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Ladies and gentle men this is one of my all time favorite mento singers Stanley Becford from Stanley and the Turybnes, he was a steady winner of Jamaicas Independence songs. Stanley was a great performer, and his nasal melodies made all who couldn’t dance find rhythm.

Working one night in 1973, and witnessing an arrest, Beckford wrote You Are a Wanted Man – which impressed producer Alvin “GG” Ranglin when Beckford gave an audition. Credited on release to the Starlights, the song’s mento-styled vocal bucked urban reggae trends and went straight to No 1 in the Jamaican charts.Similar material followed from Beckford under the Starlights credit. His biggest hit was the lewd Soldering (1975), banned by Jamaican radio, which prompted vinyl ripostes from Big Youth, I-Roy and Jah Lloyd. He became a regular on the north coast hotel circuit, playing to tourists and upper-class locals. After royalty disputes with GG, Beckford, changed the name of his group to Stanley and the Turbines, switching to producer Barrington Jeffrey, at the Dynamic Sounds studio. (taken from wikipedia…heres hoping its true)

 In 1980 Beckford won the prestigious Jamaica festival song contest with Dreaming of a New Jamaica (A Land of Peace and Love), which he wrote during a bloody election year in which more than 900 citizens lost their lives to politically motivated violence. Financially disappointed with Jeffrey, Beckford recorded the album Big Bamboo (1981), with GG. It suffered from a less distinct mento influence.

Stanley has gone on to join his ancestors in theh world of spirits where I am sure he is still making good music. Stanley thank you for your contribution to our culture, with your beautiful mento songs.

If a soup is sweet, it is money that cooks it……Yoruba Proverb


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9 years ago

Mawninggggggg alllll,
Roll call:

9 years ago

CHUNNNEEEEE……Brown Gyal ah u Stanley deh sing bout…..
Wheel up mi selekta

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