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Every day I thank God that I have accepted and embraced my spirituality!. It makes me understand life a whole lot better. It also makes me be able to tolerate some people who are of certain degenerate character. In my life I have met a lot, and what makes it so bad is that some of them are family members. I have written on this blog site about poisonous family members and also about tormentors, and this most of us have to contend with daily. It is so sad that these evil personalities have to mix with GOOD people but this is the way that God has set it, and so unfortunately we just have to deal. Friends will betray (some), or some will secretly gloat when misfortune has taken you, some will plot to rob and kill you and some will always and forever have your back. Who the hell knows what characters we will have to fortune or mis-fortune to encounter, the thing that is important is how we deal with it.

It is important to ask, yourself the question of everyone that IS apart of your life, why are they here?, what is the purpose of this friendship, why were these people chosen as your parents, what are the benefits of having these people as your siblings, or why is he/she my lover, husband/ wife?, what have I to learn from each and every one of them?. Of course these questions that you are asking are through meditation and prayers, because through these mediums (dreams/visions and also reality) you will see that they reveal themselves. Some revelation might not be pleasant, and some will be an eye opener, but you must be able to deal with the answers when they come., and come they will, I can assure you!.

I have a sister  who suffers from severe SCHADENFRUEDE. You all should know the word and it’s meaning, I have written a post dedicated to it all by it’s lonesome, if not click the word in this post and it will link you to the meaning. Schadenfreude, is something that WE have all experienced at one point in our lives, it is not easy to admit it, because it is basically gloating or feeling glee over someone elses misfortune. I have had my own moments, and it felt good at the time. My sister’s own however, borderlines (borderlines?? I’m being very kind) EVIL, she gets aroused, (because it must be that), at people’s pain and downfall!!. Ok, Ok, I’m not sure if it is EVERYBODY, but there has certainly been a few people who I have personally witnessed her happy over their pain. I am one of them that she rejoices over, if ever I am hurt,  She is the destroyer of happiness and you DARE not confide in her AT ALL!!!, OR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS WILL BE ON THE LOCAL NEWS!!..  Several years ago I broke up with someone and he went to her crying and complaining, that I had left him, and the girl smiled in his face, laughed at his hurt, then she went on to say things to him that would have destroyed a lesser persons self-esteem.

Everything is a problem to her, and for some reason she imparts her personality on all her boyfriends. These guys will come into the relationship with her normal, and very soon they start acting like as*hole*, she holds the whip and uses it often, on them. Her behaviour is horrible and unfortunately these are the type people who  likes to ask favors of others, when their character deserves nothing from anyone. They are like vampires that suck from people to feed their own selfish needs. Their need to stay wrapped up into their evil nest of bad thoughts, treachery, wickedness.

You all must understand however, that her type of personality IS needed in this world. Her malevolent character is needed as a balance to  human beings. She is the she devil that has to do her wicked deeds so that the earth evolves. How so?, well there is no night without day, no sun without the moon, no negative without the positive, no man without the woman, malevolent forces are needed as much as the benevolent forces, Ogebe (light) Oyeku (darkness)…..all these are balance and there would be no human existence without it.


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9 years ago

badmind dem badmind……..

9 years ago

Gnite all
Qrius mi agree wid yuh an more time yuh try ignore dem enuh…..but NOOOOOO ah dat deh time dem come hawda, but mi tell dem sey ‘if ah devil sen yuh come tell him yuh buck up pon Goddddd’ Awoah

Get thee behine me!!!!

Sweetreat Love
9 years ago

i know how to black out people but to hear shit frm our own family member thats hurt i dnt know how to tune that out………..

9 years ago

The only power wicked people have is the power we give them. When dem a gwaaan wid them wicked ways, do your best to go around them and ignore them with a smile. Wicked people want to be seen and feel as if they have some type of effect on good peoples life, so when you ignore them and go on with life without reacting to their wicked ways…it kills a part of them,……….the trick is them killing dem own self. nuh sorry fi dem, juss understand that a part a life dat. like bounty seh. people DEAD at the… Read more »

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