes your way this year, I hope your birthday today warms your heart with all the love and happiness in the world. As I have said in the past, God used you to lead me, to direct me, to correct me and to protect me in ways unbeknownst to you. Thank you for the rare education. Thank you for creating a platform that have influenced my perception of life, a platform that have changed my perspective on life. And most importantly, thank… Read more »

Benjamin Franklyn Jr.
Reply to  Obara Meji

You’re welcome. Stay blessed

1 year ago

Thank you for such an insightful post, Obara. Reading and learning from your posts is always a welcome experience!
What about sneezes? I find that I sneeze a lot when I am going into places where I feel the need to keep my guard up or when someone is telling me something I know is untrue

1 year ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

I will pay more attention, thank you! Spirituality is truly as beautiful as it is awe-inspiring. Thank you for teaching us always

1 year ago

Greetings Obara. Thank you for coming out with these powerful knowledge. I’m imagining you, who prides yourself with composure and decency sitting in one corner of the rows and began to yawn, mouth wide, ending with high pitched yelp, After that, found yourself spinning out of the seat when spirit took over your body and you started moving along with the others in a way that is called 60 Revival I can tell how funny your moves would be LOL! Obara I know most of the time when someone yawns, with mouth wide ending with high pitched yelp it’s a… Read more »

1 year ago

Another great read and the clearing of the throat really spoke to me because the most spiritual people in my life did this constantly. Thank you for sharing this and other informational gems. You are greatly appreciated!!

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing

1 year ago

Knowledge indeed is power. Often time I always think and say there must be spiritual reasons why we yarn and sneeze all the time for no reason. Now I think the burden of that tut is broken today and now I have answers to all that confusing experience. Thank u so much ma.. may the LORD of all spirit continue to guide you and give u more knowledge to teach to the world.
From Marc.

1 year ago

Hahahahah,that’s so me I burp and I yawn .I have learnt to understand the different energies and when they appear .I also am not apologetic about those sounds as most times I don’t realise it ,until I am done with the message.When I started my journey my family would scold at me saying why I eat things that are giving me gas reflux ,until they realised its out of my control ,they are now used to me burping loudly kkkkkkkk

Last edited 1 year ago by Violet
1 year ago

Asé Oooo . I was embarrassed when, a yawn came from no where. When, I’m praying sometimes…I understand now. Thank You!

1 year ago

Thank you so much obara for this wonderful post, I yawn and sometimes I jolt out of bed. Atleast now I understand why that happens.

1 year ago

Hi Obara, Thanks again for an insightful blog that uplifts my spirit. At times I find myself yawning a lot and don’t know why. However, I thank you for the explanation because I believe that spiritual experiences are deeply personal and unique to the individual. Your writing demonstrates the power of spiritual communication and the wonders of the unseen world. Thank you for inspiring us to be more open to the signs and messages around us.

Intellectual Bhutu
1 year ago

Greetings Obara Meji

Thank you for sharing this information.

I have experienced involuntary tremors which force me to utter sounds but I’m no longer shocked when it happened.

Overtime I have noticed that I have been able to respond to questions on matters that I have no knowledge of…

Spirituality is beautiful

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