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Divination is very important. Many people have the gift, but competence is not among all of those gifted. There are some who are naturally gifted and there are others who are simply fascinated with spirituality or occultism.

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Some go into studying whatever oracle they have access to (with tarot cards being the most popular) and they’ll begin reading people or themselves. What a lot of people do not know is that this can actually be dangerous because many spiritual doors are opened during divinations, which can cause the emotionally vulnerable or those too eager with no spiritual strength, mental problems and more. A diviner must know what spirits he is working with, or the process can drive a person mad. (I actually know one woman currently going through this).

Now on to the Spiritualist and How Some Work:

The Drunk Diviner

Let us not neglect or forget the drunk diviner. Most often a person’s spirit comes out when they drink alcohol. It’s quite a bit to explain, but just know that there is a realm within time and space where liquor and drugs operate through persons here on this planet, making them more receptive and open to spiritual messages.

I had a friend named Millie who was an excellent diviner. She was a Spanish woman who ran a Botanica that was very popular (there would be hundreds of people lined up outside waiting to be read by her). Her readings only lasted about 5 to 10 minutes, but she was always very accurate. I, however, was her diviner. I loved her.

One day, she told me an interesting story about her own unintentional “drunk divination”.

She and her friends had gathered on the stoop of her building. They were all drinking and having a good time in the summer. The landlord of their building came out and harassed them for sitting on the stoop. While her friends matched words with the landlord, Millie laughed drunkenly and waved a dismissive hand to her friends.

Leave him alone, by tomorrow he’ll be dead,” she said nonchalantly.

Millie said that by the next morning, they awoke to the sound of an ambulance. The landlord who lived in the basement had a heart attack 6AM that morning, and had later died.

There is a peculiar thing that happens to some people when they are under the influence, most especially of alcohol. If you are ever privy to a traditional ritual involving sacrifice or even divination, you will see that alcohol is always present. It matters not the culture. And in Jamaica, we call alcohol “spirit”, and there is a reason why in Jamaica when we keep 9 Nights (a celebration kept 9 nights after a person has died) the “dranko batty” (raw white rum, moonshine style) is present, but I won’t get into that now.

In any spiritual setting, the more the person drinks liquor (oh, and not just any liquor) is the more they are capable of pulling non-physical energies and entities to them, and when they are open they will be able to pass messages along at times through hallucinations.

The Sleeping Prophet

There are also the sleeping prophets. These are ones who can see (spiritually), but can only do so if they sleep or fall into a trance. Edgar Cayce is known for this while he lived in this world. There was a woman who had become an enemy to me, and this was how she divined for people. You would sit before her waiting for your divination, and she would literally fall asleep (snoring and all).

She was a large woman, and she would sit in what I remember being something like a rocking chair. And in between snores she would jump up and say what she saw. I have become into my own now (as an experienced spiritualist) from those days of spiritual youth, so I now understand the way her gift works, although back then it was funny as hell to me.

The Yawning Spirit

This is also hilarious to me, and it is something that sometimes happens to me as well (Note: You might notice I’ll say “I also have this gift” often, this is because I am a Spiritual Teacher, one of my purposes on Earth, so I have the gift of almost everyone, in order to teach). When Zion/Revival spirits come close to me and wants to pass on a message, they will pass through my body and I will yawn loudly and end the yawn  with an echo or shrill (very embarrassing, I might add).

There are also those who yawn like an opera. As funny as it may sound, it is a spiritual yawn.

I once had a friend named Lilian. She used to yawn this sort of yawn while we were in spiritual church together (Her yawn sounded like Luciano Pavrati in high note). I used to laugh at her as I thought she was pretending. Until one day, that yawning spirit took me over in church, 6 times to be exact, 2 minutes in between each. I sounded like Lilian to my great dismay.

I was actually very embarrassed because I had no control over this market woman yawn (don’t forget that I was a dance girl), but what I realized is that with each yawn, came a new revelation to my mind. Now, as I am writing this post, I see the yawn as a clarion call… almost like whatever is coming out of the realms, is sounding a clarion through my body. I don’t know about other cultures, but I know for sure that in the Zion/Revival church you will certainly find the Yawning Diviner.

All Zion/Revival goers, come and attest to this.

For those who are on a path of spirituality, after reading this, watch your yawns. Is it longer than necessary? Oddly outrageous? Are many of them back to back? If this happens, know that the “yawning spirit” is passing through with a message.

