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I worried if I should again share another persons experience with death today, I saw that many of you did not respond to the post. However I thought to myself that information like these are needed and this is a spiritual blog site after all. For too long we have been told all sorts of things pertaining to death and its experience and regardless if it is a gloomy subject, these experiences by these people who have come back to tell their stories are very informative and an actual relief from what the church teaches. I remember a pastor years ago taught us something from the bible and he even interpreted it (fool as he was), “Where the tree falls there shall it lie, judgment shall find it same place” this is found some where in Ecclesiastes. His interpretation was that when a person dies, and is buried the dead will be in that grave until judgment day. There will never be a judgement day, judgement hall of course for your life review not the day. This interpretation of what he preached that day is so wrong. I once wrote two stories on this site, which detailed the death experience of two different people, Lolly and Jonah. Lolly was earth bound and Jonah wished to die, his wife had left and he longed to be with her, when death came he happily went, my bloggers did not receive it well I suppose, perhaps it was too deep for them. I have since removed from the blog but I want to give you all just a paragraph or two of their stories here today. If you read the full story you would love it. I am still in initiation will be finished soon however, I will try to peep in.

Lolly is Earthbound, here is a small part of he story which I wrote on the blog, here is an excerpt:

Lolly remembered her own tragedy, but it was too deep to think about. It was right at this very intersection it happened, and from then Lolly had refused to leave, it was on the very same street where Lolly’s house was, just a bit down the road, a hit and run. That was it, and Lolly had left her body immediately, frightened, shaken and desperate to get back to Sara. She had seen the crowd and had wondered what happened, she knew the car had struck her, but as she looked at her self that day, she saw no bruises, no scratches, no blood, she felt fine, just a little disorientated. She had walked over to see if the driver had died, and found herself looking at her body all twisted up in the middle of the street, and people crying, saying that she was dead.

Lolly looked around and saw three men and a woman, they all came to her and told her to come, but Lolly had ran home to see Sara, who was home alone waiting for Lolly to return home, to finish making soup. Lolly found that she could not get into the house, and then she knew that it was true, she had died. Lolly felt alone, and when the strange people beckoned to her, she begged to be left alone, she had shouted for them to go away,  they stared at her, not saying a thing and so Lolly ran, and hid until Lucille found her.

It had been a year, and Lolly was tired but she had to stay, she could not abandon Sara. Lucille said that they were trapped, but Lolly did not allow herself to think that. Sara, was her reason for staying, Sara!

Here is another excerpt from Lolly’s story, as written and posted here by Obara Meji: 

When Lolly finally conjured up the nerve to go into the house and see Sara again, she met two men at the entrance at the door, who were dressed identical to each other. They had blocked her way. She knew they were not from the ones who wanted to take her away with them, they were protectors of some sort, and so she tried to go around them, but was blocked at every turn. They explained nothing to her, and she could not read their minds, nor would they communicate with her. She attempted to ask a question, to even plead with them, but she saw it was no use, she felt scorned, they looked pass her as if she was not worthy they seemed as if they looked down at her, if she could explain her feelings, “did she have feelings? she thought, and immediately saw Lucile materialize at her side.

Lucille took her away, she cried as she left, because she realized that she did not have access to Sara as she did before. These identical had taken over and they were no nonsense. Sara wanted to be comforted, but how would she get that, from where?

She dare not show signs of weakness here, Lucille had taught her that. It was all for your self in this place, “a place like this”, Lolly shook her head at her thoughts. Lucille had taken her back to the curb and had given her a lecture.

“Lolly”, she said, “You are no longer alive, you have no human form, you must remember that!

“I do have Human form!, Lolly protested, “and so do you”, she said to Lucille

“Human form, Lolly, but not human flesh, you have no human flesh!, said a frustrated Lucille “You are able to see yourself like how you were because death does not remove consciousness, if anything it makes you even more aware. As a matter of fact you even become more alive, in a twisted sort of way, but how much so depends on where you are, and for now, we are stuck, and this has set us back as spirits, because there is no evolution here Lolly, none!

