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What is Chance?

Chance is often define

(A) The unknown and unpredictable element in happenings that seems to have no assignable cause.

(B) A favorable set of circumstances,or an opportunity.

(C) An accidental or unpredictable event.

But Is that what it is really??

You decide after you read my experience.

There was a time in my life when things was rough and money ran away from me, and refused to come back.  This was a time when I was just living with my children and my younger sister who had recently (a couple of months before) left her low down, dirty, cheating, baby father and had taken his money chest with almost Ten thousand dollars out of the house and came to live with me. I did not have a job and was only surviving from my savings which had fast depleted. While my sister was with me she helped until her money got down to about three thousand, (some of the money paying off her bills) and she decided to put the rest into her savings account and not touch it until a rainy day. The poverty became unbearable because no income was being generated the rent had to be paid and the children had to eat so I went looking for a Job, I was a skilled hairstylist but had left the game for a while and my pride hurt me to go and work for someone instead of having my own salon or having enough clientele to rent a chair.

I took a walk and came upon a Hair Salon and decided to inquire within to see if they needed an Hair Stylist. The barber was warm in his welcome to me and told me, yes, they need a stylist, even though he wasn’t not the owner, he was told by them to accept people at his discretion, whether to work on commission (which I was going to do)  or to rent a chair as the barber did. He asked me how soon could I start to work, ecstatic I answered right away. I assured him I would soon be back as I was going for my tools, hot stove, curling irons, blow dryers and such. As I stepped out of the salon happy at the thought that things might soon be moving forward positively for me, I saw an older looking man sitting on a chair beside the salon, I did not know him, but because of how happy I felt I said ” Hi mi boyfren, how yuh do?” he smiled a very winsome smile at me and answered “I’m great mi girlfren how you do” I smiled and said “God is good” he agreed and asked me where was I coming from (keep in mind that we do not know each other) I answered and told him that I was seeking employment and found it inside the beauty salon, pointing to the salon as I spoke. He smiled and said “A beautiful woman like you should OWN the salon instead of working in it” I blushed and said one day by God’s grace, but for now it’s work and I’m glad. He went on to say the salon is for sale, look at the sign why don’t you buy it, and I laughingly said “I wish but I couldn’t afford it” he insisted and told me that the salon was on sale for ten thousand dollars and it had thirteen styling chairs, three of which were barber chairs, I asked him how did he know that, was he one of the barbers, he said no I own this whole block and all the businesses here, he then got up and took down the FOR SALE sign and said “there, go and bring three thousand dollars, and the monthly rent will be eleven hundred dollars, eight hundred will be your actual rent and three hundred will be payment toward the balance of seven thousand dollars, for the sale of the shop.  Shocked, I was speechless for a minute, but my thoughts kicked in and I immediately thought of my sister and her three thousand dollars, her rainy day money. I asked him for a moment and stepped away from him and called my sister, I told her about what I had walked into and made the argument that this was an opportunity for her to be a business owner and us being in business together would build the money she put in bigger, after some hesitation she relented and it was a deal. She met up with me with the money we went into his office and signed the lease, and then I went into the salon to see the barber, he asked me where were my tools and I told him that I now owned the shop, he was speechless, then he told me that he has been trying to secure the salon as his own for many months but was unable to get up the full Ten Thousand Dollars, I kept mum about the deal that I had gotten and got to work along with my sister in my new salon……… CHANCE??  OR SOMETHING ELSE????

Words are often used without out any spiritual meaning attached to it, like ‘you’re so lucky or “That’s a blessing” or in my case “Wow imagine that, you met the owner?!  that was really a CHANCE meeting”…

We have our physical bodies, which we care, by eating the right foods (most of us) and exercising, but we pay no attention to our spiritual self (most of us), except on a cerebral level, religion has taught us not to question God and to believe only in blessings and that “Thy faith shall make you whole”.  But what of our Spiritual journey here on this earth?, what are we here to do and why are we here? why don’t I get along with my family?  Is there a lesson to be taught out of our relationship?, Why can’t I have children when there is no medical explanations, according to the Doctors, or why am I attracted to a certain profession or  man/woman, who ever you are.


Nothing happens by chance there is a Greater Power within the Universe that is a million times greater than ourselves, and God did not send us to earth by ourselves. We all came here with Guides, from whatever Spiritual Realm that we  came from.  It is not my intention to persuade you of this, you either accept, understand , and or meditate upon this or not, but you have to do this with an Open and Objective mind, without any religious baggage that will not allow you to process your answers with a clear mind, this might be very hard for those who still fearfully clutch the helm of the Religion. Because it is FEAR that makes the masses not want to Embrace their Spiritual selves.  Fear of what they have been taught in Religious Institutions and by Religious Judges, such as the Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Rabbi, Imams, Gurus etc. But if you read 1st Samuel, Chapter 9: 1-21. (although I am not Christian, I believe that there are truth in some doctrines, or references that can be used to make a point from some of their mythical stories as  I am doing here) you will find the story of Saul before he become King, and how he met with the Prophet Samuel who was told the night before that he would meet a young man looking for his lost donkey and he was to anoint Saul to be next king of Israel, if you read the story you will then understand that it was not by CHANCE that the donkey got lost, which led to Saul consulting with the Seer Samuel who had been Spiritually prepared the night before to meet Saul, (all of this unknown to Saul,) resulting in Saul being anointed to be the next King of Israel, which he eventually was.

I was at a very low point in my life. My sister put away exactly Three Thousand Dollars, the amount which saved us from our sufferings, ME going to that particular salon and greeting some one I did not know in the manner in which I greeted him. The landlord making that offer and pulling off the for sale sign without even knowing if I could have gotten the money, the barber who saved for years (he told me) but couldn’t come up with the money, the land lord NOT giving the Barber the Three Thousand Dollar offer, all these were not CHANCE but the Universe opening up my path and my Astral Mates and Spirit Guides who knows what is to be before hand, laying the foundation which led up to the end result. To God be the Glory, to our Ancestors be the Glory, to our Astral Mates be the Glory and those our Wonderful Spirit Guides be the Glory. CHANCE is only a word used to describe a circumstance, the meaning of that word is much deeper.  Please share your CHANCE stories with me, come and let us reason…..I alone cannot tell a story after all……

“A single tree can not make a forest”  Yoruba Proverb      

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4 years ago

Looking back at certain times in my life it has now dawned unto me that it could not be coincidence. Some instances had scenarios coming into play like a well rehearsed orchestra in that everything was so on point that you know it just had to happen that way and in other cases it required a series of events. I could name many instances of meeting new ppl at exactly the right moment or something happened that, at the time, seemed dreadful but years later turned out to be a darn good thing. Once able to reflect I see such… Read more »

4 years ago

I was in Jamaica and business was slow. My enemy (learned not reference any attack to me personally from you) was being attacked and I was just a mess. My US passport had expired and I couldn’t us my JA passport to go back to America. Anyways. A family member had sent me some money via western union but I didn’t pick it up. I had enough money on my card to pay for my expedited passport so I went to the embassy on my appointment date. And somehow the man put the wrong cost on my paper to pay… Read more »

13 years ago

wow, that’s an amazing story. what must be will be

13 years ago

wow, yep true, true story……That shop was big too..Chance… you always had alot of luck in that department things use to just manifest and present you with wonderful offers that most people never get.

13 years ago

Love this one

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