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I remember a time when I fought in my dreams for two weeks and this happened in nights and also in the early mornings. There is a difference, however, between dreams and visions and the time in which either occur.

Every hour of the day carries a particular energy and particular spirits that comes with it, but this knowledge will be offered as an online class one day at OMOU, as it is too extensive to write on. However, in the “experiences” I had during those times which displayed themselves as dreams or visions, and again, by this I mean some I would have before dawn (which are dreams) and some when the sun came peeping through in the mornings, signalling the arrival of dawn (which are visions).

In the first week, it seemed as if I was having meetings with a room full of people all dressed in white all having their own opinions, voices raised, and even arguing. When this happened during the nights, I would tell them (in the dream) that I would soon come back, meaning that I would be waking up from the dream to walk the house (as I often do at nights) or for a bathroom moment, and when I went back to sleep, I would find myself back in the room and the discussion would continue. This all happened in shades of black and white, and I remembered not a thing upon waking up.

I had those types of “experiences” before, but at that time when it lasted for two straight weeks, it was certainly something I needed to pay attention to and so I did, with each night the discussions/arguments getting more heated. Now, the important part of the story is that when I got up in the nights, after telling those in the dream, that I will soon be back, I would wake up with the noise of their voices in my head. When I got up in the mornings, I would not remember the discussions (in the middle of the night when I woke up in the mornings) or arguments we had in the dreams. There was no memory of what was discussed, I only knew for sure that I had the “experience” and would hear the voices of all who were there in my head, although I could not make out what was being said.

The Friday before the two weeks of this dream mini series was up, it seemed as if the arguments (remember this was every night for two weeks) got more heated every night, more intense, and my enemy (when I say my enemy I am speaking about me, but because this is a negative statement, I will throw it on any wretched enemy I may have) woke up on that particular Friday with a huge headache. I woke up that Friday, knowing that I should spiritually investigate what was going on, but I did not. I am who I am, and as such I am knowledgeable enough to know that what was happening was a battle in the realms of spirit, but it had to play itself out. I was patient to see what would happen next.

Often times people have enemies and do not know who they are or what they are doing to them. I am no exception, as a matter of fact, my enemy, perhaps, has more than the normal human being because I am a spiritual practitioner and so all who I take care of, their enemies become my own. There is no escaping this, for workers of my craft, spiritual people, come under attack most often because of who we are and because of the people we help, the work we do.

When the discussions or arguments were happening, they would come as dreams which I did not remember upon waking up, but that Friday, they became visions, a horrible one and when I woke up I finally remembered, but as I explained I woke up with a terrible headache and for that day I could feel a very damp energy. But yet, something still held me back from doing my spiritual investigation. The Sunday of that weekend, I had another vision which I remembered and which was in color (the other ones which I call my “experiences” were all in shades of black and white), this time there was no argument, but a fist fight, a terrible one, which I will not describe.

There were two fights in that one vision, things had gone from discussions to blows. I woke up, because in the vision I had given a command. It bothered my enemy for the day, as I wondered where this was coming from, but again I did not check it. It seemed as if my subconscious wanted this to play out in the spiritual, because it was, in some way, playing out in the physical somewhere at that time.

The final day of the two weeks, the enemy showed themselves as a friend or acquaintance. I marveled at this revelation. I was sleeping, the sun had arrived and peeped at me through my curtains, trying to coax me into waking up. There was a huge tree in my backyard and it spread itself as far as my window, and covered the whole yard with its greenery, it looked like an exotic jungle back there and I loved it, so did the birds and so several of them would come close to the window serenading me with their beautiful songs, and whistles, but I refused to wake up that Sunday morning, the sleep was suh sweet. While sleeping that sweet Sunday morning sleep, the enemy jumped on my bed with me and said “Hi Obara, long time!” with a sweet smile, gums and pearly white teeth flashing. I was sleepy and groggy and surprised to see this enemy (a friend, I thought) sitting with their backs against my head board, almost close to my pillow with a huge grin.

In my groggy morning voice, I rubbed my eyes and asked “what are you doing here?” being mindful not to sound annoyed because my sweet sleep was interrupted. They went on to explain what they have been doing in their lives and how they missed me and more, (it had been a while since I had seen them). By this time, they had gotten off the bed and was prancing around excitedly in my room, telling me of all their accomplishments since we had last seen each other, while I wondered in my mind is this real? Or am I dreaming? Still trying my best to be polite.

But then I woke up, it was a dream, but also a revelation, one that I did not want to believe. They came again the next morning, but in a form less than how I saw them the day before and in a form of how they really were physically, which again was a revelation to me, and I woke up wondering. I wondered, why? Why had they turned on me, when I thought they were my friend, why? This was no normal enemy this was one who wanted to spill my enemy’s (my) blood, but why? I was hurt, but I was also victorious because they and their plot was revealed to me at that time, and it showed me that I had a great defender.

I wrote this post to share with you that often times when an enemy has decided to fight you, even though you may not know who or even if there IS an enemy (most of you will say, “well, I have never hurt a soul”) if you are innocent or even if you are not, there, within the realms of time and space meetings will be held for you, where the negative party and your guides will meet to determine how this will play out and who gets to be victorious. You have a defender, we all have, but be sure that you are never the offender.

If you dream and do not remember, do not try to. Leave it alone because all too often you may have been made privy to something that you must not share, something that will save you or your life, but this is contingent on you keeping quiet. Or you may have been taught something that you are not ready to use as yet, when the time comes for you to access it, it will come up from your subconscious. Dreams and Visions are important, keep a journal and write them all down, even if they seem silly to you, to a knowledgeable elder, it most often would not seem so.

