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Orishas are deities that reflect the manifestations of Olodumare (God). They are emissaries of God, forces of nature. Each individual manifest an attribute of these forces within their consciousness, therefore displaying knowingly or unknowingly through their character, or even how they look which Orisha is their Guardian. In other words we are all children of Orishas. Ethnicity plays no importance here at all!. We in the west are used to hearing about Angels and we have no problem with that, in fact it fills us with joy, warmth and happiness to call upon Gods angels to come and assist us in whatever. It is the same with Orisha only more personal, and that the language used is different in connection with the deity upon our Ori which is our head, our inner consciousness. It is through our head (ori) that we manifest the Orishas, and we can communicate with them through divination, offerings and prayers. Orishas were sent to earth by Olodumare (God) to assist man and to align things so that we can put them in the right perspective (order), this is the way I have percieved it from my point of view. They were here from the time of creation, and may be called by many names depending on time and place, they are intermediaries of God, much like Jesus is to the christians and Mohammed is to muslims.

Whenever there is a problem a Babalawo (priest of Orunmila) is consulted for the proper solution. Orunmila who is also referred to as Ifa (which is the divination system used by Bablawo’s and owned by Orunmila), knows everything. The story is that when man is being prepared to be sent to earth they chose their own destiny in the sight of God (Olodumare) and it is witnessed by Orunmila, so he knows what the destiny of every living human being is, what problems they will face while on their journey on earth and what is the solution to those problems, hence the importance of divination, where Orunmila can be accessed through his Ifa system of divination. Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet, spoke about the akashic records, which is the record of all knowledge, where mans whole fate is written out. Edgar became famous for being able to sleep off, going into a trance and reading mans destiny and coming back into his body and relaying the messages. The Africans have been doing this from the beginning of time, through Orunmila, using ikin (palm nuts), on the opon ifa tray, or opele which is a divining chain, both of these are only used by Babalawos. The obi kola nut is also used to divine ifa, this can be used by both men and women. I use them every day. It is known in Jamaica as BISI. It is said that this nut is only grown in countries where people respect their elders. The obi kola nut that is used for divination splits into four pieces, two of the pieces represents the feminine principle and two represents masculine principle, this is important because it represents balance. Odu’s are brought down through these oracle, and when it is interpreted by a competent priest or priestess, it is precise!!!.


Esu (Eshu) is the Orisha closest to God, He is owner of the earth and of the cross roads that represents the cross roads of life and the connection to God. Nothing can be done without his permission, by order of God!. His role is that of a police man. He creates chaos in order to bring forth balance. He must be propitiated first on all occasions. He is very much misunderstood and he loves it that way.

Obatala is known as father of creation, he was given the task by God to mold man from clay, he is known as the kindly father, he represents peace and is the owner of all our heads, he is old and very wise, his color is white. He is a very helpful Orisha and is highly respected by all. He is the true owner of wealth, it is said in Nigeria, by all who are learnt in ways of Orisha, If you understand Obatala, prosperity will forever be yours. I salute you Baba!, Orish’nla!!

Ogun is the diety who represents Iron, in nature iron is found as a natural element, Ogun is a great warrior and clears the way for human  being in life with his machete, so that we are able scale over obstacles that may come before us. His color is green. He is in constant company with Esu. He is the Orisha that rules over technology. Ogun Yeyyyyyy!!!

Ochosi The hunter, this Orisha lives in the forest and is constant companion to Ogun aand Eshu. He is for justice and assist with prosperity.

Osun is owner of the sweet waters, the river, streams, brooks and lakes. She is the Orisha who represents fertility and love, and also wealth, everyone loves Osun after all who can survive without water?. She loves honey, sweet-smelling perfumes, powder and jewelry. True Wife of Orunmila, who taught her the use of cowrie shells. She is beautiful and sensuous, passionate and strong. Her children are amongst the greatest diviners. She is liquid honey and nobody tastes honey and frown. Osun is the water we drink, she is the water that bathes us and keeps us cool, and heals us. Osun is responsible for putting families together, she gives babies to parents and she also nurtures them. She is the most popular Orisha and is loved by all. The world could not exist without Osun. Osun’s children in Africa wears white and are always beautifully attired in sequence and lace, she is Orisha with the comb, and her children are very artistic and inventive. Outside of Africa her color is yellow. She brings good things. She is mysterious and sharp, loving and gentle, slightly hard to figure out. She is protective and strong and will never allow her children to be shamed, or disgraced. I am a child of the great mother Osun, true owner of Obara Meji which she shares with Sango!!  Oore Ye Ye Osun O!!!!  (hail to the mother Osun!)

