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Good day to all of you who will pass through today. I have a busy day coming up today and so my post will not be long, or rather it will be shorter than usual. I always go back when writing some post to when I was a small girl. I guess as children growing and being curious about things around us we have passing thoughts, nothing really taking root much, as something always come about to distract us.

As a child I often wondered about God our creator. I thought he was a tall Santa Claus looking white man with a temper (the biblical depiction of him). I loved him, I love him, I was taught that he was our creator and I loved him, I still do. In my child’s mind I tried to juxtapose him (God) creating us with my parents doing what they did for me to come (the thought made me go ewwww in my mind but most of us do not want to imagine our parents in action(sex) again I am thinking ewwwww!) into the world.

As I grew as a christian I became almost obsessed with God. I loved him so much and thought that I needed to worship and praise him as we were taught to do in Christianity. I prayed and prayed daily, so much that when I prayed for people, all who were around would ‘catch spirit” be filled with the “holy ghost”.I find this “holy ghost” saying so funny, lol. Praying became an art form for me, I was a prayer warrior (chuckling to myself as I write, I cannot help it, lol)  my prayers was like a semi musical on Broadway,using some of the lines from the hymn books Jamaicans called Sanky , otherwise known as the sacred Songs and Solos, to start me on my journey. This is how I prayed back then (Don’t laugh at me, lol).

I come bowed in the name of God the father

I come bowed in the name of God the son

I come bow in the name of God the holy spirit……..(by now I am almost singing the prayer)

Three spirits but one God

Father I stretch my hands to thee… (thee here would be stretched out for a while almost like me singing opera…please do not laugh)

No other help I have known……(again the word know is drawn out, I am almost singing remember)

If thou should draw thy self from me…..(still singing)

Father where shall I go

Jerusalem my happy home (song from the sanky)

When shall I come to thee

when shall my sorrows have an end

Thy joys when shall I see

Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat,
Where Jesus answers prayer;
There humbly fall before his feet,
For none can perish there.

Before Jehovah’s awful throne,
all nations, bow with sacred joy;
know that the Lord is God alone,
he can create, and he destroy

I could go on, but this was my very long build up to my very own words of prayer to our divine Lord. When I became an initiate into spirituality (being initiated by my non-physicals) and I began my work, I was still practicing Christianity although I did not belong to a church nor even attending any,. I would pray for all the clients who would reach out to me through the phone or if they came to see me in person. While praying, I would begin to see their lives play out before me (my eyes closed  those days) like watching a video, it was so clear. The more I prayed, the more I saw and the deeper the revelation went. It scared the people I divined for and me also in the beginning.

I marveled back then of the possibility of all this, and then it went up a notch when I would become possessed by spirits and began to tell the people even more about their lives from birth to the current time. I realized that I was also a medium, this was the most frightening part, because when I became possessed in the early days, I had no control of who would pass through me, and the spirits knew that as they would line up to possess me (remember the scene from Ghost with Whoopi Goldberg as the medium?), so the not so nice ones took advantage of my naivety and youth in spirituality and would jump in and out of me (mi know it sound ah way, but no suh, lol) and would make me very tired or extremely hungry, they took all my energy. This happened for a while, until I grew more and was able to control them better.

As I got deeper into my spirituality, I became more aware of God, and the energy it was. Little by little the image of the Santa Claus looking white man I had in my mind went and a better and clearer understanding of the source which is God opened itself to me.

I began to realize that contrary to what is taught in Christianity we are all fragments of God our creator, and if this is so then we are all Gods within our selves. Making it possible to do great things, if the will and belief is there. There are people with limited understanding who will call down fire and brimstone on me for even suggesting this,but I laugh at them, really laugh and then I am puzzled by how many people are still asleep.

The source (God) is a mysterious being, there are so many speculation about it. We think of It as Human because our limited minds can only go so far. We put intermediaries in between to represent it, but in all honesty no one has, not even angels have ever seen or been in the presence of this magnificent creator, no one knows the source. Christians, hold on to your seats and start clutching your pearls, not even the benevolent Christ has ever seen God.