The Angry Diviner

There are even diviners whose power of divination comes out when they get cross, miserable and angry (big up yuh self Bounty Killa). I also fall into this category (when mi head tek mi and revelation reel out wid two claat). For those who know me personally, especially before the start of Embracing Spirituality, when I become suddenly angry, they will become alert and allow me to speak because my words do not fall to the ground.

Yes people, “Spirit” (or revelations) can come through temper. These are some of the revelations that should never be taken lightly because the anger will often bring forth warnings.

Also, know when these kinds of spiritualists become unexplainably angry, know that it is coming from their solar plexus. Something stirs in this region that brings out light and instead of a yawn like the yawning spirit, this person becomes very angry.

The person will say something through their temper that will seem like lightening. These are the kinds of messages that manifest almost immediately. When a spiritualist becomes extremely angry suddenly, the message he will bring forth will be a warning of something terrible to come. Some spirits don’t linger on the Earth, so when they pass through, they’ll pass through like a raging fire.

Or when the spirit sees that something terrible is impending, when they want you to react and react quickly, they will often cause the spiritualist to become enraged. Another reason for the anger is if the spirit itself picks up on a person’s secret misdeeds, it will cause the spiritualist to react to the person with impatience and irritation. Even the spiritualist may not understand the reason for his annoyance.

This is one of the reasons for my own short temper and even shorter patience, something many people do not understand and are often offended by, and have even hated me for.

The Gentle Diviner

This is the diviner that most often uses himself as an oracle, or he may use an oracle itself. He is quiet, unassuming, always seems to be far in thought even when divining for you. This type of diviner sees very far, because he is always in a meditative state, and even though he is quiet and unassuming, he is very strong. People who have this kind of posture and character, a quiet strength, are those that works with the spirits of old prophets, or these are the ones who work with non-physical beings who have never been to Earth. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

I can go on but there are many many types of diviners and how spirits will communicate with them. However it is important to know how to choose the “right” spiritualist for you.

How to Choose a Competent Spiritualist For You

It’s not an easy thing, because as you can see, there are many types of spiritualists out there. Some of them may have messages for you, but not know all of your book (destiny book). Some are able to tell you a line or a sentence about your future, past, or present. Some are just Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles and can’t see anything at all.

While others are very quick sighted, able to see correctly your plight and problems – but not able to help you solve them. This is because not every reader, is a practitioner. He can accurately help you know your problems, but he can not help you solve them.

So as you can see, finding a spiritualist for you is like searching for a needle in the haystack. Since Miss Cleo days, many people are very worried that they may find spiritualists who are fraudsters or not gifted (there are fraudsters in every walks of life, from a spiritualist to banker). But do not concern yourself with any of this.

What I am about to tell you will negate from your mind all of your unnecessary worries if you are able to trust what I am saying.

The best way to find the competent spiritualist is to trust your head. You do not find the spiritualist, you are led to him or her by your own Ori (your head/your inner consciousness/ your highest divinity).

The Yorubas have a proverb that they will include in some prayers and I will paraphrase it: “As the fish uses it’s head to guide it through the murky waters, so shall your head lead you to a good place in life.

Finding a spiritualist for you has to do with not only the competence of the diviner (which is important), but equally important is the compatibility of your spirit and the spirit of the diviner.

One of the things that can create a big problem between the diviner and the seeker is Ego. Neither one of you should have it. The spiritualist especially must never have Ego. And the seeker must leave his or her Ego at the door.

Anyone you hear saying “I am the best! No one can divine like me” etc. There is a difference between ego and a person who has confidence. If a person speaks highly of themselves when it comes to spirituality in what they can do, in their own self praise that sounds too egotistical, this is a sign you should probably leave this person alone.

But again – go with your ori (your head/inner consciousness). Because this also just might be the spiritualist’s character and he or she may really be good at what they do but just can’t help praising himself, and that’s okay (Leos – can I get an Amen?).

Also, for the skeptic seekers, the ones who decide to go ahead with the reading but get there with judgement in mind, criticism, doubt or worries, or condemnation – people like this have already blocked themselves and have also offended whatever non-physical that may be working with the spiritualist to deliver the messages.

Also, never go to a spiritualist expecting them to tell you what you came to hear. The spirits will prioritize what is important for you to hear now as whatever they tell you is what needs your immediate attention.