When we sleep at nights, we all travel, and there is such a thing as the spiritual earth, this is where most of us travel to, others like myself are privileged to go many places throughout time and space. Pay attention to you dreams, it will help you find your path and know your enemies.

Pay attention to the time of your dreams and also pay attention to how you feel when you wake up.

This, that I experienced, had to play out like it did, and I cannot explain it totally because it is not completely over…


To Dream of seeing your teeth fall out in you dream, is indicative of Death

To Dream of Rotting Teeth, tells of someone who is sick and dying

To Dream of Brushing your Teeth tells of an Illness

Wedding Dreams also tells of Death, Especially If you see the Bride or Groom in there wedding clothes

If you Dream of a Wedding but not the Bride and Groom, the possibility of Death can be avoided

Snake reveals enemy, also Dogs, Lions, Tigers, and any threatening animals you may see

To Dream of Fish tells of Pregnancy, A Spider blocks the way

To Dream someone who is sick come and tell you they are fine indicates that they will die.

To Dream of a Rat or a Mice warns of Trickery or a Trickster

Cat Dreams, denotes Ill luck, if you don’t succeed in killing it or driving away! They also show signs of Witches

Rice brings Abundance, so does Fruits and Vegetables, as long as you do not eat them

To Dream of an Old House, you will hear of a Death, also of building a house shows the same

To Dream of a fast moving train shows that someone will visit you but that person will soon transition to

another Realm, or you should look out for a message from an ancestor

To Dream of flying shows that you will succeed in life and prosper

A Black Cat crosses your path, you will hear bad news or be disappointed, This is the truth, I never believed in this, but I have proved it!


For all my enemies, may your way be dark and slippery…ase!


Tí orí kan bá sunwọ̀n á ran’gba. /
If one head (a person) is blessed, hundreds others will be positively affected….Yoruba Proverb!

[Success is contagious]

Everything comes when it must, and everything happens for a reason, do not hurry your life, what is destined for you, cannot escape you, just keep the faith, be patient and be prayerful, filled with compassion, kindness and respect for all, let these qualities be among your name, God will fill in the rest…..Obara Meji!

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….Obara Meji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji


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Good Afternoon obara i had a dream last night involving a tiger is there a way i can contact you please


Suppose you dream where people are tempting, tricking or luring you to eat example pastries. However, these showcases or showrooms seen, you politely decline tasting or eating these pastries. The scene changes from indoor to outdoor like a park. As you go further into the park you notice full white clean curtains and there are stairs to climb. You go in search deeper and find people with stales insisting to try some lovely sweets with whispers and eyes watching. Of course these lovely sweets are one to never exist though. A dream of this in early morning like after 6am… Read more »


EVERY night for the past 3-4 weeks I wake up either right before 2 as in 2:55 or right after 2. Then I wake up again any time in the 3am. Last night was no different. Except this time i remember falling asleep after 4:34am I know because I looked at the time. I had a dream that I was talking about my business and I heard my mother complaining about money so I went over to her and started explaining to her how she solve the money problem she was having. In the dream we were in her house… Read more »


I always end up on your website when I am lost.
Thank you, Obara Meji ❤️

Helena MsAmbitious Powell

Hello this is my first time reading your blog I have been going threw alot of hardships in the past few years behind my family n in my love life as well as with my children. I am Native American I know there are such things of generational curses. Really don’t know what has been bring me such hardships I’m a very spiritual person. I pay attention to everything that surrounds me. Feel sometimes I may be over thinking somethings but I feel that everything has purpose. I pray a lot as well but let me get to the point… Read more »


For all my enemies, may your way be dark and slippery…ase! Good night everyone. I love this line Obara. Lmao


wow…today in the early morning i had a dream that I was at my high school it was graduation day, but it seem like i wasn’t graduating i saw a friend who drop out of university in the line and i was like how u graduating and i am not, and she was just there like idk… in university and its my last year (4th) thats why this bother me i don’t know if my enemy trying to stop me but i have been praying n burning my incense for God’s help……idk what to do I have to graduate 2016


Oh my To Dream someone who is sick come and tell you they are fine indicates that they will die.
I remember this one happening to ne couple years ago with my friend who had cancer. I saw her clear, clear dressed in stark white. Beaming n saying im be alright. She was floating like i think angels do. Lol she passed couple days later.


Hi Obara, it’s been a while, i have been dealing with some stuff, just saying blessings to you and everyone.


hello everyone am new. i had this dream that me and my husband were in bed and we hear the door bell ring we both looked at each other because it was late at night. my husband told me to look to see who it was when i looked out my peephole it was three police women. so i ran to tell him who was at the door, he hesitated and said open the door. when i opened the door the three police women came in they had on blue uniform i don’t remember if they were white or black… Read more »


My dreams have increased since using the glass cup of water under bed each night- 75% of the time I dont remember but it is comforting that I am now dreaming again. I use to dream so much when I was younger and they usually warned me of enemies. Praying I get back to that level –
Bless up everyone!!

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

Good day Obara and all good ES crew! Two weeks in the middle of fussing and fighting that turn into blows, sounds like some serious business is going down in your life, Obara. Sounds like you have your spiritual gang ready to kick some ass though. May they always keep you protected. I can remember not too long ago, I had a dream where it ended up that I was in danger and was afraid, and a tall, beautiful Somali or Sudanese looking woman (dressed all colorfully in her hijab too) stepped in the dream and protected me and defeated… Read more »

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