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Yesterday, I wrote a WhatsApp status that attracted many comments and questions. But I found one question in particular very important.
 Here is a very powerful prayer for you to put in the universe with faith and conviction.
May you my God bless me this day and keep me safe from all evil, may you bless my children and family and allow me to see the goodness that you have laid out for me daily.
May you my Lord, my creator send good people into my life and remove from me the negative ones whose intention it is to see me fail.
May you give me victory over my enemies,  may your divine presence be with me as I travel along life’s way and with my children and family and also my friends.
May I be of inspiration to my fellow human beings, and may peace , prosperity, good health, freedom, faith, wisdom, happiness, be mine and all those whom I love.
May I never bury my  children, please give me the health and long life I need to care for them and comfort them when they are in need, keep me close to your divine presence, and may my Astral Mates, my Ancestors and all the Angels/Orisha in heaven continue to keep watch over me and mine.
May I never meet an untimely death nor shall my children or spouse meet untimely deaths, may nature elements be kind to me and mine, May assistance be given to the poor and needy, and just as how the fishes in the river uses their head to guide them through the water so may my head guide me to a good place  ASE! (ah-shay)
Love is better than a whip” – Yoruba Proverb


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Natalie Lawrence
Natalie Lawrence
2 years ago

Hi Ms. Obara,

Just seeing this prayer. I wrote it done in my prayer/affirmation journal and recite it as my Prosperity prayer for the burning/cleansing of the house with the products i bought from the Shop.

Great post.

Love and light


3 years ago

I’m just seeing this for the first time. I will certainly add this to my prayer list. Thank you Obara.

9 years ago

thanks you and i will read this everyday wen i can….

9 years ago

Thank you Obara for such words of power and I will carry these words always throughout my life.

9 years ago

I can attest to this prayer, i asked a Obara to send me a good prayer couple weeks ago and she sent this to me. She also advised me to stay away from negative energy. e.g, i did so, calls and text 24/7 go unanswered…Since then i’ve received so many blessings, i also met a wonderful man that some would call their dream guy, he opens doors, no expense spared, and everything in my life is falling into place. Prayer is very Powerful i’m a testament to that!

9 years ago

Thanks for this Obara. I will try to say it everyday

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