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You are a soul, pure, divine and immortal. You have a physical body, emotions, thoughts, ideas and a unique personality. As a soul you are more than your physical world body, personality characteristics, and manifestations. You are one unit of electromagnetism, a spark of consciousness in a massive, never ending, omnipresent, metaphysical Astral Ocean.
All persons, places, things, thoughts, feelings, ideas, interactions, creations, including you, those you know, those you don’t know, all past people, all future people, all of their emotions, passions, experiences, creations and ideas, all life forms, including trees, plants, bugs, fish, cats, dogs, all animals in the past, present and future are different vibrations of energy swimming and coexisting in the Astral Ocean. Everything within our known Universe together are one Great Oceanic (omnipresent, omnipotent, omnifarious, omniscient,) Deity better known as GOD. You, everyone, and everything else are tiny parts of the composition of GOD. We are all in it together!
Each part of the Astral GOD Spirit is a spark of electromagnetic consciousness identified by it’s own vibrational essence energy. Those with similar vibrations of essential energy exist and group together on similar planes of vibratory energy within the Astral Ocean. There are 7 astral planes with 7 levels to each. Think of it as a building with seven floors and seven rooms on each floor. The stairs that bring you up to the higher more ethereal vibratory levels are the steps of enLIGHTenment.
The enlightened being lives with all levels and planes at will, with control. The dawning spirit may feel more fixated on one or two. On your pathway to enLIGHTenment you will eventually go through each of these astral planes, from the lowest vibrational levels of dense physical creations and decaying physical matter where your shadow side rules to the higher more elusive astral levels of energy where your essential soul’s light rules. It is within your reach to gain mastery and understanding of all of these planes and levels of astral energy and to attain your enLIGHTenment.
Within the Astral Ocean your soul experiences the dependable and cyclical Spiritual Seasons; life, dying, death, and rebirth. These Seasons of the Soul are by nature similar to the seasons of the Earth; summer, fall, winter, and spring . In both there is a blossoming, a return, a rest, and a rebirth. As the wheel or cycle of seasons goes around what is dead is moving towards life and what is alive is moving towards death. Dying and rebirth are the invitational doorways between death and life. All exist and coexist within the astral GOD ocean.
As a soul you come back again and again to life as if each lifetime were a semester and the massive astral GOD ocean a university. Your entire sojourn on the planet Earth, all lifetimes, through many Spiritual Seasons, is one long connected experience. On the pathway you will discover who you are from your past lives, the present life and future lives. Together they form an Earth Grid called the Inner Family. It is your soul’s evolutionary process of total integration of many lifetimes that allows you to attain your enLIGHTenment. When enLIGHTenment is achieved in everyday actions the soul is liberated from the Astral Ocean and no longer trapped in bondage to the repetitive seasons of the soul.
Meditation is one of the tools that is available to you along your pathway. Meditation is simply quieting yourself and going within to consciously experience your own personal view points of who you are (intra-personal) who you are with others (inter-personal) and who you are as a soul (transpersonal). It is within the quietness of you inner meditational retreat into your own private universe that you will discover your own unique pathway to enLIGHTenment.
The awakening of your kundilini energy, the energy that empowers and connects you to the Earth’s core and to the Center of the Cosmic Universe, is a natural outcome of meditation and will help you develop your spiritual attributes. One attribute that will come out of your kundilini meditations is affinity; the ability to be at one with yourself, others and the whole. Affinity is gained through meditating on the dharma of being and relating through physical matter. The actual test is in the physical manifestation of oneness in your daily life. There is no cheating on this or any spiritual attribute test. They are life lessons where the truth of who you are, your “self-realization”, is the only way you can take the test.
Every lifetime you are yourself. It does not matter what body you create, you are your pure soul’s essence energy. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, who your parents are, what position or degrees you hold, what race or creed you are, or the color of your skin, you are still your own, very special soul essence energy, distinguished from all others by the truth of your own personal essence energy vibration.
Death is a part of the wheel and not a way out. EnLIGHTenment is the only way out. Until you are enlightened you will continue to return. In life and in death you take yourself and all that you are and all that you have done and learned with you. No matter where you go, you are always your soul essence energy self.
There are Cosmic Laws that govern the Astral Ocean of electromagnetic energy. It is the nature of energy to give off of itself, attract to itself or repel away from itself. It is the properties of your energy and you actions that keep you focused in any one of the Astral plane.
