Spiritual Experiences


When I was child growing up in Jamaica, I have written this here before, I can remember around age 5 or 6 I was standing in the back porch of our home. There was a cherry tree several yards away from where I stood. The sun was bright and hot and I alone stood at that backdoor of the back porch, just when a small pebble was hurled at me from behind the cherry tree.

Frightened, I stood still and looked to see who threw that stone, but the trunk of the tree was very slender and could never hide any one behind it.

Jamaican Cherry Tree

Another pebble came, and another, and another… they were being thrown at me, but none of them touched me. Although I was young, after a while I realized that what was happening was not to hurt me. Since then (and for a while I did not consider this feeling towards the experience I had with the tree) I have always had a fascination with trees. I have always felt as if they were alive and wanted to communicate.

Often times I would go to the river for rituals or sacrifices, and the first thing I would always do is attend to any tree that I met there. On my way to the beach while walking past trees, I would find the strongest ones and attend to them ceremonially and offer them prayers, salutations, water and other things. Greeting them before going on to the body of water that I came to venerate.

As I am writing this now I can not believe that I have never written a post specifically dedicated to trees because I have such high respect for nature and all the plants, herbs, and trees therein.

Here in Nigeria, and although I am in the city of Lagos, at times I’d pass by some trees that are as magnificent as time itself. To me, as I go past them, and this is the honest truth – I can feel their energy. They reach out to me as if they have something to say, and in my mind I see them as Royalty, these strong rooted trees with roots bursting out of the Earth, with their brilliance of greenery covering half of the street it stands on. It indicates History and many stories to be told.

I want to tell you all today about an impressive conversation I had this morning with my daughter. The conversation brought back a message that was once given to me through mediumship about a tree that stands in front of my house, and also about the one I used write about often that stands at my window in my backyard.

Yesterday, I sat on my bed and I began to hear old Zion songs playing in my head… Of course, I know that when I hear this, messages want to come through, so I began to sing the songs I heard in order to bring the message forth.

My daughter who knows to join in, did, and together we pulled the message through quicker (like pulling a fat little boy through a fence). I picked up the phone and called my sister in New York. I was somehow worried about the message I was about to give her, as I believed that she was no longer attached to her spirituality as before, but still, if the messenger receives a message and does not deliver it, then the blood stands on his shoulders.

The spirit was bright and alive and so I cared not how she would receive the message, but I knew I had to deliver it. I had no idea what would come out of my mouth as she answered the phone, but as I am a medium, the spirit spoke to her through me.

The message was that she was to use a particular solution that I described to her how to make (things of nature), add water, and go out in the evening when all was dark, and throw the solution in front of the house… just where a particular tree stood.

Let me be clear: The emphasis of the message was not on the tree. It was on clearing the house of anything negative that may have wanted to visit.

The messenger also told my sister that she should adhere to what was being told to her because whatever was negative would affect her family, and not mine (you will soon find out why). To this, my sister became defensive and offended:

Nothing will affect my family negatively!” she told me.

I, however, understood her declaration, because what came across was negative and so she wanted to push it away from her, and this was OK. Anyhow, she was warned 3 times to be sure that this work was done before the night was out. I then called my daughter and reiterated the importance of her aunt doing this ritual tonight, and that she should ensure it was done, even if she had to mix the solution herself and give it to my sister to do. The message was over and I enjoyed the rest of my day here in Lagos before I went to bed.

At 2 o’clock AM New York time, my daughter called me. “Mom, there was drama at the house here tonight!” she told me. She proceeded to tell me that my sister, her, and my sister’s husband all went out to do as the spirit had instructed. And as they were washing the front of the house with the solution, my sister neared the tree and cobwebs tied her entire face and body, almost like an embrace.

She stopped in her tracks and had a strong urge to wet the tree on the solution. It was then an overwhelming feeling of sadness and distress came over her. As she wet the tree, she lost control of her next actions.

The tree is sad,” she said. Look at her leaves. The tree is crying.

My sister suddenly burst into tears… It was a wail that sounded like the wind blowing and the tree that sways with it.

