For some reason, regardless of all that I think I know and with all that I KNOW I know (lol, laugh with me here, although I am serious), I am forever hopeful when it comes to human beings and their ways, I truly am. Jamaican people say “Pick the beam from your own eyes before you pick it from another”. I know who I am and am aware of my own character. Yes I have a temper and can get very cross, (never miserable) and I do get angry at times (shout out to Bounty Killa), but will cool myself down quickly enough. I am human after all and the flesh can get stained very easily so if I am encased in (flesh) it, who am I to escape it? There is no perfect Human, never has been!

In my naivete, I still look for compassion, especially in women. For me to see, hear, or read of a vicious and unfeeling woman, one who has killed, maimed or destroyed, I am still shocked. I know that from the beginning of time and most especially in religion, eg; Christianity, women have been portrayed as evil and as being  the downfall of men. Poor Adam who was cast out of the garden of eden due to his (ucky box, battery bait wife…Jamaicans read with understanding, lol) wanton wife. And also poor Samson, with the deceptive and devilishly wicked Delilah, (pretty name, vicious gal). I could go on, not from only the bible but throughout history.

As a woman myself , I value who I am and I also value those of my same sex. I know we are the mothers, the teachers, the (real) rulers of this realm. I am initiated to Yeye Osun, who is the ultimate mother and of this I am proud. My mother is a good woman, and I have met many good women in my lifetime, but with everything, the bad has to be among the mix, they, unfortunately have their place. We cannot escape them.

There was a lady that I knew sometime ago, who was having a lot of problems with a bad baby father, he was similar to my own wicked one, to how he abused the woman. He never hit her, the abuse was emotional, and emotional abuse often times never heals. He had many women, and he never hid them from her. The women were so confident in their relationship with him, that they would call her and quarrel with her on the phone. It was real bad. Whenever she complained to him, he would laugh, as if it made him feel good for women to be quarreling over him. This woman cried to me everyday about the abuse. The list of things he did to her would take me too much time to write, so please believe me when I say she suffered at the hands of him and his women, who he allowed to constantly disrespect her. One day she said enough! She took his tooth brush (to this day, I hide my tooth brush because of this) and scrubbed the toilet daily, and would watch him brush his teeth with it every morning. Imagine how I cringed when she later disclosed to me what she had done, she told me these things many years after they had separated, but the visual was and still is too much for me. No matter what someone has done to me, I could not do this at all. The wicked baby  father did worse to me, and I have never harmed him in any way, other than write about him and how he treated me here on this blog. The list of things she did to this man, I will not say here, but indeed, she was a vicious woman.

Some people may read this post, and due to the description of how he abused her, they may side with her, but I cannot! I even admonished her when she told me, but she was never remorseful of her bad deed. I know that whatever a person does to you, if you are indeed innocent of offending that person, then that offender will be rewarded for harming you, but it will be in divine time, not when you wish it or want it. To take matters into your own hand, means that you are just as bad as them, this I know for sure. Why pray for God’s help if you have no faith in his defense?

The Vicious Woman

She smiles, she waits, she hopes she isn’t suspected

Her heart is cold, she calculates, she waits, she waits

“Vicious? Who? Me?” she thinks

“No never, never am I vicious, but my enemies will never win,

no they will never win, me”

The whole world loves her

She is like a feline who purrs, and her breath is sweet

she speaks gently, she’s warm and welcoming

she is nothing, harmless, She is no one to consider, much less defeat

Defeat? Which battle is she fighting?

The one she is winning, or so she thinks, for the Universe watches, her, it watches her

Which battle is she fighting?

The one she is winning

The one in her head, the one she has planned,

The one she is planning

Where is she? She is everywhere

Where is she? She is nowhere

Who is she? She is my Grandmother

Who is she? She is your Grandmother

Who is she? She is my mother

Who is she? She is your mother

Who is she? She is my teacher

Who is she? She is your teacher

Who is she? She may be me

Who is she? She may be you!


Poem by Obara Meji


I have seen and even felt the sting of a Vicious woman/women, it never fails to hurt. Yet I am gently reminded, amid my tears and disappointment, by a voiceless voice, somewhere from beyond, that she is needed. She is only vicious because she has to be. Maybe we should pity her. We may not know, but she is the drowning man grasping at straws. This is the way she found her way here among us in this realm, this is her contribution to humanity (her evil ways), it will shorten her journey, and although her conscience (she does have one, we all do) reminds her daily of the consequences of her actions, she closes her ears. She is who she is and will never change, she sees nothing wrong with her, this is her journey. We should always look out for her and pray to escape her viciousness while learning how NOT to be. While learning  from her, how not to be!


Bí agbọ́n ṣe lóró tó, oúnjẹ ni fún aláǹgbá /
Despite how venomous the wasp is, it is food for the lizard……..Yoruba Proverb

[One man’s meat is another’s poison]


All religion are valid as long as it teaches peace and love…. Obara Meji!


There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned!….Obara Meji


Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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Joy Reonez

Dear Obara…greetings this is Joy, please can u send ur number I need to speak with u…



Finally I was wondering when you going to come back and write Obara… hey Nunu… hello to all the fellow bloggers


I can bet she use to spit in his food and drink. Mi fraid ah har

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

Afternoon everyone!

Obara, good to see the posts coming through again.

They say hell has no fury like a woman scorned and the passive aggressive, grudgeful ones are not to be underestimated.

I pity this woman. Instead of valuing herself and knowing her worth and removing herself from this man, she allow him to turn into this. Her hurt and anger has clouded her judgment, but I guess we’ve all experienced that at some level. I hope she wake up and get some help before she goes too far.

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

*she allowed him to turn HER into this.


Hello Obara and ESP family. Obara you are correct in your description of the wicked, vicious woman. I have seen such a wicked , vicious woman in action and its scary as hell, but as Nunu said, they will meet their waterloo.


Interesting but I don’t think women are more wicked than men- I think we look at women as being the passionate, nurturing, motherly sex so when we see or hear them do something bad we say ‘ bwoy dem wicked bad’ lol
I think whether male or female god and evil can be found…
Miss you OM – hope you back regular soon –

Blessed Love

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker

I agree, Lincoln. I don’t think women are any more vicious than men, although when we are we tend to handle things differently.


I’m guessing she was in love with him even though he was so horrible to her. Why didn’t she leave or maybe she didn’t have any support otherwise


Good afternoon Obara, and fellow readers

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