There are some who do not believe that the creator exist and I say I do understand them and where they are coming from. Back in the day, If I heard someone say they do not believe in God, I would quickly give them a bible beat down wearing my ugly church hat and holding on to it with one hand while the beating was taking place.

Having grown in my spirituality and my understanding, I do realize where some people have a problem in accepting the existence of God, and I say to them if you want to know of its existence, look around you, and then look at yourself, where did we all come from, who or what created all things? The earth, the heavens (time and space, the realms) and all the dimensions, just where did all of this come from?

Our contact with God is not limited to prayer or even divination,the Church, Synagogue, or the Mosque. Our contact to the divine is right inside of us, We are already connected, more than we even know or possible aware of. If we ought to believe in Jesus Christ as how the bible describes him and his work, then HE, knew of the God within and used it to its full potential. All that the bible says he did, and all that he preached (according to the Christian bible, truth or fiction, or even metaphors encoded) was that of a person who was very awake and in tune with his consciousness, his God consciousness. He rose Lazarus from the dead,is it possible? Yes it is. How was it done?  The bible said he went to the tomb where Lazarus was buried, almost stinking and he “groaned”.  As a christian, I read this all the time, as a spiritualist and an initiate I understood it.

We are not only children of God as taught to us, we are Gods ourselves. Connected to a higher source, there are steps to this source and they are not unreachable. The steps are like ladders in the realm of spirits and what this means is that we human beings are motivated by spirit, which is the off spring of the soul, which is connected to the source, plugged in directly. All charged up and fused with us through this direct link. We have no idea of our power, and this is a good thing, because if some of us could have access to all our possibilities then we may ruin the world and each other.

I have more to say, I am not finished writing, but time is against me and I have so much to do. I will continue next week on this subject.




Èyàn tó ńbínú orí, irú wọn kìí rí fìlà de. /
Those who are deriding the head seldom find the right size of cap to fit it…….Yoruba Proverb

[People find it inconvenient to deal with what they deride]


Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji





Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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Hello everyone, Obara thanks for the teaching. Much love and blessings to you


hey peeps

to work sneaking a little wifi.great post cant wait for part 2


Thank you Nunu; Obara I am well and have been very busy with work; but I do read your posts everyday. Stay forever blessed.


Good evening Obara


Ok, no prob


If we understood how vibration, energy and frequency really worked we’d understand that we really are co-creators as well


Good -day Lady Obara and all my family in the Spirit. Obara, I am just loving your topics these days, i have so many questions and I really pray everyday to be guided to the persons that are “called” to help me understand and I am blessed to come across one like yourself. keep inspiring us to pursue our higher selves.


That’s true Lady Nile. The subconscious post is very interesting to me


Good afternoon folks! This is great, I think this is the struggle most people who believe in a God have. It’s difficult to envision God without a form or anything other than a ” man”



Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

Greetings Obara! Good day to you! Thank you for posting this. I have come to think these very same things over the years. Thank you for confirming it.

“If I heard someone say they do not believe in God, I would quickly give them a bible beat down wearing my ugly church hat and holding on to it with one hand while the beating was taking place.” Really, Obara!!! LMAO!!! You were one of ladies who you used to take all day to say a prayer in church when I was child, while my belly was grumbling and I’m wishing we could hurry up and go home so I could eat. LOL!!!

Even the bible has a verse somewhere in the old testament (I can’t remember where again) that says “ye are gods.” I believe when Jesus said he is the Son of God people took it out of context and misinterpreted it to mean that he was God. I think he knew that we ALL are sons (and daughters) of God as God is in each and every living thing. This is also what he meant when he said you can find the kingdom of God within you (not some far away land in the sky, but right here with the God that is in you). The more you honor and acknowledge, and learn to see and listen to the God in you and in everything/everyone, the more you will understand spirituality and know that we are all connected with everything and we are never alone. A soh me tink anyway.

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