The spirit of the tree that stood in front of our house began to speak through my sister as the others looked on in shock. The tree complained that our neighbor, Marvin, had called the City for the tree to be chopped down. The tree wailed and said it did not want to die, and that it had been living there for a very long time protecting that street, our house and most especially our family.

The tree began to tell it’s history…

She said she is the oldest tree in the neighborhood and has been there since the 1800’s. She was not planted by the City, she had just grown. The tree in our backyard was her family, but she missed her companion across the street, but he had died during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The two trees were directly across from each other and their leaves had touched, like lovers holding hands.

The tree wailed and tears poured through my sister’s eyes. The tree was lonely, but she did not want to die, and so she warned: If Marvin [the neighbor] cut the tree, she would burn his house down and seek revenge on his family. (Di tree seh Marvin deh pon har shit list) However, she assured my family that she would do so once my family has gone away.

On this street, an orange cat often goes back and forth daily, like a solider assigned to the street. As the spirit of the tree came forth on this night, the cat stayed at the end of the street and only watched. He could not patrol the street as he usually does.

When I spoke to my sister a few hours after my daughter had called me and told me what happenned, she told me that it was her fault. When Marvin told her that he would cut the tree down, she had agreed, and so the message of the tree came alllll the way to Africa and straight to me. But it had given me the message in an obscure way. The messengers knew that if my sister had gotten the message to go and warn Marvin about cutting the tree down, she would not have done it. Her daily life may not have given her the time or even make her care at all about the tree.

So she had to be tricked spiritually into going outside so that the tree itself could appeal  to her conscience, as she was a co-signer to it’s death (this was why the spirit warned that whatever was coming would affect her family and not mine).

What that sentence says is that you all,  human beings, do not give care to things of nature anymore. There was no care to the fact that the tree is alive and living, there was no care to the tree having History, and that it, too, enjoyed our sun, our rain, and our seasons, and that it also lends it’s shade to us and other spiritual healing properties assigned to it, which it loaned to us and the neighborhood.

Also, it has been years since I, myself, have fed that tree as I often used to do.

In 2014, through mediumship, a message was given about this same particular tree which my youngest daughter reminded me of this morning (as she was the scribe that saved the message). As I related my sister’s story to her, she found the message she had saved 4 years ago, and the instructions were:

The tree serves your family. You must all salute and greet it in your goings and comings, because it is alive and well, and it serves as guardian to your house.

The message went on to personalize some work that we could do to the tree for anything we desired, and the tree would provide. There has always been a connection me and those trees.

I urge you all: Where ever you live, please adopt a tree! Dog owners please do not allow your dogs to relieve itself under a tree. If you are passing any tree and you see where there is litter or something that you can do to relieve it of any trash or clutter, please do it. Do not have any sexual relations under any tree! To do so is to disrespect the spirit of the tree. Think of this post when you pass another tree. Try to develop your spirituality by focusing on any particular tree you choose and seeing the spirit therein, whether masculine or feminine.

If you ever knew the amount of spirits that lived in a tree, you would be amazed. Always remember that the trees, regardless of their size, are our friends and that the spirits of trees are most often benevolent. 

List of a Few Spiritually Important Trees:

