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I find this story very interesting. It is such a pity that most human beings have not embraced their spirituality and at least try to understand the world of spirits. Fear is a very dangerous thing and it is what feeds malevolent entities. This business of Ghost tormenting a community or residents of a community is so sad because of the misunderstanding of human beings as to what is really going on. While it is possible for earth-bound spirits, (earth bound means spirits who have chosen to stay on the earth plane, refusing to accept that they have died and some who misses their lives here and are determined to stay), to create havoc, they usually try to stay out of our way. What is happening to these people is an act of necromancy. Who ever summoned these entities, (and SOMEONE DID, maybe a Obeah man or someone practicing from a book), has NOT dispatched them, and has left them to become a nuisance on society. In order for them to cease, they will have to be dispatched by a competent practitioner of the art. Jesus commanded LEGIONS, to come out of a man who many thought was crazy, and they fled. He, (Jesus) was PURE and so THEY HAD TO LEAVE, BUT I AM SURE HE UTTERED INCANTATIONS, (power words that holds key to spirits), THE BIBLE WILL NEVER REVEAL THAT, OR IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THEY DID NOT KNOW!!. Even though the story may be mythology, the church who knows these things had no problem making us privy to them albeit without explanation. DeLaurence was a Master at this, except he withdrew them, (the spirits), when he got his desire. Eliphas Levi was even greater. Oh my Jamaican people, I am praying for you all, because it is depth of spiritism that is needed to help move these entities away!. Obara Meji

Evil spirits stone Spanish Town house again
Rasbert Turner, Star Writer
Number 46 Martin Street in Spanish Town is once more under attack from evil spirits.
But this time, according to residents, it seems the duppy has brought some friends along with him as there are now said to be eight ghosts tormenting them continuously, THE STAR understands.
“Yes, this morning I got up and feel something and hear a sound. As a seh who dat, dem lick me wid two stones inna mi back,” Oral Scott, a victim of the new wave of attacks said, as he recounted the latest experience.
On November 18, THE STAR published a story about residents of 46 Martin Street, who came under attack from a ghost who stoned their home and repeatedly harassed an 11-year-old boy. Residents at the time said the stoning had started approximately three weeks before, but did not occur often.
However, things later changed as the apparition stepped up its attacks. It is claimed the spirit began a relentless stone attack on the property, assaulting the occupants and even hitting anyone who was brave enough to enter. To make matters worse, the residents claim the aggressive ghost brought other ghostly company. But with all the claims of ghosts throwing stones, there was only one person who is said to have seen the spirit – a child. At the time, THE STAR was told that the boy had described the person who died before he was born and of whom he knew nothing previously. The frequent harassment and torment forced the family to flee the house. The house was even visited by a pastor, who seemed to have chased the ghost back to the spirit realm. However, according to Scott, the reprieve was temporary as he said the problem restarted on Saturday upon the return of his 11-year-old son.
“My son was living in Portmore and we live on Cumberland Road. But we have to come back. He was sent back to us and the ghost them start all over,” a despondent Scott said.
Scott said it seemed the demon was out to avenge his exorcism as he returned with seven others. Residents say the ghosts seem to be working on shifts to torment the family.
While at the scene, The Star saw a vase crash from a dresser and the boy was seen being dragged under a bed as the ghosts stepped up their onslaught on the family. It took the effort of relatives to lift the bed to removed him. Scott said the ghosts are grabbing, beating and doing other acts in the household.
“Right now we need help, dem duppy ya a tun mi inna pauper, dem mash up everyting. Dem beat mi and mi can’t take it anymore,” a relative said.
The family said they are fed up as it seems that not even the church can help th


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5 years ago

Obara if you not too busy I have a question, though it may be silly. Sometimes I have black and blue spots on my legs and thighs and often friends would say is duppy pinch mi. Could this be the case?

9 years ago

me a wonda too…about the evil that besets us…makes me feel outta sorts…obara checck de email please…

9 years ago

Dem need fi stap blindfold ppl…..Even if dem sey dem dweet in the name of Jesus, not ah problem; as long as dem get rid ah dem….Hope the child did not die;

9 years ago

You know that I was really wondering if such ppl are in Jamaica when I read your initial comment…..If that is so, it is indeed sad>>>>>>>>> I notice also in the report that the STAR made, it said that a Pastor had succeeded in chasing the ghost away, only for it and others to return after a while; and that is why you find that although ‘church ppl’ are able to get results sometimes, it is almost always the case that they have to revisit these homes time and times again. Bwoy mi nuh noe enuh, but mi nuh tink… Read more »

9 years ago

Just went and reread skeptic’s comment over the other post……I wonder if the spirits will leave now that the child is dead?

9 years ago

Wat a ting indeed!!!!! Dem duppy yah ah get outta han now man>>>>>> dont know if it is the same place, but the other day when a blogger made a comment that some child had died after being tormented by ghosts, I went on a site and saw videos of the child being dragged by the leg and also a chair that he was sitting on being pulled away….

What I would like to know Obara is this, Is it that someone had ‘set’ this spirit on the 11yo? As it seems that he is the common factor there…..

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