“We are not to mix with them, we must not! Sara is your daughter and that remains the same, but her care in her world has been removed from you, If you had gone with the Others, then you could have gone through the routine and perhaps gotten some sort of ok to see her once in a while, and also guide and protect her always, but you gave that up trying to stay here, Lolly.


An Excerpt from Jonah, who went when death came unlike Lolly and is in the hall of judgement:

Jonah, who had found himself sitting in a chair, which felt soft and comfortable, sat and waited. He wondered if he was in hell, Jonah chuckled, and then he frowned his brow, hmmmm, he thought, perhaps he was in hell, that would explain Kathleen not being here.

If this were hell, Jonah was not surprised to be here, he had killed a couple of men in his time, and not all in the army. Wow, thought Jonah, “I thought hell was a hot place with fire everywhere, and a little black ugly man with red eyes hovering over me, but so far this is nice, so far” thought Jonah.

“Kathleen”, wondered Jonah “where was she” would he see her, ever again? Jonah heard a noise and looked up, he had been twiddling his thumb but the noise had interrupted his thoughts.

Standing before him was his mother, she was standing in a beam of light which was not there before, almost like a spotlight on stage. Jonah inched off his chair and looked closely, this was his mother!

She looked at him and smiled, “Jonaiah Rhames, welcome”.

Jonah was speechless, He had last seen her when he was twenty five years old, and she was in the hospital dying of cancer, his father had left the year earlier from an accident. Jonah wanted to get up from his seat and hug this woman who was to him a saint, but he found that he could not get up. He mouthed the word “Mama”, as he stared at her.

“Jonaiah, welcome, my dear”, she said,  “The time has come for you to be with us again, but here you will have to pass your test, and there shall be many, but I am hopeful my dear, I know you have many questions, and they will be answered in due time, but this is a part of the process”, Jonah listened to his mother as she spoke, not clearly understanding what she meant, but found no words to ask her anything, he wanted to know about Kathleen, but could not say it.

“All in good time, my son, soon, it is not for me to reveal anything to you dear boy, just relax, and all will eventually be well”, said his mother, “I am here with you Jonaiah, even if you do not see me, I have never left you”, and with that she was gone and so was the spot light. Jonah felt like crying, but he found no tears. His mother’s presence had brought with it an abundance of memories of his earthly life before and after she had left.

Such a graceful, lovely woman was she. His love for Kathleen had been based mostly n the fact that she reminded him of his mother. Gracious, and caring, just a good human being. In his lifetime Jonah had met some very bad people, and he had been no saint either, until he had met Kathleen, she had changed him, a lot. While Jonah sat there, again lost in thought, the light came back on, and in the center stood someone who he had not seen for over thirty years, his brother James. Jonah’s head jerked back at the sight of James, who looked at him and smiled. Jonah, wanted to leave this room, he felt panic, what was James doing here, why was he seeing him! Jonah wanted to leave, he had to leave, James?!

James spoke, “Jonah, welcome, do not fear nor panic, it is me James your brother, all is well and you will soon understand” James seemed to be amused at Jonahs discomfort, as well he should, thought Jonah, theirs was a bad relationship, and Jonah had…..

Jonah tried to get up from the chair and found he could not, he stretched out his hands to James and said “James, James, how can you smile and talk to me?, James how can you….?

James smiled at Jonah and said, “I know Jonah, I know, but you will soon understand”, and then he left, and the spot light went off.

Jonah stared into the darkness before him, because as James, the place seemed as if it began to spin, Jonah behan to see flashes of his life as a child, and then everything stopped as suddenly as it began.

Jonah wondered, what was he to know, what was he to find out, where the hell was this place. His mother had come, and that was good. Then James had appeared, was that good?, it could not be, thought Jonah, it simply could not!, Why? thought Jonah, was this hell? or some stupid joke, what the hell was going on!

