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This is another re-post that I felt it necessary to bring back. My son recently got a little job at a popular fast food joint, the  manager woman has been tormenting the kid with this $7.50 cent per hour job, first she called him in to come for his first day of work, he went in, then she told him that she did not tell him to come in. Then she called him again another day, happy, he went. When he got there she told him she didn’t need him, dismissively. Two weeks passed, she called him in today and told him to bring a void check again as she had lost the first one he gave her, (without this he will not be able to get paid, as it was to be direct deposit), he happily went in nicely dressed, he gave her the voided check, again she screamed at him in front of everybody and said why did you not bring it yesterday, he told her that she was the one who told him to bring it in today, (she said nothing),then she told him to go home and shave off his almost non-existent goatee. He called me very upset I told him “come home son, yuh nah suffa”,. He took off the uniform and came home. I will help him to find a new job, but nobody is going to mis-treat none of  my kids…not on my watch!!………In continuation with the theme of  THE WICKED WAYS OF PEOPLE!, I found it important to post this tormentors thread AGAIN!!!…for the love of God they are every where!!… Tormentors comes in all shapes, size and form and they are usually some yellow-bellied ass holes with a complex, never the less they have their reasons why they are here, God in his wisdom has created these living demons to live among us for a reason, they could even be as close as your parents. Read and learn. We have all encountered here on earth those who have come in the form of tormentors like the Land lord, the boss, the co-worker, the neighbor ,the bill collector, our family members, our husbands or wives or even our children, to name a few.  What most of us do not realize is that these that we see as our enemies or tormentors are playing out their role that they came here  on earth to do.  Our mistake is to allow their actions toward us to hold us back in life. Because while we are lamenting about their character they are elevating in the spiritual realm, Huh? you ask well let me tell you.  You read correctly, every human being has his own destiny and never has two persons come from the womb the same time. Even twins, one comes before the other. Our destinies are all different and as such we all will operate differently from one another. Ironically though what we know as bad behaviour in a person does not mean that the person is not operating in compliance with his or her reason for being here.  There are many who, when left by themselves wonder why do they act the way they do, and sometimes even vow to change but find it a struggle to. Holding some one who has done you wrong,  with malice in your heart will only hold you back from your spiritual growth, which might not seem important to you now because all you have ever heard about is heaven and hell, but it is important to your evolution in the spiritual realm that of which you will learn of  here, on this blog site. While I do not believe in the Devil I must say I have met a couple of people who the description fits very well, but the Devil is always the fall guy for questionable things.  Growing up as a child in Jamaica I remember a woman who lived in the same tenement that we lived, we called her Miss Will, she will be the star of many of my topics.  She was quite a character, but I must acknowledge that her personality has assisted me in using her as example of wickedness. I know now that, that was her reason for being .  I remember her and my mother always cussing and fighting, well my mother fighting and Miss Will running. This woman was tormented or perhaps crazy, because we had one side of the house which was a two bedroom apartment and she shared the other side of the house with some roomers. We had our own kitchen and bathroom while they all shared on the other side. On numerous occasions we would catch Miss Will running from our kitchen with meat that she had stolen from my mothers pot or watch from our window as she picked up dirt and looked around to see if any one was looking and throw it on the white clothes we had on a piece of zinc soaking up the sun. I could spend hours telling you about Miss Will and her mischievous ways but let me move on to others. I have a sister who is my mother’s child, while growing up I adored and looked up to her because she was older than me and to tell the truth she was not half bad, or so I thought at the time!!!. Our relationship changed years after when life took a good turn for me and I had a business and money befriended me for a while. When ever she would come around me she would make comments about my shop closing down or what if I should ever lose my home, she even started telling our mother lies that I spoke badly about her, which ruined my parents and I relationship. Needless to say these were lies. Her onslaught of me continued,and has even affected the way her children treated me because there is no relationship between any of us. These two are just a few examples of some of my tormentors. My child’s father was one, not to mention his mother, she was an example of the mother in law from hell, what she did not expect though was my strength and because of that I was able to have victory over them  These type of people that we all encounter while on our journey to this earth plane have their reason for being, and believe it or not it is often times good that we meet them because they send us into prayer more often, seeking out an answer from God to remove them as obstacle, or to evoke in us emotions that would motivate us on to bigger or better things if for nothing else but to prove them wrong or show them what you can achieve. The land lord as tormentor will motivate you to try harder to get your own home, the mother or father who torments will only let you try harder to supersede their expectations of you, the child will make you work harder at disciplining and so on. I urge you all to look ahead and allow no one what so ever with their negativity to hold you back. At the end of life’s journey and you have passed the halls of judgement and are ready to be placed in your new home in the astral realms, let it not be that because of earthly tormentors that you allowed to distract you, you have ended up where you started only to begin the same journey again. Ase!!!! O!!!……Obara Meji!

Our elders quote the cock as saying that “it would not be good if one becomes the only person in the world, and that is why they crow every morning to show their number……..Yoruba proverb

  “The Wind Always Exhaust The Patience Of Trees”.   Yoruba Proverb

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Sweetreat Love
12 years ago

that is so true………

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