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We have all experienced the Spirit of Confusion.  We have seen this spirit manifest in our lives at some point  or the other.  This spirit has no boundaries, respects no laws, honors no family. It does whatever it wants, whenever it wants, wherever it wants and for however long it takes for it to achieve malice, separation, divorce, murder and any other form of destructive behavior.  The dreadful happenings of 9/11 was caused by the spirit of confusion and if you looked at the tapes of that horrible day and see the smoke rising in the air, you could almost see the formation of that spirit within the smoke.  The tornadoes that have been wreaking havoc and destroying towns in America since the other day is also the spirit of confusion.  Anything that comes to destroy and separate that comes with controversy and strife is the spirit of confusion.  As usual I have my own story (at least one of them) about this same spirit that I have encountered in my lifetime on many occasions.
There was a time when I met this young lady who had just come from Jamaica, I had met her through a friend of mine who was her friend’s boyfriend at that time.  I was very young had my own hair salon and lived with my children and their father.  This girl used to come to my salon every day to sit with me as she was new in the country and my friend who she lived with worked out-of-town so she had nowhere to go during the day.  About 6 weeks after living with my friend they had a falling-out which was almost violent and my friend put her out.  I however, took her in against the wishes of my friend as I felt sorry for her knowing that she had nowhere else to go which strained the relationship between my friend and I.  After a week of living with me strange things began to happen in my household, if I ironed a shirt for my children’s father and he put it on,  before he would go through the door she would ask him to take it off and let her press it again while smiling at me and whispering  ‘you just missed a little spot’.  If the baby cried while I prepared his milk she would wait until the father came home to say  ‘why do you take so long everyday to feed that baby?’.  I noticed that even when she came to the shop with me daily and I did my clients hair (I was a very good stylist) she would find some fault and say it aloud, but the icing on the cake was one morning my children’s father came home around 9am as he had slept out the night before and we quarrelled about it and I told him real horrible things that a Jamaican should never say to a man or else there would be dire consequences.  Being a quiet man, not argumentative at all and knowing he was wrong he ignored me.  All of this was done before my friend who was sitting quietly in the living room while looking through a magazine.  After I had finished quarrelling with him, I went into the bathroom to take a shower before going to my salon.  When I came out of the bathroom and went into my room to get dressed, this man who had never before hit me a day in my life came out of nowhere and started punching me in my head fighting me, which shocked me because even though I cussed him horribly I had done this before and he had never laid his hand upon me.  What I noticed is that while he was fighting me she never intervened, anyhow I defended myself and he walked out of the house.  I remember her looking at me sympathetically and saying how wicked he was by the end of the day.  When night came around and he and I were in our bedroom (of course by this time I was not speaking to him) he tapped me on my shoulder which I ignored then he continued and said ‘you have to get rid of that girl out of this house’.  I turned around and asked why.  He said while you showered this morning after you had finished cursing me she came into the room to me and said ‘why do you make her speak to you like that?  If it was my boyfriend he would have killed me for doing that’  She said that her boyfriend Blacka would have beaten her within an inch of her life for saying the things that I told him which brought shame upon him and that was why he reacted like that.  I was so shocked and hurt that this girl had brought confusion into my home that I called my mother the next day and told her and she said to leave everything up to her, so my mother had her friend call this girl at my house and threaten her with immigration which she was afraid of ,having been already deported from England so she moved out that very same day.
This is one story of the spirit of confusion but there are many.  There is the friend that will come around you and your other friends and stir problems while before all was good.  There is the coworker who will tell lies and deceit just to push you out of your position and let you lose your job.  There is the mother-in-law that hates and despises you that will come and create confusion between you and her son/daughter.  There is the church member who will turn the whole church upside down with one little lie whispered to a sister or a brother.  There are drugs that work hand in hand with the spirit of confusion that will alter a person’s mind and create a whole bunch of confusion eg. Charlie Sheen.  The spirit of confusion is ageless and timeless and will continue to walk the earth with not a care but to destroy he is the one that will place the thought in your mind that I hate you and am jealous of you.  He is the one that when you cannot find your money will come in your visions and dreams and tell you that it was I who stole it when it is not true.  The spirit of confusion has committed rape, has committed many murders, is a thief, is a liar, a pedophile, a destroyer of homes, he created these words”” YOU ARE FIRED which makes sense because those words are attributed to Donald Trump who propelled the 
 movement against President Barack Obama. Prompting some Americans to Question the nationality of their President. 
The good thing is this spirit is easily recognised.  When he comes around abnormal things start happening, voices are raised more often and people say and do things that they would normally not.  We have to learn to stand up to the spirit of confusion and push him out of our lives with all the force that we can muster, after all he is responsible also for putting people in the mental ward, poverty and homelessness, sickness and disease, but he can be defeated through prayer, meditation, calm, peace, unity and love and even though he works closely with heads of States and people in Government we can avoid their destruction through meditation and prayer therefore engulfing ourselves with the protection of the universe to escape all the destructive energy in the physical world that this spirit brings.
People I implore you to share your stories of your encounter with the spirit of confusion, what havoc did it bring into your life and how you resolved it or is it still there.  I’m awaiting your response
“A man who is advised and he takes it, is still a man who acts from his own free will”….Yoruba Proverb.


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5 years ago

I have issues with trusting people and I do believe I am a little paranoid. I over analyse everything and draw my own conclusions which are sometimes wrong. I have been dating this guy on and off for a year (he is not single don’t judge me) I did not want to start a relationship with him and was adamant that I would no longer date unavailable men. Confused much? It’s like I’m in a tog of war with myself. Should I leave should I stay. I do believe I love him and I see him in my future. I… Read more »

6 years ago

When I was 15 I met my fathers child, got pregnant at 16 & had my child when I was 17 while the dad was in jail. I moved on and met a great guy who loved me and my child like his own, I stayed in a relationship with him until my baby’s father got out of jail. I ran back to him, I left the amazing guy I met for him. I knew he was no good but I couldn’t help it. He mentally and physically abused me, so I went back to my ‘amazing’ guy. I did… Read more »

7 years ago

I am fully in agreement with you. I personally suffer a lot by this spirit since Jan 2001. I think this is the spirit of antichrist. this has already done great damages to the world and particularly on Xians. There is no known remedy and most of the believers could not been recognise this spirit in their day to day life. Actually I feel the world is already in the grip of this spirit.

9 years ago

TRust me know exactly whe u a talk bout…da spirit deh always waan come tek set pon me….but we bun dem out as capleton woulda say….aries people always a sorry fi people and waan tek dem in….me naw do dat no more….me haffi sorry fi u from afar…..too much negative energy a walk round fi bring dat in pon me and me pitny dem….no sah….not even friend me caan bodda wid sometime

9 years ago

Iya Oya harself! lol di confusing energy which brings forth new life……..”There is the friend that will come around you and your other friends and stir problems while before all was good. There is the coworker who will tell lies and deceit just to push you out of your position and let you lose your job. “……….boy i needed this today….lol

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