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I felt the need to repost this Post, It’s Quite too often that I hear human beings condemning people who are spiritually gifted. Some will walk on the left but if they did not have a demand for their services they would have to be quiet.

As someone proud to be a Spiritualist/Traditionalist, I must say it is disheartening to be compared to those who are of evil ways or Intentions. It is worse when people realize that I am Initiated In Africa In the Ifa/Orisha Tradition as a child of Osun. When I was a part of the revival (spiritual church), and use to robe myself nicely, with my beautiful wrap on my head and go to Church, people in my neighborhood would whisper and stare, so much that an enemy told my then Land Lord that I had Obeah him so that he would never be able to make me move should he ever would want to and he believed. It took a long time for him to confess this to me, but  only because I found out that he was stealing my cable and accosted him on it. Ignorance and fear walks together and therefore are the root and stem of all evil.  It is through fear and ignorance that drags the “so-called witch to the stakes”.  God is the creator of all and everything, and if some one is talented enough to assist the other with whatever Spiritual problem, why condemn them?.

There is a scripture in the bible about a man called Job, and if I read it correctly wasn’t it GOD who “flung Job under the bus”, by asking the Devil to consider tempting him?, but cautioned Satan  “Do not take his life”. But as the Yoruba people say “the Devil is always the fall guy for wicked people deeds”. I refered to Jobs story because I wanted to also be fair in making  you the reader understand that evil also has its place in the world, set so by the same God we all serve. I spoke to someone last night while I was in the middle of writing this post.  She had no idea of what I was doing when she called, but because spirit is ever in motion, she brought up the subject of Spiritual people doing evil and making sacrifices and a lot of fear concerning anything regarding people who were involved in this craft.

She went on to tell me that she had an African friend who is from Nigeria and he is a Christian and when she told him that she had met an Osun Priestess he cautioned her to be careful of Orisha people because they are this and they are that, and that Osun gives children to barren women, but human beings had to be sacrificed for it. He told this woman all kinds of things and she believed!!!.

Lies!! lies!! lies!!! and more lies!, but I have come to realize that people have a tendency to believe lies over the truth. The truth is too quiet. It does not make the noise and excitement that lies does. It bangs and clangs while the truth softly whistles. Therefore the bulk of mans knowledge is structured around LIES!!!..because the truth cannot be heard. There are sixty six books in the Bible, thirty-nine books in the Torah (used by the Jews) and the Koran (Islamic book)  has one hundred and fourteen Suras. Doctrines which were written by man to contain our minds and enslave them, to the point of  murder by any one of these followers to any body that condemn their doctrines. Is that evil? Do you hate me and want to hurt me if I say I do not worship Jesus, Mohammed or throw away the Torah?  I have been a Spiritualist all my life and have never done harm to any one. The African who told the woman all those lies about his own people should also tell her that after he has hung the phone with her, he comes to our shrine and seek divination, or if he is a Pastor he will be brining his olive oil to be placed on Osuns shrine for Sunday morning healing tomorrow, he should tell her how many times he has bowed before a Babalawo and has had his head cleansed. He should tell her what rites and rituals have been done to the church compound before they build the church to ensure a big following and lots of money. The catholic priest should tell you the real reason why incense is burnt inside the church and why if the bible speaks against statues as idolatry do they have statues inside and outside the chuch, what is the real reason ashes is placed on the fore heads on ash Wednesday, why is Jesus image in the church isn’t that idolatry also? why does the Pope wear red shoes when he walks and the true meaning of the hat he wears!. When we do what our fore fathers did it is labeled as witchcraft.  Because of the stigma of witchcraft in Africa, Africans will not discuss this subject with an outsider, it matters not if you are black, they do not see you that way, because of slavery they say we are not authentic blacks, they will condemn their own power and throw their own people under the mythical bus. I agree that there are people who has  abused the gift that God has given to them and the knowledge that they have, but that is a choice that they have made which carries its own consequences, every man/woman and child will have to answer to his or her deeds when the time comes. But do not place me under an umbrella because I wear white everyday or black for that matter, if  I wear beads around my neck symbolising to the world that I am Orisha’s child, if mi JUMP Poco, dance Kumina (Eddie Seaga, former Prime Minister of Jamaica),  a practitioner of voodoo (Jean- Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier), Lucumi, Candomblé, Kabbalah (no one has ever accused Madonna) Palo Mayombe or whatever Spiritual practice . I can assure you that at the core of these practices is the warning not to do evil, but people will be people and as such do what ever they feel, but with the knowledge that there is a price to pay.

I end this by saying, if some one is suffering financially and I know how to assist them so that they can manage, why do you stigmatize me and call me a Obeah woman?. If I give them a spiritual bath or fix them a candle or Spiritually clean their home so that they could endure life a little better, why should this be labeled something so negative as Obeah?  Why verbally brutalize me if I have to make a blood sacrifice to save someone who is sick and dying or an innocent who is about to get the death sentence or life imprisonment? Am I not doing a good thing?. If there are malevolent forces behind a couple’s marriage and they come for divination because they suspect that something is wrong and I through the power that God has given to me help in saving the marriage and therefore sending back the evil forces into time and space, was I wrong to do it?? Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet use to go to sleep and wake up revealing the secrets of the akashic records in the halls of judgement in the spiritual realm and nobody accused of him of witchcraft, but if I make an accurate prophecy or some healing is done through my actions, I am the she devil in white….Human Beings please lets all work together and kill fear, which is our oppressor.

It does not matter what or who you worship as long as you believe in a higher power. The word religion it self divides and breeds strife and animosity between people. There is only one judge and that is the creator of us all. “God has no religion”….a quote by Mahatma Ghandi,

” Rather than tell a lie to help a friend, it is better to assist him in paying  fine for his offense”...Yoruba Proverb.

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5 months ago

I’m curious to know the reasons for the pope to wear red shoes, etc.

6 years ago

Obara my sister i hale you, this exactly what am talking about. you got everything right. you even explain more deeply about what is happen in Africa especially here in Nigeria. where the so call pastors has deceived millions of people that if can say Jesus is lord your are safe. that Jesus has die on the cross because of our sin which is a lie. the epistle of Paul even stated that we are not under the law that we are under grace which most christian miss interpreted to suit their selfish interest. so, if we under Grace we… Read more »

prayer activities for kids

I pray God gives you the guidance and wisdom to bless you in your lives too. By the early 1900s he had become a great well-known crusade leader. berbaringnya The Prophet————————————————– —Section 7Stroke – Migraine – Vertigo – Less Mighty – Diabetes – Flu – Heart – Asthma and Bronchitis – Rheumatoid arthritis, Down Syndrome, and Syndrome Mongolia – The base lump in the neck or brain tumors – Disposing of Occult~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~… Read more »

9 years ago

A true man, but we have a long way to go before that happen.

9 years ago

Obara a just life in general, the good always get a fight. and not to mention how hard our own black brothers&sisters try to tear each other down they never like to see their own kind in any state of progress, i’m curious as to why this so prevalent in our race (black)

9 years ago

DO not fear….but if you must fear….fear the known for itlimits your perception of the known…i was told this by the owner of a crystal sore in my city….and i live by it….obara people fear what they do not know….

9 years ago

It is amazing how the white colonisers of the past demonised our powers as Africans home and abroad and made us hate ourselves. They used religion and education to brainwash us. Its still painful whenever I hear this.

9 years ago

Obara, aldoa mi kina busy mi affi comment

Dont feel bad, dont pay dem nuh mine…. When u try to be good people persecute u.

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