Jonah was sure that he had killed James his brother, he had put a bullet right in between his eyes. James had died at the hands of his brother Jonah! Jonah had killed that son of a bitch. Where was he, what else did he expect to see!

I never finished the stories because of lack of encouragement from my bloggers, but these will be taught in the school








Dr. Dianne Morrissey’s Near-Death Experience

By Kevin Williams

When the late Dr. Dianne Morrissey (1949-2009) was twenty-eight years old, she was electrocuted and had a very profound near-death experience. Her experience transformed her entire life in a very big way. Today, she is a certified hypnotherapist and has taught 25,000 people to see and feel God’s presence during the dream state. Her excellent book, You Can See the Light: How to Touch Eternity and Return Safely, will train you to do this very thing yourself. Her practical techniques will not only give you a transformational mystical experience but can actually heal your physical body. The following is an excerpt from her book, You Can See the Light. Her previous book on out-of-body experiences is entitled Anyone Can See the Light. Also, I highly recommend her video entitled Soul Journeys Beyond the Light. It is one of the best NDE videos I have ever seen.


“I bent over to pick up the plastic tubing. As I began to straighten up, I accidentally bumped the tubing on the edge of the tank. The water suddenly squirted across my face – the pain was so sharp, it felt as if a knife where slitting my cheek! I screamed from the shock and pain, then felt a moment of temporary relief as the water crossed over my molars. My reprieve was short-lived, however, as the electrified water rushed into my mouth.
“As my body bent over in shock, I had the most uncanny knowledge that death was ahead of me. I began to mourn the loss of everything I’d known: the Earth, my home, my friends – all that I’d been aware of, all that I loved. Everything I’d believed to be true and lasting was slipping away from me. I was face to face with death, face to face with the unknown.
“My body was thrown backwards and to one side by the current. My body crashed to the floor, thrown with such force that my head went right through the drywall, about a foot above the floor. I never felt the injuries, however, because I was no longer in my body. I was actually watching my electrocution from above!
“How could I be out of my body and still be alive?” I wondered, astonished.
“Suddenly, I was aware that I was inside a vast, seemingly infinite blackness. I wasn’t sure where this blackness was in relationship to the Earth, but for some reason I was unafraid. My blackout period was brief, for I now found myself back in my home, but in a new form. I was transparent, yet I still looked like me.
“How elated I felt! Now, out of my body, I had no worries, no cares. Never had I felt like this when I was ‘alive.’ My entire spirit body was transparent, and I was inside a glowing white light that extended about three feet around me.
“At that moment, an awareness overtook me – I am not my physical body! This realization made me feel so free, so wonderful! My spirit was glowing with a white light that illuminated the entire room.
“Then, I was up near the ceiling again. Everything still looked the same – the furnishings, the walls – but there was a new awareness about the dimension to the scene – it had become transparent. I could see everything more clearly than ever before, and like a scientist, I found myself looking at life through a microscope, discovering minuscule particles of matter normally invisible.
“I was now aware of the absence of physical sensations, yet I was feeling a heightened sense of awareness such as I’d never felt while alive. I knew I was different from the ‘Dianne’ I had been, but I also knew I was ‘me.’ It was similar to looking at your reflection in a mirror; you know you’re not the reflection, but it does appear to be you.
“Now, I saw that everything was shrouded by a mist. Despite a lack of gravity, I could easily control my direction, and when I moved into the living room, I noticed that I had just walked through the glass coffee table. ‘Wow! How did I do that?’ I marveled.
“Tuffy (Dianne’s dog) suddenly entered the den and began nipping at my face and pawing at my arm, trying to get my body to wake up. I knew that his relentless attempts to awaken my physical body wouldn’t work, yet I was proud of him for trying, and even hoped his efforts might work. I wondered where his chum, Penny, was, and suddenly I was next to her in the backyard. I opened my mouth to talk to her and felt my tongue moving, but no sounds came out. I could distinctly hear my voice, and then realized it was coming from my mind. I tried several times to get Penny’s attention, yelling, ‘Penny, can you see me? Penny, can you hear me?’ Apparently she didn’t, because there was no response.
“Next, I walked around my backyard. As I looked through the walls of my house toward the front sidewalk, I noticed a man walking down the street. Eagerly, I flew to him, right through the walls, and tried to get his attention. Staring deeply into his eyes, I said forcefully, ‘Can you help me? I need help.’ Then I tried to shake his shoulders, but he still didn’t notice me. Frustrated, I tried to touch his shoulder to get him to look at me, and my hand went through his upper right shoulder blade and out his back. This startled me.
“‘What am I to do?’ I wondered, becoming upset when I realized that the man could neither see nor hear me. Instantly, I was back in my yard again, Penny beside me. I noticed that whenever I felt any apprehension, I was instantly moved to a place of greater comfort.
“On the way back to the den, I stopped right in the middle of the wall between rooms. I sensed that I was to look down at something fantastic, and as I gazed downward, I saw a long silver cord coming out of my spirit body, right through the cheesecloth-like fabric I was wearing. The cord extended down and out in front of me, and as I turned around, I saw that the silver cord draped around and behind me, like an umbilical cord. I followed it through the two hallway walls and into my den, where I saw it attached to the back of the head of my physical body. The cord was about an inch wide and sparkled like Christmas tree tinsel!
“As soon as I saw that the silver cord was attached to my physical body, my spirit body was thrust into a dark tunnel. I moved through it with great speed, traveling faster than I could have imagined possible. Although the tunnel was filled with an all consuming darkness, I felt peaceful and unafraid.”