A good spiritualist does not create confusion by telling you your sister Marcia’s boyfriend is dating her best friend. Or that your boss is cheating on his wife. Good spiritualists do not create confusion. They will tell you the problem, tell you the solution (if they are able to), and do it all in such a way that no one is violated and no one’s life is placed in danger.

However, there are some spiritualists that will ask you to tell them what you would like to focus on before they begin the reading. I personally don’t like this method of reading, I like to leave everything up to the messengers that are coming through, and at the end of the reading I will ask if you have any questions. Always remember that every reader, every divination, is seeing something out of your “destiny book” – call it Akashic Record, call it Odu, whatever you want to call it. Every time you get a reading, a page of your destiny book is revealed to the diviner, so it really isn’t good to focus on one particular thing, again because this can also avoid seeing what needs to be seen now. 

Lastly, know that within every second of time, multiple energies pass through the Earth. Some bring messages, some create havoc, some shine light… when the diviner divines, they can pull these energies forth to come and speak to the seeker. If the oracle is part of a structured system, like the Ifa Oracle or tarot cards (those who have knowledge of using it), cowrie shells, etc. then wayward entities (earth bound spirits) can not muddle the reading with false messages.

Or if the reader uses their body as an oracle, like myself because I am medium and am advanced, the reader should know how to control wayward spirits or mercenary spirits  from coming in to give false messages.

My biggest advice to you all in choosing a competent spiritualist is not research or even recommendation, it is trusting your own spirit. You will feel at ease with the diviner, you will be relaxed (even if you came with doubts and expectations). Trust your own spirit and don’t mind the “hype”, or ”shakara” as Nigerians would say 😉


Obara Meji

PS: I do not cast aspersions on anybody who claims to be a spiritualist, because who am I to say who God has gifted? I have suffered to become Obara Meji. My own awakening was hell on Earth. I never knew that I could ever be well again after what I had gone through… but here I am, teaching you. So always remember, never judge. Just trust. Trust your own self.

The experience of an elderly person is a warning. – Yoruba proverb.


Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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Greetings Obara Meji. I’m a new subscriber to your site. I’m blessed to have found this platform. I will certainly learn a great deal. Ase


Thank you Obara Meji , I like how you said Trust your Ori , i agree you couldn’t have put things in a better perspective especially for someone like me who is seeking . Thank You Sis


Greetings Ma and ES family.
Thank you for giving your time and effort to also provide us with the accompanying audio message. Brilliant.
2 things that resonated with me was the message of hope the seeker should receive above everything else. Also, trusting our Ori in guiding us through life. Our higher self knows what is best for us. I believe that is what is known as true faith.
Thank you for the message of hope you bring in all your teachings.


Obara thank you for the message. The part about spiritualists giving comfort and hope stood out the most to me, since that is the way I feel about you. Hearing your voice is very nice, I hope you continue to do audio posts.


By the way….. Like your voice .. Well spoken

Remember the first time I came across your blog. …. I was searching for something to do with prosperity. ….. And I have not stopped reading your blogs……love them…

Soon get the courage for you to do a divination for me…. Although I have emailed you many times.


I had a few minutes and I have been reading the comments. For those peepers and other who think about going to a spiritualist, healer whatever they maybe one word of advice.
Free your mind off all that’s running through your head. Let the reading happen naturally without your thoughts of what should and what must be done, said, confirmed etc ! whatever conclusion you are entering that reading with leave it at the door because many times it is wrong, especially if you believe someone has done something to you.

I once went to a reader and when I left I was like ok I just wasted my time! my spirit didn’t react to the reading and I had the strongest feeling after that this person was not competent. Later that week my uncle sent me to someone who geez gave me the reading of my life- Everything was exact and all the dots that I didn;t connect were connected. I told this person nothing but everything they said was spot on.
The point here is the first person I went to and my spirit (ORI) told me they were not competent led me to continue searching and connected to the person who help me.
SO ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR INNER SELF- ORI, Guardians…. Empty your mind and let the messages and energies in.

Blessed Love…


Good comments Ivory and Kay! I don’t like the hop around spiritualist thing. Same way in church I never like people lay hands on me. Very iffy with people so when Obara say your ori must lead you. It is very true. I always heard listen to your first mind never know it’s the ori they were speaking of. We often miss that quiet still voice because it may not be saying what you want to hear or not as loud as you believe it should be.


