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I remember the day this tragedy occurred, I saw it play right out on the television. The night before, Mr High grade, the ex husband and I was walking back from the store when he suddenly stopped me and told me to slow down, we were not in any rush. He was a Ganja head, so everything for him was always in slow motion, even when he sung, he was two beats behind the music. I paused and began to walk slowly home with him. He stopped again and said something quite peculiar. He said ” Do you feel the tension in the air?” We both looked up, it had rained earlier and so the air was cool and the street damp. He continued, “the air is tight, don’t you feel it?” He asked again, almost insisting that I felt what he was feeling. I must admit, I felt nothing, but I was to find out the next morning that his spirit connected him to what was to be one of the most horrific tragedies ever to have occurred.

I want to take the time out in remembering those who lost their lives on that day. Spiritually they all had the same key, I will explain this in another post one day. It rained all night last night in New York, and the night before. This  may have been natures way of remembering those who died that day,because nature never forgets. Please take a minute today to say a prayer for the loved ones who were left behind. Pray that they find solace in some way, and that they understand that they all will meet again one day, when the “mist” have rolled away!

This is the Tower card from one of the twenty two major arcana cards found in the Rider Waite’s  tarot decks, one of the best Tarot cards for those who can read Tarot through spirit and NOT from a book. This deck was published in 1910, the tower cared is one of three most destructive cards in the 22 major arcana cards, I should know, I am an expert card reader and so was the great Mr. Mitchel!

Look at it. Look at it!

la-maison-dieu-the-tower (1)

As for the ones who have gone on, light a white and and ask for their spirits to be elevated.

Obara Meji

Káa tó dé ibi tí a ńlọ, a má ńkọ́kọ́ dé ibi táà ò fẹ́ / 
Before getting to one’s destination, one may end up where one would rather not be.,,,Yoruba Proverb!

[Endurance and persistent focus are crucial]

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love…Obara Meji


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5 years ago

What a horrible day that was. I was a teacher’s aide at my brothers school and the principal called an assembly and told us. I couldn’t believe. I tried calling my family in New York and the lines were busy for hours. Watching all those people jumping out the tower was so awful and the rescue workers who lost their lives trying to save others…tragic. Everyone was on pins and needles for weeks after

Spiritual Seeker
Spiritual Seeker
5 years ago

I remember the tragedy and fright of that day. I remember getting to work and a bunch of coworkers were watching the tv in the conference room when they reported the first plane hitting the towers. We all rushed in to hear the report when I remember seeing the second plane crashing on live TV. I just remember letting out a scream, not believing what I was seeing. Soon after that, we heard reports that another plane was headed towards DC (I work in DC). It was a mad scramble from that point on to try to get the hell… Read more »

5 years ago

I remember I was a little over 7 months pregnant and it was my Birthday. .so I was on the phone at lot ..yes mi fans dem did a call call mi…lol…My sister called me in a panic saying you see what a gwan a foreign. ..turn on you t.v…I did just in time to see the plane hit the twin tower…then..the next one…I was in shock. …I called who I knew was living there and They were all good….. .

What a memory…now my Birthday is memorial day for this terrible tragedy. .

5 years ago
Reply to  queenleelee1

Happy Birthday QLee.

5 years ago

Good day Obara and Bloggers. Love and light to the spirits of those taken so suddenly. will always remember the very moment I heard the report. I was running a little late for work, the radio station interrupted the program to make the announcement. I thought it was a gimmick of Orson Wells, War of the world. I sped up and got to work and ran to the break-room and turned on the T.V. and it was real, so I called the men to the breakroom. My supervisor said “You’re sh**ting me” when they all assembled they were numbed. I… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Cami

I see the errors of ‘and’, lol

5 years ago

Good Morning Obara and ESP! This is a very difficult day for the families of those lost and those of us who lived through it. I had just gotten off the train at bowling green a few minutes after the 2nd plan crashed in WTC.

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