2. Her Life Review

“When I came to the end of the darkness, I stepped into a new dimension. Here, I could sense the presence of a loving spirit, sent – I knew – by God to greet me. Then, I was back at the site of my physical body. Back and forth I traveled through the tunnel, several times in succession, moving from the Other Side to my electrocuted physical body and back again.
“Each time I emerged from the tunnel, I was met by a radiant angelic being who stood before me, smiling. The being had no wings, and I sense it was female. She was everything I’d ever dreamed an angel would be. As she moved toward me, I walked to meet her. Her love surrounded me, and my spirit was filled with an almost unbearable joy. The love this angelic being radiated towards me made me feel that she cared more about me than anyone else ever had or could. Her love filled every particle of my being, every thought, and every emotion within me. I felt completely comforted and reassured.
“She ‘spoke’ by sending words directly into my mind. ‘How can I hear her thoughts before she utters them?’ I wondered. Yet, at the same time I was hearing her questions, I was answering them!  This marvelous being seemed to know all my thoughts instantly, just as I immediately knew hers. Although I was standing directly before her, I could see her from every angle: front, back, top, bottom, and both sides – like a cubist painting by Picasso.
“She walked closer and stood with me; then, we were both lifted about ten inches into the air, as if we were on a platform moving upward. Extending her arm before her, she indicated that I was to look to my left. I did so, my heart and soul completely open to her, for I knew God had sent her to help me decide what I should do with my life.
“As I turned my eyes left, the entire scene changed into a life review, a vivid, three-dimensional color display of my entire life. Every detail of every second, every feeling, every thought while I had been alive on Earth was displayed before me in perfect chronological order, from my birth until my electrocution.
“At the same time, to my amazement, I was re-living my entire twenty-eight years simultaneously! The best experiences brought me feelings of great joy, as if God were talking to me through the angelic being, sharing the highest moments of my life. I felt as if every spirit in Heaven was watching with me, applauding me and letting me know that God approved of my caring, unselfish deeds. It was then that I asked myself, ‘Am I dead? Am I really dead?’
“As the life review continued, I was shown two very special deeds I had performed. As these scenes were displayed before me, every emotion I had originally felt returned in full force. I also felt as if God and the angelic being were honoring me for having performed those deeds.
“I will never forget the love that surrounded me at that moment, or the joy that ran through me. Can you imagine being hugged by God and your angel? It’s an experience that defies description!
“The first deed I witnessed had occurred the day I stopped my car to help push a woman’s stalled station wagon out of mainstream traffic and into a supermarket driveway. The driver had been struggling to push the car by herself, and I felt compelled to give her a helping hand. After I had helped push her vehicle to safety, I rushed back to my car, afraid of getting a ticket for being double-parked. In my haste, I hadn’t given her a chance to thank me. While reviewing this scene, I was filled with indescribable feelings of love, which seemed to be directed to me from angelic beings high above me.
“Then, my angel showed me a second vision, a scene I’d forgotten. I now saw myself at seventeen, when I’d worked at a convalescent hospital after school. I had grown fond of a toothless old woman who was no longer able to speak clearly, and who never had visitors. She liked to suck on graham crackers before going to bed, but no one wanted to serve her because when she had finished, she would drool as she kissed the entire length of the arm of the person feeding her. While others avoided her, I willingly fed her the cookies she adored, seeing how happy this made her.
“When that scene was replayed for me, I felt as if every loving spirit in God’s kingdom was thanking me in unison. I was amazed that such an act could have meant so much to God – and to me. I felt humbled and very honored.
“A glow surrounded the radiant being as she presented my life review, continuing to communicate with me telepathically. As I viewed the scenes of my life, it felt as if I were absorbing many books all at once with perfect clarity.
“Finally, my life review was finished, and I was whisked away from the angelic being and returned to the tunnel. This time, I seemed to be falling through it, finally emerging in another room, in another dimension. It was a world far more beautiful than any I could ever have imagined, a place of awesome serenity. The peace and calm I felt surpassed any previous notions I had had about Heaven, and I knew, in the deepest part of my soul, that God was here.”

