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Here is the very prolific Mutabaruka on religious  hard talk with master Interviewer Ian Boyne, making some very solid points on christianity and the bible. It has always been my position not to discuss religion with anyone because I have come to realize with age, that most people who has been indoctrinated from birth or while they grew, by religious teachings, do not want to open their minds to other arguments that does not agree with their dogmatic teachings. Millions of dollars has been spent to keep the minds of the masses locked, with the threat of blaspheme which will bring hell and damnation, fire and brimstone upon the souls of those who query after some other possibilities. I was one of those who were enslaved by christianity, and would have nothing to do with any one who said or thought otherwise. Calling them the devil, who I have now come to realize does not exist. Oh the fear of this conniving BLACK man with horns holding a pitch fork. While I went to church and blew kisses at the picture of the famous artist Michaelangelo’s cousin hanging on the church walls with his blonde hair and blue eyes calling him my father and beseeching him to save me and protect me,when it was men that looked like him who were the ones to enslave, hang and killed my forefathers. It made no sense.

The Pastors or Bishops did not dwell on Revelation 1:vs 14-15, where Jesus was described by the apostle John who supposedly wrote that book was a black man…..hair like wool?, feet like burnt brass??…so then how does the commandments “thou shalt not lie”  fit when the lie is being told to us in church. As I have said many times before I do not like the argument of color, because Anthropology teaches that there is only ONE race, and that is the black race, and once you are spiritually learned (educated), color does not exist. Our shadows are all black no matter your ethnicity, and that is the essence of human being. I like Mutabruka, because he is bold and as Jamaican people use to say “dry-eyed”. I also like Ian Boyne,because as a Christian he opened up to Muta’s argument and even agreed with him on some points. He could have shunned Mutabaruka or found some way to stonewall his argument, but he proved himself to be a fair host regardless of his own views.

As I have said in the “ABOUT OBARA MEJI” on Embracing Spirituality, my intention is to educate, and not to indoctrinate. I know for a fact that everybody has their own path cut out already for them to walk, and we must find our way. However way you look at life is your reality. Your mind is your universe and where ever you put your mind is where you will be. In other words if you are leaving work to go home and the bus and train has stopped running and there is no taxi around, it seems impossible for you to get home, it matters not how long it takes you to get there because your mind is already home. So even if you have to beg a lift you will get there!  When the Christians cross over they will see Jesus because that is their reality, the muslim the same, the Jews also. I am a traditionalist, so my reality is Africa and all therein, but I came into this with an objective mind, there were no religious baggage to hinder my way. So Yes I have met Jesus twice, and I have met Selassie twice also, I have seen my mother Osun many times in different forms and Obatala, Esu and Sango too. I have even met Yemoja and many others. Bob Marley (who I also met in the realms) said “emmancipate your self from mental slavery, none but our selves can free our minds”.

Open up your mind and watch this interview, and enjoy. As usual I cannot wait to get your opinions.

He who does not look ahead always remains behind…Yoruba Proverb.

Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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ASE WAUUUU!! May Dr. Epega continue to send forth his scholastic Ase to us all from the land of the Ancestors! Ase O!…….


@OrisaPikkney, not sure if she did but she normally does – fi di sake ah har health mi hope shi did miss dah one deh


Maniac, if there was no air nor water, we wouldn’t be having this convo……lol……and God wanted for us to have this convo…..so Maferefun Earth, Soil, Air, Water, Gas!!!

Did your mom watch the video? lol


Mi nah lie OrisaPikkney I am learning a lot from you…what you say makes perfect sense



My old friend, and mentor, Afolabi Epega used to say: “Everything they do ( Lucumi/Santeria) is a secret. I think this is for two reasons. First, they want to keep their godchildren dependent…and second, they simply don’t know the answers to the questions. What you don’t know then becomes a ‘secret’!”

Orisa worship requires empowerment. Empowerment requires knowledge. Increasingly Ifa practitioners as well are adopting the Christian view of Secrecy rather than openness and sharing of knowledge. It is troubling. It threatens the integrity of the entire philosophy.

My advice: Do not associate with those that refuse to share their knowledge…it is simply another form of slavery.

Esu has always been considered essential to open any ceremony or ebbo.
Indeed, even if making an offering to another Orisa, a small portion was
designated to be given Esu first. Why? Because… Esu is the absolute energy
of opportunity!

This reality, which our ancient Yoruba ancestors clearly understood, was
then expressed in various tales and stories. For example, regardless of
which Orisa paradigm you come from, you have all heard the Esu is in control
of roads and paths. Indeed, our prayers to Esu often include “…please open
my paths and doors and roads…” Yet, what do roads represent? They represent
the opportunities for new directions and destinations! The tale was simply a
way of pointing this out. Yet the danger in viewing this explanation in
Western terms is that it allows for the insertion of a malevolent aspect of
this pure energy of Opportunity. As the Western/Christian world view
increasingly intruded upon, and influenced, Africans and Diaspora
Practioners, Esu became a force for “punishment” and “chaos.”

How did this happen? The Christian paradigm is based upon Paternalism. It
twisted the logical and rational pattern of a parent caring for and raising
a child to adulthood and self-sufficiency, into a world view where the adult
was never empowered, and ALWAYS needed the guidance and protection of
superior forces. As a parent often must use discipline to train a child,
this paternalistic view required a disciplinarian. The early Missionaries
selected Esu for this task.

