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Standing on a mountain tip having spiritual awakening

What Saved Me That Day? Strange Happenings While Becoming Awake

I have always been attuned to my spirituality, even without knowing that I was. While growing up in Jamaica, (a very spiritual place I might add), I knew that I was no ordinary human being. I felt things that people did not feel and even as a child I did not feel like a child. I knew that I did not walk alone and I was always very afraid of what ever I thought was around me. In Jamaica, the flooring in my bed room, under my bed had some board missing, probably two or three from the parquet floor, and directly beneath the house was a cellar, cats would enter my bedroom at nights from the missing floor boards and I would wake up at nights to see stray cats sitting on my bed staring at me with their brilliant eyes reflecting the moonlight, I would scream and in would run my parents.

This happened so much that my parents would pay no more attention to me at nights when they heard me screaming. They told me that instead of waking them up I should shew away the cats and they would run, But these cats never did, and as a child I would cry, because I was afraid of these cats!! To this day I do not like cats because of that. I would later find out during my spiritual journey why these cats came about.. I will tell you guys some of the reason on another post.

Once when I was very young, I was on the veranda of my house playing by myself as usual, I could hear my mother and her friends talking in the kitchen from the side of the house around the back. I, foolishly tried to balance on the veranda’s ledge, unfortunately I could not come back onto to the veranda and I knew that if I let go, I would fall to the ground neck first and who knows what would have happened. I called my mother and father, while holding on to the ledge, what seemed like hours passed before my father came to rescue me. My parents later told me that because I called them so much for the simplest of things, they had heard me but they decided to ignore me, believing that I was crying WOLF!

What was interesting though was while I was hanging on for dear life There was a woman sitting on the ledge with me holding onto my dress and humming a lullaby to me, I saw her out of my peripheral view. She communicated to me, telling me not to move and that I would be alright. I never saw her face just her side view, but I remember her up to this day. I never told anyone about the woman and how she helped me that day, because I thought that no one would believe me.

I realized years later that she was one of my guides, and she is still with me. Waking up to your spirituality does not mean that you are a psychic, or obeah worker. It means that you have become or are becoming AWARE! Aware of what? Aware that there is more, way more to life than we know it , more to our existence, more to death, as a matter of fact, Aware that there IS no death. Aware that your mind is a universe all on its own and through the mind we can achieve great things. Through the mind we can stave off sickness, death, war, and also through the mind we can create them all. Waking up to your spirituality, allows you to SEE the real world; you come out of the “Matrix” and understand your real path. Many times this happens as a knowing you just can’t explain, a “daydream” or imagination or dream with profound revelations.

Waking up will remove doubt and fear, unlock your mind, teach you how to trust the inner you which is your most powerful deity. You will learn how to see people for who and what they are, free of judgment, your soul consciousness. You will be freed from political religions that prevent you from seeing the world around you and that you are the author of your world, because no written doctrine is as powerful or knowledgeable as your own inner being and what it knows. We all have a source and if we allow ourselves to tap into that source, we will find the Light we seek.

As a child I saw this Light, but I could not recognize what it was. I did not understand it, and so I was afraid. Fear became an oppressor, a malevolent force that cheers when the human conquers it. It is an obstacle that must be avoided, and it is one of the most difficult obstacles, but conquering it offers magnificent rewards for your spiritual journey.

When I was waking up, I realized that all that I had come to believe about life and spirituality were false. I was fed things that society wanted me to believe, and fall IN with the OTHERS, through the indoctrination of religion, dogmas and doctrines. It was terrifying to unlearn all you’ve ever known all your life to be true. Terrifying to experience things no one else was, and having no one to explain what is happening to you, or what you’re seeing, or experiencing.

But it is a process, and the road becomes smoother with a mentor for guidance. Whether that mentor is a person, this blog, or non-physical. You will always have non-physical mentors during the process of waking up, as you must unlearn and re-learn, and this happens in many stages.

I had gone through a strange and very harsh awakening process. I had to detach from Christianity, unlearn all I thought I was sure of about the world…

Alone, I fought. I cried. I worried.

And then I woke up and began living for the first time… fearless.

This is a crucial time folks! The world has been going through a hard shift. There will be millions and millions of spiritual awakenings sweeping the Earth. These awakenings will (and has already begun to) change everything about life as we know it. You, who are currently reading this blog, are already experiencing this New Earth. It is an honor to be apart of this new consciousness. Continue on your search for Truths, for your search is not mere curiosity, there is Light you are being guided towards for a Great Purpose. Never stop being curious, and hang in there on your journey!

God speed travelers,

Obara Meji

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11 months ago

Jah-Jah, missed out on so much postings…. now mi affi guh play ketchup… I do not think my email notification is working…

6 years ago

Jesus said, “Let him who seeks continue
seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will
become troubled. When he becomes
troubled, he will be astonished, and he will
rule over the All.”

6 years ago

Stunning stoory there. What happened after?

8 years ago

I’ve often wondered how some would feel if they woke up one day and realized that everything they’ve ever believed in was a lie and that they’ve been living a lie.

9 years ago

Alrite den….mi ah wait

9 years ago

Madam Obara mi wudda like noe whey di puss dem mean……MI NUH LIKE DEM NEIDA….Ongle seerten time inna mi life mi like dem

An NOOOO mi nuh switch….juss extremely bizzi

9 years ago

Obara u always a leave we inna suspense, cho:) very compelling Post… I like

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There was a time when I was younger that I allowed my imagination to shield me from the harsh realities of life, or to breathe happiness within my mind. It was an escape when I did not want to pay attention in class, or while I did my chores, even to conjure friends I didn't have. My imagination was wild and vivid, (this makes for a very creative person) so I traveled the world in my mind, experienced many things in my mind, was anyone I wanted to be in my mind, and it was comforting.
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