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Aboru Aboye oooo!, I greet you all in the language of Ifa and of all traditional people, from the holy Odu Ogunda Meji. Today, August 20th 2016, all Orisha People in Nigeria and around the world will celebrate Isese day (e-shay-shay), which is Day of Tradition. Today in Nigeria all Babalawo’s, Iyanifa’s, Olorishas and everyone who practices the traditional way of life which is the practice, worship and veneration of Ifa/Orisha will celebrate this day for all its worth. The appropriate greeting for this day is Isese Lagba (E-shay-shay-Lag-ba) which means tradition is the best way, or tradition is on top of all religions. After someone greets you “Isese Lagba,” you will answer Isese Lagba Gbogbo Wa (E-shay-shay- Bug-bo Wa!) which means tradition will stay with us always.

Isese Lagba! Today all traditional people will wear white clothes in celebration of Isese day, the day in Nigeria where Tradition is celebrated and all Orishas are fed and honored. There will be a big celebration on this day with many festivals (festival is the same as party) and conferences held all over Nigeria with people coming from near and far to attend. Isese is the Yoruba word for Tradition. It is now a national holiday, but as you can see in two of the videos below it was a fight for it to be recognized by the Government as such. Christians and Muslims are accorded holidays and days where upon which their religions are celebrated, but for our traditional religion to be recognized by government openly, we had to fight.

I practice Isese the authentic way, the way of the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria. I was initiated there. There are some who have gone to the motherland to initiate, but “mix” the practice with what is known as Lucumi or other practices,,I do not. Jamaican rice and peas tastes the best when prepared the traditional way with real coconut milk, not evaporated milk, or even coconut powder. Today all initiates must go before their shrines to pray and give offerings, where white if possible.

The Orishas  are with us, they are born everyday within the consciousness of a newborn, whether they know it or not, it is important, especially people of African descent, to know their path. It matters not where in Africa you are led to or drawn to, it matters that you respect and honor the tradition of your ancestors.

The African is unconscious, more so throughout the diaspora. We have lost our traditional values, therefore we have lost our way. Africans around the world (those who practiced foreign religions) will see us today dressed in traditional clothing and honoring our roots, and heritage and culture and they will join with others and call us uneducated, baboons, and devil worshipers, all because we have not forgotten the ways of old. All because we have not conformed to foreign religions.

The African throughout the diaspora is unconscious, he is unconscious because he has conformed to ways which are not apart of his cultural make up, he has given up, and has laid down like a lamb to the slaughter and have joined his oppressors with their doctrines which they have used to trick him, the African, who now hates himself, his people and his land of origin. They have used false doctrines to deceive and defeat his  mind, and have even tricked him into believing that once the shackles of slavery has been removed, he is free, when they already knew behind their secret smiles that the shackles of the mind would still bound him into the worse kind of slavery, that of the mind! Religious indoctrination! O Ma Se ooooo! (what a pity)

The oppressors has given him the same tools, the Bible and the Koran to use to enslave the minds of his fellow man, his kin, his brothers and sisters, and they all began to enslave each other while condemning our same kind who have found the chutzpah to swim against the current and stand for what they believe in, which is the original way, tradition.

The African is Unconscious when he believes the lies of media, and Hollywood propaganda and he measures wealth by money and gold, and land and holdings, but not see wealth in knowledge and culture, and a belief system that, with and through nature and the knowledge of nature which holds the secrets of God, we have everything! Money is another form of slavery, and if you measure your brothers and sisters and even yourself  by its weight then you are even more backward than how you believe they are!!

Isese Lagba!!

Isese is not fighting against anothers belief, it is embracing and honoring the tradition of our ancient people, who have left this wonderful legacy for us, which we must continue to observe and be proud of! People are now waking up to what the elders of old knew way before!

What can I say other than,  Iba (I pay my respect or I give homage to)

Iba Olodumare (God)

Iba Orunmila (Ifa)

Iba Esu (Eshu)

Iba Ogun

Iba Obatala

Iba Osun (Oshun)

Iba Oya

Iba Sango

Iba Obaluaye

Iba Yemoja

Iba Olokun

Iba Ori Eleda

Iba Oba

Iba Oduduwa

Iba all Odus of Ifa

Iba Egungun

Iba Iya Onile

Iba Oluwo

Iba Ojubona

Iba Babalawo

Iba Iyanifa

Iba gbobobo ab orisa patapata

This video speaks very well on the importance of Isese, the Government has since recognized this day.