3. Her Higher Self

“In this rapturous place, I recognized that there were two aspects of ‘me.’ My soul was my consciousness, everything that had made me who I had been and what I had become. My spirit, on the other hand, was the part of me that was now transparent and glowing, dressed in white.
“As I looked around me, I initially found everything dimly lit. Then, I clearly saw a canopy bed resting in the center of an infinite vista stretched out before me. The bed was actually glowing within a Heavenly radiance which enveloped me as well.
“To my astonishment, I saw a duplicate of myself lying on the bed. ‘How can there be two of me? Or three of me?’ I wondered.’ But I was instantly reassured by the loving vibrations around me. The feeling reminded me of being reassured by a dear, trusted friend saying, ‘Don’t worry, all is well.’
“There were two things I knew for certain: first, that I was Dianne, and second, that my physical body was dead. I also knew that the duplicate of Dianne on the bed was another me, but I did not know what she represented. Now, I was beginning to feel as if I were in three places at once!
“One part of me was the transparent Dianne on the bed. The second was my physical body in the den, the body that no longer had life. The third part of me was my spirit, now out of its body. This part of me remained conscious and aware of all my experiences, both here and back on Earth.
“I knew beyond a doubt that I wanted to stay in this magnificent place, where I felt so loved, so accepted. ‘How does one feel accepted by a place? Let me put it this way: as I walked toward the bed, I could actually ‘feel’ Heaven all around me. The rapture and peace were beyond my wildest imaginings, and I wanted to stay here forever and ever.
“Do you remember how it felt, long ago, to be held and rocked in your mother’s loving arms? Take this to the hundredth power and you’re still light years away from the feeling of total peace and comfort that surrounded me. I felt the love of every mother in the universe being poured inside me for now and for all eternity.
“Although the bed before me was not my bed, the sheets looked amazingly like my own. I could hardly believe it when I realized that they were actually breathing, filled with life! The canopy bed was also alive, not made of the dense physical matter as it would have been created from on Earth.
“As I walked closer to the bed, it radiated such love to me that I knew no earthly painter or craftsman could have created it – not Leonardo da Vinci, not Rembrandt, not Michelangelo, not Monet. This bed had been made by God.
“Now, the Light was welcoming me, inviting me to recline on this Heavenly creation. The transparent ‘me’ was gone, and as I lay down, I felt the lace caressing me with rapture, peace, and love. I was moved to tears of joy.
“At that moment, I knew that nothing ever dies. Nothing ever dies!
“I also knew that I would never die. If I stayed in this place, I knew I would be alive, but in a different way than I had been before my electrocution. I would still be Dianne, and I would still have my memories, but I would also feel this unbelievable love around me forever. How I longed to stay!
“Then, I sense that I must look to my right, through the lace. There, I could see a pinpoint of Light coming from the next room, the next dimension, the infinity beyond. I knew I must see more clearly, so with my right hand I lifted up the lace. I knew I had no choice but to look.”

