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This Post is in response to someone who emailed me and asked “Why do some prayers get answered right away while others seem to be ignored?”.

Although it sounds cliché, I am convinced that prayer is the answer to everything. Regardless of religion or whatever belief systems we as humans engage in or not engage, the power of words repeated to whatever divinity can give us the desire or result we seek.  Whether you believe  faithfully or even if you are a little doubtful, the power of prayer will not fail you, but only if it is approached with a mind and  heart that is truly set on those desires that are asked for in the prayer.

The universe in its wisdom will label your prayers in the order of importance and urgency. For example a person may pray for money and not receive neither money or a job in which to earn that money, but that same person has health and life. The universe has given wealth to you, because health and life are priceless and cannot be bought, but because we are so fixated on the physical dollars we cannot appreciate that which has been given to us in terms of wealth, which is health and life, because our lowly human mind cannot understand that of the Divine.  Now we ask the question…. who do I pray to when I don’t believe in God or my belief in God is not very strong, I do not understand the whole concept of who or what is God, so if and when I pray what happens?….. To understand God is to BE God yourself. No one understands who or what is God, and it is not for us to judge those who do not believe nor do we try to force our knowledge on said persons, however the focus here is the power of prayer, and everyone does it, even if it is only called a wish. The focus on the divinity called God as the churches do and also which is the human obsession is WRONG!!, because our belief in that Divinity is worship within itself.  Rather our focus should dwell on nature, our environment and everything within the earth, as the earlier people of  our times did, (our ancestors) and doing so would help us get more in tuned or attuned with that which is God.

Prayers or incantations are what all religions and traditional practices have in common, and as such it should be explored more often, not as belonging exclusively to any institution, but what it constitutes as a LONE tool of progress within humanity. The practice of prayer whether public,or private, ritualistic or lofty, petitionary or for thanksgiving, is deliberate and can be used with words or songs or even chants.  It is an intimate connection to the divine.

“When a ripe fruit sees an honest man, it drops“…….Yoruba Proverb


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6 years ago

you are blessed Obara.

6 years ago

Your last line …it is an intimate connection to the divine….wow….

I will be writing this down and using this one, I love it…your words are powerful

Obara meji
Obara meji
6 years ago
Reply to  Ty

Thank you


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6 years ago

Thank you.

9 years ago

I agree with this sooo much. People often pray on things but don’t realize certain factors. Those that which you have named. Also, the value as to which one is actually praying for. The lessons being learned to receive what one is asking for. If God answered everyones prayer at the time they asked for it tell me…what would one learn? Would they really appreciate the gift that God has bestowed upon them? Just a few questions that people need to think about. Count your blessings all the time. Not only when you’ve been blessed with but when you’ve been… Read more »

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