Yemoja/Olokun represents the ocean, the top of the ocean is Yemoja which is a feminine energy and the bottom represents Olokun which is a masculine energy. In Africa however Yemoja is a river diety.  Yemoja is sister to Osun and loves all her children and protects them fiercely. Yemoja is protector of children and pregnant women she is very compassionate but when she is crossed her rage is uncontrollable. She is big mommy!. (when I was pregnant with my last child and going through hell with the wicked baby father, I dreamt Yemoja coming out of the ocean and saying to me “pray and call upon  me seven times and I will help you, and she surely did).

Olokun has all the wealth of the world in the bottom of the ocean with him, Tsunamis are attributed to Olokun being angry with us, and also bringing changes to the world. Olokun can be found as the deity of the Edo people of Benin, Nigeria. No one knows the true gender of Olokun, he is a mystery. Their colors are blue and white.

Sango represents lightning and thunder. He is the Only Orisha who was once a mortal man and was made Orisha by God after his death which was by suicide. He was king of Oyo state Nigeria. He was loved by all, but was a known womanizer, having his wife and several concubines, he is one of the most popular Orishas besides Osun. I personally have a crush on Sango for lots of reasons. He is very masculine and an unbeatable warrior. His color is red.

Oya, Orisha of the winds. She represents tornadoes, and she owns the gates of the cemetary. Oya is a fierce warrior and she walks before her husband Sango, that is why the wind is heard before lightning and thunder. She brings about swift changes, some good and some that will make you take a deeper look into your life and adjust it to allow you to grow. Her color is maroon. Oya like Osun and Yemoja wears a mask and is very mysterious. At initiation she sometimes will grab the head of any of these two Orishas children., especially that of Yemojas.

Aganju-Orisha of the Volcano, he is said to be Sango’s father

Dada or Baayani- Sango’s brother, who abdicated the throne in favor of his brother Sango, when Sango is to be served, Dada has to be served first or else Sango will not accept the offering out of respect for Dada.

These are only a few of some of the Orishas, I believe they total 240, if I am wrong I stand corrected and just a small explanation of their attributes. I will be slowly introducing you to them as they are very much a part of ALL our lives, not only those in Africa. We have just forgotten them, but THEY have not forgotten us.

Old age does not come in just one day…..Yoruba Proverb


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Esu is also known as Eleggua right?


This is a good article. I had to come back to it.

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Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

Greetings Obara Meji!

I am just starting to learn about orishas and Ifa and I happen to come across your website, which I find very informative. Thanks!!! 🙂

I was wondering if River Mumma in Jamaica is somehow related to a representation of Oshun or even Yemoja. Just curious.

I also have some general questions. Can I email you directly?

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Yeye Osun, my beloved mother…


Get better Ms. Obara.


feel better sweetie…




Hi Teach, how can I be sure whose child I am. I think I am a cross between Osun and Olokun/Yemoja. I have always believed that I am connected to the spirit of music (if such a spirit exist).


I am so fascinated with the Orishas and am learning so much. Thanks for this.


Amazing issues here. I am very happy to see your article.
Thank you a lot and I’m having a look forward to touch
you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?


I pay a visit daily a few blogs and blogs to read posts,
except this webpage presents quality based articles.


It is actually a great and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you just shared this helpful info with
us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.


Morning all
I am waiting to read that post Obara…..pls hurry


how do I honor my ancentors in my family tree? I heard I should just call their name each morning and pray so I have been doing that. Since getting my reading I have dreamt my grandmother telling me she will never leave me while holdingme close to her chest. I want to honor her everyday what is the best way?

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