This is an Ifa poem I got from the internet on Isese

IFA on what is Isese?

The ocean is filled to the brim
The lagoon is filled to capacity
Alasan is going to Asan
Alasan is going to Asan, the Awo of the top of the rock
The elders thought the matter over
And realized that it was no longer favorable
They used their mustaches to cover their faces
And spread their beards firmly over their chest
These were the declarations of Ifa to Isese (Traditionalism)
What is one’s Isese
Olodumare is one’s Isese
It is Isese we ought to appease
Before appeasing any Orisa
One’s Mother is one’s Isese
Before appeasing any Orisa
It is Isese we ought to appease
One’s Father is one’s Isese
It is Isese we ought to appease
Before appeasing any Orisa
The male genital organ is one’s Isese
It is Isese we ought to appease
Before appeasing any Orisa
The female genital organs one’s Isese
It is Isese we ought to appease
Before appeasing any Orisa
Please let us appease Isese
Isese if the father of all Etutu
The Isese of your mother’s lineage
The Isese of your father’s lineage
May they all give approval to this Ebo?
Before we appease any Orisa

Ilẹ̀kùn tí ò bá ní alùgbàgbà, kó yára dẹ́kun àpárá dí dá /
A door that has no frame ought to cease all pranks……Yoruba Proverb! 

[Operate within your means]

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love…..Obara Meji!

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned…..Obara Meji!

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Sabrina Lockett
Sabrina Lockett
7 years ago

I Appreciate this article but there’s one thing I must address. As a Diaspora I have to disagree with some of what you’ve said.n either of us walked in the steps of our ancestors which were kidnapped, tortured,abused in many ways and murdered. They didn’t even speak the language of their captives. What was done to them is less than humane but our ancestors found a way to survive. In order to do what was best for the future if “us” they did whT they had to in order to live. They had to live by faith that their seed,… Read more »

7 years ago

Did anyone see the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics? I saw exactly what Obara was talking about here! I tuned in just in time to see Black women dancing on stage dressed in what looked like full white Revival clothing. It did kind of look like Revival service but because it’s in South America, I assume it’s moreso Lucumi. The commentators explained that Brazil is heavily African influenced because of slavery years ago. It was so nice to see them express that in their performance, it was so beautiful!
Much love Obara!

7 years ago

Isese Lagba! Thank you Obara for always giving yourself to us. Mi deh yah… I have to catch up on some posts. Hi everyone

7 years ago

Isese Lagbe!!! thanks for sharing this tradition with us Obara.
Blacks are so far from knowledge It will take something totally drastic to change their mindset and almost force them to open their eyes and minds and be reprogrammed…Lincoln i agree with you but what can be more drastic than our brothers, sisters and children being killed in the streets like dogs..by oppressors and ourselves(African descendents).that cant be life!

7 years ago

So I have alot of indians in my community- alot of them have altars and/or God rooms in their houses. They have their special plants they grow and have ornaments hanging above their door etc for good luck and protection- they continue their culture no matter what- only we as africans lose our way and as you say Obara if we do the same as the indians and chinese (asians) we are ready to call each other backwards or devil worshippers mainly because blacks are so deeply programmed into christianity– I ask everyone this —next time you see an indian… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Lincoln

Great comment Lincoln. It’s very unfortunate.

(interested about the house not facing South thing though…why is that?)

7 years ago
Reply to  KY

I have no ask them but they always ask that when they are looking for houses- The wont buy if front down facing south. or prefer not to buy

7 years ago

Isese Lagba! 😀
There is true value in tradition.

7 years ago

Just can’t wait to be a part of my real heritage, I’m so excited to read these posts and be inspired as I read. Only regret I have, is that it took me so long to find the my way.
Keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

7 years ago

Isese lagba Teach! May your day go peaceful filled with love and happiness.

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