  • Iroko Tree ( Prayers at this tree are often answered quickly. In many cultures the Iroko tree is feared, shunned or revered. Yoruba’s believe that the tree is inhabited by a spirit – The Iroko-Man, legend has it that anyone who sees the Iroko-Man face to face goes insane and soon dies. [Also, when the spirit comes out of the tree, a terrible smell will surround the tree] In Yoruba culture, a man who cuts down an Iroko tree brings bad luck to himself and his family. They believe that the spirit of the Iroko can be heard in homes that use Iroko wood, because the spirit of the Iroko is trapped in the wood. – Source: logbaby.com)
  • Almond Tree (This is a tree that hosts a lot of spirits. Good and bad spirits are very attracted to it.)
  • Cotton Tree (Dark and lonely spirits love cotton trees. At a certain time of year, the cotton tree sends off an energy of suicide. It is not a tree that people should linger around much. Anyone within it’s vicinity, during a certain period, will begin to have thoughts of suicide).
  • Palm Tree (Those that have 16 palm branches. It is associated with Ifa and the ikins, the oracle of Ifa, comes from this tree)
  • Coconut Tree (This tree is sacred because it is capable of doing anything for the human being.)
  • Ceiba Tree
  • Lignum Vitae (This national tree of Jamaica. It is a very powerful healing tree. It’s leaves can also be used in Ifa tradition and mysteries.)
  • Weeping Willow (This is a tree of Witch power.)
  • Acacia Tree (It is said that the oils from this tree brings anything alive)
  • Sycamore Tree
  • Willow Tree (These trees are sacred in witchcraft and also work with the moon)
  • Oak Tree (This is a knowledge and wisdom tree. Just by being around the oak tree, a person can download a lot of knowledge. The Oak tree is also a pointer for Alien beings from other realms. It is like a magnet to them. There is also a particular Stargate/portal that surrounds them).
  • The Italian Cyprus Tree (This tree is associated with death and transitioning to other worlds.)
  • The Bodhi Tree (Known for it’s wisdom. This is the tree that Buddha gained enlightenment under)
  • Fir Tree (Associated with a deity called Tammuz. The Christmas Tree is actually the worship of Tammuz, which is associated with Nimrod, Sepharamus, and Tammuz with Tammuz representing light and originally what is thought of as “paganistic ritual”. The lighting of the tree is a worship to the deity Tammuz).
  • Banana Tree (A powerful tree associated with Egbe and Egbe worship.)
  • Ose (oh-shay) Tree (Very significant to the Yorubas. The Yorubas say that if lightening strikes, it can never strike this tree, and if it does, the Ose tree neutralizes the power of the lightening.)

I, Obara Meji, along with my family, salute all living trees, plants, herbs, all greenery that are scattered throughout this Earth plane throughout our world.

I pray you all do the same.

Obara Meji

If a big masquerade claims it doesn’t see the smaller masquerade, the small masquerade will also claim it doesn’t see the big masquerade. / If an important man does not respect those less important than himself, less important men will in turn refuse to give him his due. – Yoruba Proverb

Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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Hey everybody! This was an interesting post, the significance of the trees are good to know. Mi remember when people use to fraid a cotton tree and when wi did young an haffi pass one, wi nuh walk wi run. When my aunt came to visit, my mother told me she had the strangest dream. She said the trees by a little bridge in our neighborhood came to her and said why didn’t you introduce your sister to us. Reading this post shed some light on that dream.

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Thank you and great post as usual Obara. I had been waiting for a post like this.

I have heard about some of these trees with cotton tree being the most famous (or infamous) and also the Holly tree.

What I am curious to know is about Bamboo, mint, papaya and Aloe Vera. I can’t exactly recall who told me, where I heard it or if I only thought I heard it but with Bamboo there are usually spirits associated with it. Drive through Holland Bamboo at nights and I always get creeped out. I have heard Aloe Vera planted around the yard gives spiritual protection. I am just curious about the mint tree since it has a lot of medicinal and spiritual properties.

Regarding tree spirits: Is it that spirits reside in trees or that the tree itself has its own spirit and other spirits also occupy it? Also, are spirits relegated just with the big trees or are there any that reside in small plants?

I look around and I see some trees and plants with some amazing abilities. There are some trees I have observed out here where you chop them down or burn them to ashes and as long as the roots are not troubled it will grow back. I do not know the names of those trees but would those trees possess powerful spirits? For I would not want to be faced with their wrath. I am not really an agriculture person so I do not know if this is an ability that all trees possess but I have seen trees that simply chopping it down and that is that but I have seen breadfruit trees uprooted and if all parts of the root are not taken out it will regrow.


Hi teach.
Mango season done and early this month 2 small mangoes start bear on the tree. Is there any significance to this as I have never seen this before? You what’s also strange, the weather reports said issac would give us rain after 2pm Sunday 16 sept 2018. At approximately 1:45pm we experienced a loud “boom” sound, then felt an earthquake which moved the entire house. The pots on the stove were dancing, the cupboards flew open and the crockeries started to make music. Shortly after we started to receive the rainfalls. Thankfully not heavy by us but maybe somewhere else.