4. One with the Light

“The pinpoint of Light became a brilliant white beam a trillion times brighter than the brightest sun imaginable, and began to move toward me. At first, it appeared to be bands of multifaceted light being stretched and pulled together. I knew this Light was the presence of God.
“I was awestruck, overwhelmed by the Light, the love, the love of God for me! I knew I could go into this Light, which was part of a tremendous force. And, although the Light was brighter than a thousand suns, it didn’t hurt my eyes.
“I was going to have to choose between staying in the Light and going back to Earth. Somehow, I knew that if I went into the next room, into the Light, I could never return to my body.
“I felt torn between two desires: wanting to go into the Light, and wanting to touch something tangible and retain my connection with all that was physical. Both desires grew stronger. The Light became more intense, more radiant, more loving. As I lifted the lace and extended my hand toward the brilliance, wanting to touch the Light, it rushed under the lace and touched the outstretched middle finger of my right hand.
“As soon as the Light touched me, I was transformed. The Light and my spirit merged – I had entered the Light of God, and all sense of my spirit body was gone. My consciousness, fully alive, was now totally connected to God.
“Within the Light, I knew that everyone and everything is connected to it. God is in everyone, always and forever. Within the Light was the cure for all diseases; within the Light was all the knowledge of every planet, every galaxy, every universe. Indeed, the Light was Wisdom and Love beyond all comprehension.
“Being one with the Light was like suddenly knowing every grain of sand on every planet, in every galaxy, in every universe, and at the same time knowing why God had put each grain of sand in its particular place. The Light held within it the knowledge of every book in every language, from the beginning of creation to the end of time. The Light knew why every author had put every wood exactly where it was. The Light conveyed the message that each gain of sand, each plant, rock, animal, and human being has a purpose and that nothing ever dies because after death, there is a new life on the Other Side.
“This Light and my spirit mingled for what felt like an eternity, but eventually I began to sense with great urgency that the time had come to choose whether I would stay here or return to physical life. How could I decide?”

