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I decided to re -blog this post which was done in 2011, to get a better understanding of who Peanut is please read This post and  This post. Today is a very busy day for me, but I will settle down with you all later. Enjoy 

In continuation with Peanut and his post death activities. Here is another story that is sad but it also lets you realize that the departed are so very close. This is the song that Peanut dedicated to my friend after he had crossed over. I have included the song with lyrics so that you can see the words that he wanted her to hear!!!…So sad!!


My friend and I had flew out to California together. We were to be out there for a the week-end to pamper our selves at the spa, and to do some shopping. We had checked into the famous luxury Hotel, the Peninsula, located in Beverly Hills. We had a great day doing all our girly things, our hair, our nails, etc, and had gone back into our room. We spoke for a little bit and went to sleep, she on her bed and I on mine. I saw myself on a very fast train, the train was silver and it was very sleek-looking, modern, something that had a brilliance in its aura. I was on the train along with lots of people. I saw Peanut, but when he realized that I saw him he tried to hide behind someone. There was a big indian looking man who look like an Native American Indian, head-dress and all, and he was staring at me sternly. The train stopped and I got off, and so did Peanut and the Indian dude.

As I walked they followed, I wasn’t afraid, just curious. Why was Peanut and his handsome but serious looking friend following me?. I had now come to realize that I was travelling in the Astral realm and I wanted to leave. Again not scared but feeling a little weird. I found myself inside the hotel room at The Penisula where we stood, Indian Guy was standing in a corner and I stood close to Mr. Unfriendly. I saw my self on my bed sleeping and I also saw my friend fast asleep on her bed. Peanut rushed up to her bed and laid at her feet and clasped them in his hands, funny enough their children were also on the bed, which in reality they were not there with us at all, but he must have conjured their spirits, because as he laid beside her sleeping frame he started to cry, tears rolling down his face, feverently, lamenting “Oh God!, Oh God!, Oh God!, I love my family, I love my children, Why can’t I be where you are!!!, why?, Please help me!, Please help me!…” I stood there rooted to the spot that I was in, shocked at the things that he was saying.

The Indian seemed impatient and communicated with Peanut that they had to leave, Peanut reluctantly stood up, and I could hear The BackStreet Boys song, Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely, playing in the room. I felt myself shaking on the bed wanting to wake up, it felt as if I was being suffocated, my muffled sounds woke my friend who came to my side of the room and gently shook me out of it. She was use to seeing me like this. I jumped up and look around the room for Peanut and Tonto from the Lone Rangers but they were gone. I told her what I had just witness, while I was telling her I heard Peanuts voice in my head pleading with me to sing the song to her for him, I had to because to say the words to her, she would not get the song so I reluctantly sang the verse that said, Tell me why I can’t be there where you are, and then I felt him close to my body and I became misty eyed, but she began to cry, and so did I. She made me feel sorry that I told her because she cried so hard, that we had to cut our trip short and leave. She cried on the plane and continued when we landed, she cried in the apartment, I believe she cried for a month. I had become afraid of my gift, afraid of what God had given to me. I worried that people would be afraid of me. Not wanting me to distress them. I felt sad, and asked myself why me?. I saw the movie Ghost and It reminded me of all that I had been through, Hollywood knows so much!!!. I asked myself again why me?…… the answer came “This Is Your Portion!!, Accept It”….. I have!.. I Obara Meji have accepted my Portion!!.

The head could not have got to where it is now if it did not give…..Yoruba Proverb!

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love…Obara Meji!

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2 years ago

Hi Obara! This is my first time posting so I will introduce myself. I have been reading your blog for some time now, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I have been aware of the spiritual side since birth, but in the past I have not engaged it fully. It was not really out of fear, but uncertainty that I was doing things right. While my family shares the same gifts, they don’t really embrace them. They will discuss certain things with me but I am always left frustrated because they will not talk about what I consider… Read more »

3 years ago


6 years ago

I think of Peanut so often. I feel like I really know him. Yesterday when Teach made a post about honouring good dads, I couldnt help thinking and mentioning Peanut.

Peanut, I didnt know you in this life, but I cant help thinking about you.

6 years ago

Peanut oh peanut. It is so sad. I wonder why the Indian man was so impatient do they have a certain kind of schedule when you are in the after life?

6 years ago

When I saw the words of the song, I am flabergasted. Oh Peanut!

6 years ago
Reply to  MTH

M friend fi life! Peanut, that’s so disheartening.

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