Once again, the tales have gotten in the way of the energy. Indeed, the
ultimate corruption came when the Christian missionaries so confused this
inherent energy, that they decided Esu was the Devil…a concept that does
even exist in Ifa! Well, then what are the tales of Esu punishing people
about? From the Yoruba world view these were not directive punishments…they
were logical results. They are about lost or closed opportunities! One can
hardly be punished more than by having ones’ possibilities or opportunities
made unavailable. But, this is not some moral judgment of a small teenage
boy, it is the logical result of a rationally constructed universe – a
universe created by Oludumare to include all energies – a universe where we
have been given the instructions for accessing and benefiting from these
energies, but only if we use these energies as part of our symbiotic
relationship with the world we live in. That is where consequences, and the
essence of Esu’s energy, come into play. When we begin to use these energies
for our own short term gratification, without consideration for the physical
and emotional well being of the planet and community we live with, then
productive opportunities will no longer be available to us.

When an individual receives their personal Esu, they are receiving a direct
connection to the matrix of opportunity. Because each of us has our own
specific energy and destiny, our individual opportunities for expressing
this destiny will be focused through the construction and feeding of our
personal Esu. Through our Esu, not some generic symbol such as a cross or
talisman, we can learn to connect to the opportunities that will open our
way towards fulfilling our destiny. We connect to these through the totality
of the Esu energy matrix…not a single part of it! The practice of assigning
one of the 21 paths of ESU as an individual’s path in his personal
connection to this energy is both incorrect and self-limiting. When you
receive Esu you receive the potential for ALL OPPORTUNITY!

The “best” offerings are those that relate to the opportunity you are
seeking. An opportunity for love might involve honey. Seeking the courage
to ask for a raise or promotion might call for peppercorns or hot peppers.
Seeking peace and tranquility in your life might call for oil or shea butter
Seeking victory in something might call for liquor for celebration. Seeking
prosperity might call for Peep pod . Conception might triangulate best with
fruit. In other words, try and define what opportunity you seek to have open
to you and THEN try and identify the offering that relates to it.


[email protected] google Osun………


True Orisa and Obara can u imagine if there was no air….no water…..no earth….? Cant imagine what my mom said when she watched this interview – mussi cuss Mutu dawg ratten.

Sometimes we need to stop and listen to reasoning and apply logic. But like u said Obara dem frighten wi wid di devil and blasphemy so even tho wi mighta have questions, wi kip it to ourselves.

Dats y mi believe in hearing other sides to each story an nuh run wid ebbryting mi hear – mi mighta rong.


Yes Iya so why xtianity try fi stifle it? I dont understand it (well I do) but it makes no sense……


The bees and di birds nuh get di respect dem deserve…..mi talk to trees and plant like Ms Jane Pittman……I know people see me and think I’m crazy but a fi dem business dat….lol


Ase! yes the bible speaks volumes of the tings in nature, but dem nuh show wi how important it is to our true survival on the planet! Like water is soooo vital to our existence those who knew and those who know continue to use water and hold it in high regard! Like for instance in oral cultures, like Yoruba there are beautiful simple poems and songs paying homage to the life force of water etc…….


But you know how diamonds go thru its pressurized phase in order to become a precious stone? That is how we are being pressurized and conditioned in order to come out PURE , in order to give NAME and to venerate the ENERGIES of life! The imperialist’s Bible doesn’t instruct or validates paying homage to the winds, the trees, the oceans the mysticism of life these are the very things that keeps us alive!! Imagine if every indigenous culture were to suddenly vanish off of the face of the earth? I believe that the connection to the forces will be lost which will result in the stifling of the light of life. However, I don’t think this will happen lol because we are AWAKENING!!!!!! so a bayyyyyyyyyyyy to the OPPRESSORS!!!!!


Present!!! Mek ah goh read an come back


Obara, me get it on my phone now…


I wish I had audio here…..bwoy oh bwoy I love to debate about how xtianity sheg wi up. however as yuh said, NOTHING can stop us from our respectively chosen paths….xtianity is just a stalled train on the road to our true essence! We are LIVING and FEELING beings with discerning spirits and those who have used that spirit knows what’s BS from TRUTH!

Let’s face it, Christianity has lost its patina! Some of us have chosen to dig deeper into the intrinsic well of being also known as the soul. Some of us have gone back to the religions/beliefs of our ancestors. Many celebrities such as Madonna have made Kabbalah chic and accepted in an age where everyone is searching high and low for the answers to life and happiness. Some look to the bottom of a bottle, some turn to drugs and other self destructive behaviors. The church can take us so far in soul searching and finding meaning in the quagmire of life. I am a firm believer that we were born to transcend, just like a snake sheds its skin. We were born to elevate our physical self to align with the astral self. We have vast reservoirs yet to tap into such as human sexuality of which we have only scratched the surface-(to be discussed later on). Many people feel their “other world” power within; some question it, while others stifle it with a religion that says be patient and wait for Armageddon. Finding God shouldn’t be passive nor should the quest for God be relegated to Sunday mornings. We cannot just wait for God to do for us. We have to be actively involved whether it is through benevolence, ebo or self sacrifice. These outward acts allow us to recognize that our bodies, tangible assets and our here and now are neither permanent nor necessary to achieve enlightenment. For example, when we get older, what used to matter does not matter anymore. Past hurts should be forgiven and used as a catalyst for change. Unfortunately, those of us who hold on to past grief suffer greatly!

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