5. Her Guardian Angel

“Suddenly, my spirit body was back in the tunnel. Again, when I emerged from the tunnel, the angelic being was waiting for me. Now, I noticed that her hair was brown and turned under just above her heavenly shoulders. Each of her features was now more clearly visible as I paid closer attention to them. Breathing did not seem necessary for her or for me, yet we were both full of life. She looked at me and asked telepathically, ‘What do you want, Dianne?’
“I said, ‘I want to go into the Light, and I want to touch things.’
“She asked me thousands of questions all at the same time, and I responded to them, communicating directly from my mind to hers.
“Her angelic voice asked, ‘Have you ever felt this much love?’ “I answered, ‘No.’ ‘Have you ever felt this much joy?’ ‘No.’ ‘Have you ever felt this much peace?’ ‘No.’ ‘Have you ever felt this much rapture?’ ‘No.’ ‘Have you ever experienced this much bliss?’ ‘No.’ ‘Have you ever felt this much kindness?’ ‘No.’
“Thousands of questions, one within the other, one on top of another, all of the questions at once, yet separately.
“I wanted desperately to go into the Light again. Then, the radiant being asked, ‘Are you sure, Dianne?’
“Yes,” I replied. “Of course I was sure!”
“I was suddenly thrust forward through the tunnel, and when I looked down, I was aghast to see my physical body below me. It looked dead and lifeless, but this time I was disinterested whether I saved it or not.
“What mattered to me was the Light. I wanted the Light. I was again thrust forward through the tunnel. The angelic being was still there, waiting for me to truly decide about my life, waiting for me to decide about my death, waiting for me to decide about my future.
“This time she was even more radiant, more loving. I had never imagined feeling such bliss, and I felt boundless love for her. She asked, ‘Have you ever been in a world without pain?’
“I answered, ‘No.’
“She asked, ‘Have you ever been in a world without war?’
“I answered, ‘No.’
“Have you ever been in a world without anger, without rage, without grief, without sadness, without envy, without poverty, without jealousy, without worry, without tears?”
“Again, thousands of questions, all at the same time. I answered them all the same way – emphatically, ‘No.’ ‘I knew that no other place in the universe could feel as good, as loving, as peaceful as this Heavenly place.
“For some reason, however, the angelic being sent me into the tunnel again, back and forth through many tunnels. I wondered why. I still wanted to ‘touch,’ but I wanted the Light – both desires tugging at my spirit.”

6. Dianne’s Return

“I finally found myself back in my house, once again looking down at my physical body. This time, I realized that my physical body had the potential to live again. I had begun to care less and less whether I returned to my physical body, but at this moment, looking down at my body, my attitude underwent a change. I thought, ‘How sad; she has done so very little.’ I realized ‘Dianne’ hadn’t touched as many people as she could have while alive. And I realized how life could be enriched by touching others lives more deeply and meaningfully.
“While alive, as Dianne, I had always known that my life was full of certain pleasures: a beautiful home, a good job, a nice car, warm friends, a wonderful family, a beloved best friend, and a musical career I loved. ‘But none of these matter any more,’ I thought, reversing myself again. Only the Light mattered. Only God mattered.
“To my surprise, I began to feel a persistent pulling sensation from about four inches above my navel. I tried to resist it, for I sensed a new process was beginning, one that might take me from this place, from God. I didn’t want to leave behind such feelings of elation. Yes, I wanted to touch things, but I wanted the Light even more.
“Suddenly, I was rushing through the tunnel again. When I emerged, I was up near the ceiling in the den, looking down at my physical body below me. Then, without warning, I was thrust swiftly back into my body, entering through the back of my neck, with my spirit legs and arms together, like a diver doing a jackknife.
“As I re-entered my body, I knew that the God within me could never die, and I knew that I could never die. For a moment, I actually saw myself half in and half out of my body. Then, with a jolt, I landed fully back in my body.
“Oh, my God,” I thought, “How could I have chosen to come back? I want to be in the Light again.” Tears ran down my cheeks and I wept, desolate about the choice that had been made. ‘Had it really been my choice?’ I couldn’t believe that I had decided to come back.
“I now believe that one reason I was sent back was to help people feel better about dying – and to learn that death is not an end, but a new beginning.”

“If I lived a billion years more, in my body or yours, there’s not a single experience on Earth that could ever be as good as being dead. Nothing.” – Dr. Dianne Morrissey

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Hail up me tender heart sis. Gwan study, ace you test and see you afterwards. Big ups to everyone.

Obara, poor thing. You live in a place where telecom/internet is ABSOLUTELY atrocious! Hope you alright, otherwise.

Ty/Yw hailings. Missing links Yazzy, Lalibella, AH n MTH hailings

9 years ago

Congratulations mi sis Cami raaaaaaaaaay glad to hear ur good news.
Hello all ES family Obara bless up!

9 years ago

C.B, Ebony and Carpediem- A warm thank you. Blessings, ASE.

9 years ago

Hello Obara and ESP family. Congrats, Cami!