I connected with a tree spirit before and it was made out of leaves and had red glowing eyes… it was leaning against the thickest part of the tree and one of its legs was dangling from the branch he was sitting on… we spoke with each other for like seemed hours but it was only minutes before I realized that I wasn’t seeing things and imagined him… he told me…. I AM ONE OF MANY, THERE ARE MORE LIKE ME BUT I’M THE ONLY ONE OF MY KIND…. IM HERE TO HELP YOU BUT YOU CAN ONLY CONTACT ME AFTER MIDNIGHT AND I WILL BE HERE FOR YOU… I’M GOING TO PROTECT YOU AND GIVE YOU MY KNOWLEDGE AND SPIRIT AS IM DYING FROM DECAY.. YOU ARE A VERY SPIRITUAL STRONG BEING WHO DESERVES MY LIFE AND SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE… THERE ARE MANY BEINGS HERE IN YOUR YARD THAT WILL HELP ME WITH PROTECTION AND SUPPORT AND SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE.. then the leaves fell from the tree and it was gone and I never seen it again… but I know things about animals and birds and the weather… like sometimes I hear their voices and the other things that I have heard from animals…. when I meditate I hear everything around me and it never stops and I don’t know what that tree spirit has done to me…. all I know is that I am protected by these entities and I will never ask to another tree spirit or entity to be my spiritual guide or anything else…I can honestly say that it’s a curse to connect with something that is not from our own worldly realm…. never ask for a spirit a connection or a spiritual life force that is not what you are expecting… always be careful what you ask for because you may get it… I hear people’s thoughts and understand what some animals are saying when they bark or crow or sing …. I hate this thing for giving me it’s knowledge and spirit


After reading this post, the tamarind tree right by my window comes to mind.
When i was younger i often talked to plants and trees after i came home from school but stopped when people told me it wasnt good and i was crazy.
Since coming forward on my spiritual journey I’ve came back to the trees. Taking naps in the mango tree, before Hurricane irma/maria went with her.
The tamarind tree in particular is where i go to meditate and admire most because it has survived many disasters. I will open more to this tree and all other trees because they’re our forgotten friends and im very thankful for their divine presence.

Another wondeful post Obara

Give thanks,



Wow!!!! So two days ago I gave a coworker a ride home dropped him off and was on my way home and I am a stop light with traffic and I just happened to glanced over and see this tree and it stood out to me; I have never been in the area before where the tree stood, but I remember looking at the tree and saying to myself how beautiful that tree looks and looked it up and down and was even having a conversation with the tree. Now here you are talking about trees and messages. I really love your page. I will have to try to remember the route I took home that day and try to find that tree again. I think I remember the route I took to get home that day. (I live in a large city and was just trying to beat traffic home that day but was not really in a rush) .Anyways I Love your Messages!!!!!

P.S. —- sorry if I am all over the place. (mi mind sometimes scatter like dat)


Is it a coincidence that I was asked to run a environmental club today…. I was looking for a post this quick surprise when I saw it and the content knowing the task that was handed down to me today… thanks for ur knowledge u never seem to disappoint… I have also felt the need to have palm trees within my house and on the outside with even knowing the spiritual benefits.. thanks a lot Obara blessing , love, happiness and healing to ur family


Wow. Cool! Maybe the message is also for you? 🙂


This message assured that I will never look at trees the same way ever again! Say there is an issue the tree is causing, such as an encumbrance on the inhabitants of the land. What is the correct way to get that issue resolved without offending the tree? I had neighbors once (very contentious couple…the wife at least), they wanted to plant some holly trees on the side of their house and I’m not sure if the trees we had were in there way but as soon as they planted their trees 3 of ours died, we had to end up getting them removed. Shortly after they had to end up selling their house. I will say some of my best meditation is done in the presence of trees. Great post mums. Love and light to all!


Great read. Four about 7 years I’d get sick whenever I passed an oak tree near a grave yard in my neighborhood. Sometimes having choking and loss of breath. When I moved to a new home I’d get serious hives after getting in contact with oaks. I’ve since hung swings from them and no longer have this issue.
Let me know your thoughts.

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