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Often times we meet people in our lives that we have a stong reaction to. It may be that person who annoys us, it may be that we are fascinated by them or we have an urge to be around them, or we fall instantly in love with them, or feel protective over them, whatever the case may be, it is quite possible that we have met before. In another existence, another life.

Reincarnation is very real, and we are all born with divine contracts to fulfill. It may be an obilgation to our parents, our children or spouse, or to even a stranger, but it is a fact that this earth plane is a school, where we come as spirits in human clothes to learn.

It is understandable why many people do not believe the possibility of reincarnation, after all many religions condemn it due to no scriptural chapters or verse ascribed to it.  We as human beings have limitations, and so it is very difficult for some to understand the deep mystery of mysticism attached to the inner workings of the universe and all the dimensions within. And not everyone is on the same level of spiritual evolution, we all do not operate off the same vibration. Anyway the purpose of this post is not to try to convince anyone of the reality of reincarnation, but to examine the reason why we come back.

As usual I always have a testimony of my own experiences, and of course I like to share. There is a topic in my archives if you would look to retrieve it titled REINCARNATION, it tells of one of my many glimpses that I have been privileged to have of one of my past lives. I remember as a child growing up in Kingston Jamaica, I could recognize different personalities in people, in some individuals, I would see a man’s personality, if they were a woman, or vice versa or a child’s personality regardless if they were grown, I could even see within a person a sinister side if they presented to be good, it frightened me, as I could not or would not speak about the things that I saw to my parents or any grown ups. I have now come to realize that what I was tapping into was a part of their past life personality, which was still apart of their spiritual blue print.

The child that I saw in the grown up, may have been one of the reasons why they had to return, because of the innocence of all things in life that they have yet to understand. To overcome their own naivety.

The other day my son burst into my room, complaining that I should take him immediately to the emergency room because he had a very bad tooth ache and he felt as if he was losing his mind. My immediate reaction was anger. I did not like to see him in pain, it was twelve at night and his suffering made me feel vulnerable, because in that moment I could not help him or ease his pain, and so I reacted to him in anger, screaming at him to leave me alone, if he had taken care of his teeth he would not be having this problem.  Prior to that we had been giving him home remedies, like cloves and vanilla soaked cotton, but because he was impatient he said none worked for him, so I had gone into my room to hide away from seeing him suffer, and then he found me and my reaction was less than motherly.  As soon as he stepped out of the room, a small almost barely there voice said…”be careful how you deal with that boy and his problem, because this way of how you reacted to his suffering could make you return to this earth plane, where you have to make up to him or another for your impatience in dealing with his situation.”….

Immediately I went to him to try to solve his problem, and so for that night we were successful in calming down the toothache, so he could sleep.

We should all look deeply into our lives to find our real purpose, prayer and meditation should be apart of our daily rituals, because each and every one of us here has come to contribute something to this world.

I have more to post on this topic, so stay tuned.

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