9 years ago

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Yeah, yeah Cami!! Congratulations on securing that J.O.B. lol. I’m dancing a little jig in celebration with you.

9 years ago

Good morning ES bloggers. Have a great day!

9 years ago
Reply to  NuNu

HEY! NUNU PUSS IN THE HOUSE! Muah! me likkle sis.

Morning ES Familyyy, visitors, strangers and all, BUT most of all OBARA YEEEH!

I’m in high spirits because I have a J.O.B. and I don’t care what anyone says…on this earth, in this dimension MONEY is a hell of a life factor; it ensures independence and contentment.

9 years ago
Reply to  Cami

I am very excited for you Cami. Well done on getting the job!

9 years ago

Good morning folks! Her experience sounded great but not all of them seem to be so light and beautiful remember the video on one of the NDE posts with the doctor that died and he was transported somewhere dark and not very pleasant. I wonder what determine where you go and what you see and feel? I liked Lolly and Jonah story too, I think you should complete them too Obara

9 years ago

Hey ES family Cami n Seaqueen i have to agree…i appreciated Jonah n Lolly stories too. I enjoyed them very much. They had more details n descriptions.

9 years ago
Reply to  KB

Muah…KB! I smile alot when I come here and see you all on the board (although we need to have a live moment soon).

KB, at this point, I’m going to just wait for O to drop the first anthology of her stories, I can’t WAIT!, lol I can tell you that it would be a pleasure to read the Alton and Doreen, stories while lounging, lazily on the sofa in Jamaica.

9 years ago

Greetings everyone, did not get a chance to read article as yet. Sending Love and light.

9 years ago

Woowwww…each and every one of those stories are so intense. Good morning my loves! Big up teach, Kia b (nah use bubbles again lol), cam cam, and the ever so in the Caroline british. I can’t believe those short stories weren’t well received. They’re just as great as the one ah stories you have written. I just felt myself wanting more of each. Dr. Morrissey makes the death experience sound so lovely. In the book did she ever touch on having a negative review of her life or did she just see the positive she did? I think I will… Read more »

9 years ago
Reply to  SeaQueen

Hey, SQ. I think the two stories were ones that make you stop, rethink death and the way we live our lives. I know for every paragraph I paused to associate events with my life and “what if”. They are two deep stories (I have a habit of researching when I read), so I think they are slow pace stories.

9 years ago
Reply to  Cami

Congrats Cam Cam! I am really happy for you.They say the love of money is the root of all evil, but i can’t even disagree with you on that one. I tell everybody i know that i dont love money but i understand it and its effect quite well, especially the effect on one’s independence. Reading the two stories I can only imagine looking back on the moments in my life and bawling at the good ones and the bad lol

9 years ago

So, Obara you really thought Lolly and Jonah weren’t received well? I enjoyed both because death subjects are inticing to me.

In all honesty…both stories were filled with more in-depth information than this. I have yet to read one of these experiences without the same descriptions. I rather yours because its coming from beyond.

9 years ago

Evening ES I like how Dianne and the other writer all were not afraid during their NDE. I guess it is the Eternal light that comforts everyone when experiencing this. A young lady said yesterday that everything u needin life is already inside of you. We just have to listen. I smiled and thought of my blog. I thought of all of us…embracing spirituality. The angelic being is her spiritual guide? Also did anyone watch the tv premiere of Proof last night? its a new show depicting NDE. Thank u O. I enjoyed readi.g both articles. We never die…so no… Read more »

9 years ago

Greetings Obara Meji and the ESP tribe! Those short stories were awesome! I really wanted to know how Johah was judged for killing his brother. I am not afraid of death, and infact once upon a time, Africans had the ability to consciously die. To them it was simply a matter of vacating their body and leaving. The loss of this ability is what bothers me most, but otherwise, death is inevitable and working in a hospital has hardened me to it. The reason why I didnt’t comment in the other post, is because of conflicting ideas. This talk of… Read more »

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