Your entrapment in the Spiritual Seasons and the whole Astral Ocean is enhanced and maintained by your karma. Karma is like a boomerang of your own essence energy. According to the Cosmic Laws all energetic substances have an attractive and magnetic quality . When you put your energy out in an action it collects all energies attracted or similar to the action’s energy and returns back to you. You will always be reborn into the physical universe and relive the same circumstances and situations with the same people, until you understand how your actions attract certain realities. The accumulation of your lifetime’s karma comes with you into your next life in the form of the color ray you use to enter your next body.
Living consciously and responsibly is the way to control your self, your life experiences, your karma and eventually the speed at which you reach enLIGHTenment. Only you can decide how you will act, react and interact with others. In this way, through your choice of attitude and choice of actions, reactions and interactions, you choose your karma and create your own reality.
This ultimate level of personal responsibility for your own energy is simply your ability to respond in physical matter. Personal responsibility may be alarming or frightening at first because of the karmic consequences. As the extent of your responsibility sinks in and you take control of your energy you will become empowered to choose actions and reactions that benefit yourself as well as all spiritual seekers. Only by “taking charge” of your own energy will you become the captain of your own ship, the CEO of your personal soul’s corporation, the matriarch/patriarch of you Inner Family and the god/goddess of your own universe.
You can not help anyone by giving your energy to them. Your soul essence energy is a vibratory rate germane to you and you alone. No other being on the planet…no other life form…vibrates at your energy level. In this way no one else can really use your energy. Giving it away is a wasted effort because no one else can do anything with it. Each soul can only use or truly control their own personal essence energy. You have created that special body you inhabit. It is a temple or vehicle made up of the earth’s elements for your soul to travel, manifest, and experience in physical matter.
As you live your daily life, your soul essence energy vibrates in the moods and the attitudes that you have. Consciously or unconsciously others will “read” your energy to react and interact with you. The psychic “seer” can read these attitudes, moods, and interactions by the energy patterns of color and symbolic messages you carry with you. Your pathway to enLIGHTenment will include the development of the psychic part of your nature and you will exist in the astral plane devoted to psychic awareness. Your psychic awareness will initiate your conscious memory to your dream states as well as your out-of-body states of consciousness and introduce you to your Inner Family.
As your soul develops and grows in psychic empowerment and manifests through your daily experiences, an awareness emerges of the synchronicity of life around you. When the phone rings you know who it is before you pick it up. When you think of something and the person next to you had the same thought seemingly at the same time. As daily life becomes a synchronistic experience your psychic awareness grows and your psychic abilities emerge. This is called your psychic opening. In the wheel or cycle of spiritual seasons it is your blossoming.
Your psychic abilities are personal aids on the pathway to enLIGHTenment. If you misuse any one of your psychic abilities you will stay boringly stuck like glue in the lower astral levels and not be able to develop one of the many 30 other psychic abilities. An example of being stuck would be if you used your power over others rather than to empower yourself. The abilities of clairvoyance, the “seeing” of energy, clairaudience, the “hearing” of energy or clairsentience, the “feeling” of energy are used to see, hear and feel the truth, not only not only around you but also within you.
Along your spiritual pathway you will meet up with your teachers. Each teacher will show you parts of yourself. There is a surrender or a “death of the ego” that assists your learning process. By surrendering to a teacher you ultimately are surrendering to the GOD force.
Your teachers can be anyone who has, does or will exist in human form. Anyone who is now or was or will be in the Astral Ocean. If presently in a body they are called “incarnate beings” . If they are out of body they are called “dis-carnate beings”.
A teacher is not controlling, programming, or evil. Evil is live backwards and does not work if enLIGHTenment is your goal. A true teacher will live what they teach. You may even be called upon as a teacher for someone else. A teacher does not choose their students…the student chooses their teacher.
When you can relate to others and the whole in a respectful, peaceful, and conscious manor you will attain your enLIGHTenment. Beyond enLIGHTenment there are other Universes to conquer and larger parts of your constantly interfacing GODself to realize.
When the wings of your spirit join the heart of your body your pathway to enLIGHTenment has started.

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1 year ago

This is really deep

10 years ago

Twice already mi read dis…a learn likkle more each read. Is weh sharlenerose? & others?

Obara meji
Obara meji
10 years ago
Reply to  13bubblez

I stopped blogging for about a year now it is because I receive emails every day fr hundreds of people pleasing withe to start back blogging I have decided maniac commented today but I hope sharlene will realize that we are up and running again and come back I really miss her and the others

11 years ago

the last sentence is so beautiful

12 years ago

Great read!
Very nteresting peice.

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