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There’s a Yoruba proverb that says  “When the normal becomes abnormalevil is at work

Whenever in life you notice that every thing that used to be bright and sunny, has now turned to gloom;  your husband wants a divorce, the children are acting up, maybe they are using drugs or staying out late, if they are babies they are crying more often and you are loosing your patience with them or you lose your job, your own dog bit you, the house burns down, suddenly you a health nut falls sick or any thing that is out of the norm starts happening something evil is at work. It is not always witchcraft, in some cases it is a bad energy that has crossed your path, and some times in the weirdest ways.  Maybe you went to the thrift shop and got a bed, brought it home for you and your hubby to sleep on, then a few weeks after he ups and leave, with no explanation, leaving you bewildered and distraught.  That bed that you bought came from a broken home where the couple or the family use to fight until some kind of tragedy struck or they spilt up terribly. What ever the case the vibrations/energy  from the previous owners is on that bed!!.   You have purchased their destruction and have brought it into your life, unknowingly I’m sure but never the less.   Other times it is plain old Obeah/Witchcraft/Voodoo. read on!!

Let me tell you the story of my cousin Sharon and her baby father Donovan.


Sharon had met Donovan when she was twenty years old while visiting one of her hairdresser friend Michelles house. Donovan at that time was an upcoming Drug Leader up in Brooklyn, NY. Donovan pursued Sharon hard even though Sharon was not interested. Sharon’s friends, however, convinced Sharon to be with Donovan. Against her better judgment, she decided to be with Donovan and later ended up pregnant. Three months into her pregnancy, Donovan went to Prison and did a year with two-year probation. When he came home, he set Sharon up with a home and a business as a Hairdresser, everyting did a gwan good. Now, on a busy Saturday the Shops phone, which was always ringing was ringing extra hard that day, Sharon, ignorant, answered the phone and before she could say anything she heard a womans voice bawl out an seh “Gina! Tell yuh daddy fi come home Gina!” so Sharon ask “who dis?” and the voice repeat “Tell yuh fadda fi come home Gina, him wife an pickni a wait pon him”. Then the phone hangs up. After the call, Sharon continued to do hair but she was cross all day… Sup’m nuh right. Afterwards, she goes home and it’s still on her mind. She just busts out and tell Donovan somebody has been playing on her shops phone and saying “Gina tell yuh fadda fi come home”. Donovan brushed it off as if it were nothing and continued counting his drug money.

Every other day the shops phone kept ringing with the woman saying the same thing.  By the third day, Sharon became ignorant and trace the woman on the phone and said “Bitch stop call mi phone, nuh Gina nuh have nuh fadda ova yah, nuh man nah run nuh hairdressa shop, guh look fi yuh pickni puppa” the voice on the phone answered an seh “DONOVANNNNNN!!! Ah mi pikni puppa, ah fi mi man an ah Gina puppa, Gina needs ar fadda now, tell him fi come home, Bitch mi tie him an yuh NAH get him back, mi know mumma, puppa, sista bredda, bitch mi inna di family serious”. By this time, everyone in the shop had heard Sharon cussing and were asking what was wrong, instead of answering them Sharon left the shop and went home intending fi guh kick dung Donovan. When she went in, Donovan was sitting cutting up his “products” for next weeks sales, Sharon stormed in and immediately went into the kitchen and got her ice pick and stacked all her plates and glasses on the table, went in front of Donovan an seh “P***y hole a who name Gina?” Donovan stan up an seh “Yo low mi nuh man? A weh yuh a ask mi foolishness? Yuh nuh si man a do dem business” Sharon, already cross and miserable, stabbed after Donovan. He got frighten an seh “a wah dis?” then she went into the kitchen and started to sail the plates and glasses after him, HIM RUN TRU DI DOOR LIKE ten Ba%%$MAN. Sharon was so mad that she stabbed the bed and the pillows, feathers everywhere, until she eventually calmed down and called Donovan mother who told her everything. She admitted about the baby Gina, the baby mother whose name was Angela, the baby was 3 months old, Angela already met the family when she had brought the baby to introduce to them. The mother then went on to tell Sharon that she had to accept it.


Sharon despite her better judgment continued the relationship with Donovan. This made Angela even more ignorant. Now this is where the Proverb comes in, Donovan started to sleep in the living room on the floor and would not come into the bed, and at nights Sharon would experience things choking her in her sleep, almost to the point of suffocation, by this time Sharon was pregnant again. One night when she had convinced Donovan to come into bed to sleep, about 2 a.m. Donovan had got up to go to the bathroom, Sharon watched him walk through the bedroom door, and then turn around and put his hands on his head and in a voice that was not his, he eerily shouted “SHARON!, SHARON!, COME HERE, COME HERE”  In a strange scary voice she had never heard before.   Sharon jumped up and screamed  “DONOVAN  WAH’APPEN TO YUH?” because he seemed possessed and all that was running through her mind was that he had a loaded gun in the drawer so she picked up her baby and ran through the door, down the street bare foot, all the while wondering what was happening to him in the house. A friend of his that was coming home late from work, the friend stopped and asked her what was happening, she was crying so he took the baby from her and took her back to the house, there they found Donovan cold and shivering, and all the lights in the house had blown. Trembling with her heart beating fast she seh “Donovan yuh awright?”, Donovan in the same strange voice, said “Sharon, Duuuppy inna di house, we affi left di house” and they drove to New Jersey that night to his mother’s house. The very next day, after Sharon told her mother what was happening, her mother convinced them to go to a Haitian Priest. They went and the Priest told them “The baby mother tied Donovan to her, and the Spirit she sent out got upset when they found Donovan on the bed instead of on the Floor where they had put him” He went on to say if Donovan didn’t leave Sharon’s house by next week through this Obeah that was placed on him, He, the priest, would give Sharon $1000 if his words didn’t come through. Needless to say all of this happens, eventually Donovan and Sharon split up and Donovan went to live with Angela, Sharon lost her shop because of Angela’s wicked Obeah, and though Angela got him, they couldn’t live good, he beat her every day, and would sneakily try to get back with Sharon who never wanted anything to do with him. Angela and Donovan eventually split, but Angela still got the last laugh when she killed Donovans new baby mother Peaches (with Obeah, after she had just had a baby for Donovan).

Many people do not believe that these things occur, but these things happen in every society and in EVERY ethnic group, sometimes people’s lives slide downhill and it really wasn’t meant to be, it was done by the hands of MAN through wickedness. People beware. Again remember that we all come in contact with negative energies everyday, so becareful and remember…….

“When the normal becomes abnormal, evil is at work”!


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6 years ago

Hmm mi feel like dat a happen now in my life…bad energy. Mek i finish read


[…] story of Sharon and Donovan and the problems that plagued their lives through Obeah, read my post  Bad Sinting.  So many people say all the time, “I do not believe in those things”!, and while I […]

9 years ago

How everybody…

9 years ago

Happy New Year teacha, can’t hear from you…Xx!

9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
Hope you have a prosperous year.

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