Ms Obara I was truly lead to you…Need a Divination.


Morning gentle people Obara thanks for sharing this knowledge of diviners. I am truly glad my ori lead me to you. Haha I would really like to hear the sleeping diviner snore and the yawning diviner yawn.

Intellectual Bhutu
Intellectual Bhutu

Excellent Post Obara Meji !

I appreciate the uniqueness of your interpretation as you highlighted the unpopular forms of diviners. This post has created, for me, an even greater sense of appreciation for the art and/or science …my first question emerges – Is divination an art or science?
In the audio, you mentioned the use of playing cards. I first saw that when I was in high school, a girl used them to do readings for a fundraiser (Yes proper traditional school in kgn ) – the accuracy was unbelievable. Fast foward to a couple weeks ago when I used them to “divine” for a friend – when mi si di card dem a talk truth mi frighten suh til! We pack dem up so fast – causn seh divination nuh fi play wid.
As we build a closer relationship with our Orí, the connection becomes clearer and we will be lead to the right spiritualist that will provide the clarity and hope that we seek.
It is also important for us to recognize that outcomes are not the ultimate test of a reader’s ability as humans have been known to stand in their own way.
Many skeptics have become believers because of a divination experience – shouldn’t the spiritualist be able to work along with the non-physical messengers to deliver despite the human’s attitude?

I can’t help but mention what I have been observing in the church – Yes, the same ones who bun out divination. Yuh waah si church pack, just announce seh a prophet coming . Everybody waah know what is around di bend. Very popular here in Jamaica and also prominent in the continent of Africa – mi watch dem tuh!
So mi last question, with all these forms of divination – from reader man to tarot to Prophetess… Does the channel have an impact on the quality of access gained to one’s destiny book?

Marjorie Tomlinson
Marjorie Tomlinson

Hi Obara .Oldtime sintin come back again. nine night, white rum moon Shine all these when I was in Jamaica at dead yard…Just last week I heard a man was digging a grave and drinking rum ..which on .i did not ask..He have high blood pressure him kick ova they rush him to hospital him dead Jamaica never leave them spirit

Now to know a spiritualist it’s true you talking when my Husband just died I found a man in New York call him self —- said him would help me get back with some financial help .he would call me every day. (Oh we getting close send me $200.) One day I said what’s going on I want results am giving every week and nothing coming in. (he said by the coming weeks u will see resilts) I cut him off not one penny more he was a fraudsters. From then I can’t trust then…..Gods gift not for sale…..people who come for help give what they have. My daughter went to Jamaica. She was never charged only buy the products.lots and lots of fraudsters. Out there. We only have to use our head ….once bitten twice shy


“This is one of the reasons for my own short temper and even shorter patience, something many people do not understand and are often offended by, and have even hated me for.”

Considering the statement above,
Having this spirits,and knowing we may be right spiritually to act and react the way we often do…
How can we ensure we live in harmony with people,how can we keep our jobs,how can we run our businesses???
Knowing most people have agenda and majority of people are not so intelligent.
Is there a form of compensation for those with this spirit,since they are also flesh and blood living on earth and subjected to human conditions??
Nice post!!!


It’s nice hearing your voice again, Madame!
I’ve always found getting a reading a beautiful thing once I’m speaking with a truly gifted diviner. I still remember the reading you gave me earlier this year… everything that you have said had come to pass, (when it got hard, I held on to hope) and I got through!
I even remember when it sounded as if you were getting angry (lol) and my thought was to calm you down. Now I know more about the process and as always, I’m amazed. I find the spirit world so intriguing.
Thank you so much, Obara, I’ve learned a lot from you! If I ain’t commenting, I’m peeping!

Stay Blessed, Obara! 😀


It is such a pleasure to hear your comforting voice!


Very interesting I must say it was very lovely to finally get to hear you voice. I know we have to talk… I know I was led to this forum. Nuff love and respect


What sis love the AUDIO!!!!!!
One question for you – How do you make sure your Ori is clear and not muddied so you can truly trust your Ori? I have read some readings of use of coconut water, others on Shea butter.
On that note I often read of people going to multiple readers! I just have a feeling (Ori) that can’t be healthy spiritually healthy! goes back to your reference of confusion. Consultation should lead to some form of spark to light the fire of your spirituality to aid in your present.

Blessed Love

Spirit Being
Spirit Being

Obara Meji, that’s your voice? Wow, nice!

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