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Sharlenerose narrates poignantly,as she travels on her journey toward her destiny!!, feel her passion, see her mind, feel her spirit!

Lost In the Spirit World; O sweet has been the journey

 I am lost in the spirit world.  My soul cries out. My inner being is awake!

Sometimes I wonder how much more can I take.

My whole life is at stake

You may pay dearly for the bonds that you break.

 But I didn’t do anything I cry

What reason for it that you have to lie?

When we know the truth; you have to fly

How can you with wings that are tied

 All at once, I had it all, and it doesn’t mean anything.

When I was the one who treated you like a fling

You had the power to make my heart sing

Sometimes it is harsh when the truth does ring.

Then you were gone, and I have to survive.

There were things said that I have to realize

This may have caused most of these actions to arise.

However, you boggle my mind, the conclusion has arrived.

This journey of mine surely does get tiring. Years have gone by since this awakening…I thought I could run for a while, but how worthwhile is running? They have always been with me, they’re here now. I love the spirit, the thought of the spirit world, and all of that, but to say that I am lost is an understatement. I was brought into this world from birth and have now come to see this as a reality. Okay my story is one full of intrigue, and drama, and all of the things that sometimes beset one put on a spiritual journey. You come across numerous moments that you may have never experienced before.

 I was parring with my coolie friend, and she introduced me to her coolie uncle and he said he would help me on my spiritual journey. Oh Lord, that man had me making dhal and all types of things. Helllooo. Working with him, I learned a lot of things. Things that I needed to know. He was having me do the things that he wanted me to do that were supposed to help you awaken. I was also being led by my spirit to do what I needed to do in order to awaken. There is a reason why from birth I’m always saying, “me no like coolie enuh, me nuh like coolie.” Their spirits are very strong, and due to the fact that everyone can choose what hand you turn your spiritual life to, theirs are mostly left-handed. This is an opinion, I’m not stating a fact. This is what I’ve been led to believe by the spirits that guide me. I do not want to state a bias, it is just my experience, and I still give chances because even though I’m opinionated I try to be fair. . Needless to say, I was awakened, and promptly got myself away from this man. My dears, this man would have me to commit murder with my spiritual gift, stop time, and a host of other things that seemed impossible to a spiritual baby such as me.

There are times when some spiritual people want to exploit your gift, and these are some of the things that you have to look out for. This may not necessarily mean a reader man or woman; this may mean your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband or wife. This means that when spiritual connection takes place, and you first meet a person, when their spirit has spoken and connected with your spirit. The spirit can communicate to the person what abilities you possess, even though they may be latent and unused. What if that person is aware that maybe your purity or your grace can bring good energy towards them? They can use that as a benefit for themselves, even though that may drain you and leave your defenses down. The benefit is that, you have a spirit of protection that will fight the battles for you.

 I have often wondered why is it that; if you’re born spiritual sometimes there are psychic attacks or (“blow”) sent and some connect that actually affect your life in a negative way. What is the purpose of this world, are we to realize that negative energy finds most people and find ways of fighting that? This is what it seems like to me. There are so many things that go through my head, how can I fight a battle for someone if I have never fought that battle for myself? Then a song pops into my head, “sometimes it’s hard but try and you’’ll make it…believe you me…in order to achieve…go forth and take it…set yourself free. My eyes are on the prize, so even though there may be obstacles in my way, and at times I may fall before I rise  and I still haven’t found what I’ve been looking for. The journey continues.

Without knowing a person we must not hate him…..Yoruba Proverb.



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13 years ago

Love the poem Sharlene

13 years ago

Its good to see you embraced that spiritual side of you.

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