L.W.de Laurence


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Yazzy, ah yuh mek mi do dem mad tings here enuh, ah yuh!! aldoe mi madda use to sey de same ting tuh,but yuh comment mek mi memba. Any way people, here I am with my poem in Jamaican dialect (patois). Is Yazzy mek ah dweet!

Please bloggers, make up your own poem but it has to include”Afta mi nuh owe de laurence” and let us enjoy today!



Mine yuh fling yuh duttie wata an mek it ketch mi

From wha day yah mi notice sey yuh waan tek set pon mi

choo ah tenement yawd we live inna yuh tink yuh can beat mi?

tink agen Puncie, afta mi nuh owe de laurence!

nuh  duppy nah falla back ah mi!


Pinky run whey wid mi pardna draw and all nung we cyaan fine him

sumaddy pinch mi tell mi sey Pinky tun into ah proppa shim

de mount ah dress and frock mi hear him buy wid eeh

all rouge, slip, brazzaire and panty

Pinky wicked ei nuh man, all teef from Cami

teeff my money, no man!, my money Pinky?

but wait man, wait, ah deh look fi him

tell God sey Pinky cyaan get whey wid eeh

Afta mi nuh owe de laurence!

Pinky, ah gwine beat yuh ei si!!

my money Pinky? Pinky yuh cyann romp wid mi!


Ty send some sweet soap come from farrin, sen geet to mi

Hilda Willis niece Janet bright an guh teef out eeh

daah deh gal deh neva bade from she come live roun we

Miss Ruth see de teefings and run come pinch mi tell mi

ah gwine pop har rass, and sen har uppa U-C (de hospital)

tink ah chat mi ah chat?

Afta mi nuh owe de Laurence!

Miss Will gwine bawl fi she!


Afta mi nuh owe de laurence, mi nuh owe him, mi an him neva hab nuh plan

nuh rain nah come wash whey mi room, nor flood whey mi lan

No fire nah bun mi out, nor dranco drive whey mi van

de laurence nuh hab nuh secret fi mi, nor nuh odda obeah man

de man whey me hab ah fi mi own, mi neva tek him from no one

tek oonuh mout offa mi, from mi bawn mi neva visit obeah man!!


Puncie mine how yuh ah talk ei nuh, yuh mout too saucy

Yuh come een like yuh know bout, Puncie yuh hab secret fi mi?

Clear out gal, mine ah pawn singting lick yuh dung

alright galang chat, yuh bed soon tun stone grung!


Oonu tek mi simple and tek mi fi fool!

oonuh mek ah sad mistake, caws ah oonuh fool fool

Mi nuh owe de laurence, caws mi pay him in full

fi box dung yuh rass an haul an pull yuh like mule


Yes, yes, yes, mek ah beat up mi chess

Mi nuh owe obeah man, dem local one yah weak dem nuh strong

mi wuk hard and sen off mi money to de bess

L.W. de Laurence, no bwoy can tess!


L.W. de Laurence, mi nuh owe him fi true

mi pay him mi hard earn money, fi box yuh till yuh blue

ah me mek de teefing bwoy from back road cyaan stop sey “MOO!

him teef mi cow Blosoom, den look pon mi de next mawnin an tell mi howdy do!


De laurence really come choo

ah sen mi money gi him, han from dat de bwoy deh Moo

it sweet mi, it sweet mi it, sweet mi so tell

a mi pay de laurence fi him run whey Muriel

bout she want eggs up har self to mi Trevor

she rub up har self pon him, an me fi tek dat?, no sah!

whey she did deh when him nay hab een no teet

de one dem inna him mout, ah me pay fi it

Bright she bright an outta orda too

mi nuh owe de laurence mi pay him, ah de choot


Big man gone ah prison choo him box mi bwoy

mi wuk mi money send off,

de laurence is no toy

oonu memba how de police hold big man an box him de day

de laurence mek ah enjoy mi money when ah see dem haul him away

yes man, mi nuh owe de laurence, mi pay mi money all de while

oonuh galang chat up oonuh mout, oonuh tink  money cyaan spoil?!!


oonuh hear people sey afta mi nuh owe de laurence all de while

yuh fenneh if yuh owe him, but when pay him, yuh wi smile!

Like Yazzy granny Faye whey always ah bawl out

Afta mi nuh owe de laurence!, mi pinch mi self an smile

caws Yazzy, yuh granny know bout

she patronize de laurence all de while!


She borrow mi money an send guh gi de laurence fi pop dung Suzie shop

yuh tink ah just so Suzie lose har business Yazzy?, ah yuh granny do dat!

de laurence, de laurence, de laurence yuh bad nuh brute foot

Papa de Laurence, mi sen off again fi yuh gi Gerti Gut!

Nyam tuh much!


Arlene, Pearlene and Meggy soon

mi gi dem dinna and dem teef whey de whole ah mi spoon

mi ah do ova time ah work Pappa Larry fi mek up de money sen to yuh

de one Nunu nyam off de mutton an show off pon mi wid it tuh

soon soon de laurance ah gwine mek yuh tek care ah she

Obeah dem all yes, mi nah ramp wid dem ah inch

de Laurence mi daddy, nuh tek money fi obeah mi enuh

memba me an you ah fren!

not you an dem!





Afta mi nuh owe de Laurence…..Jamaican Proverb

(I am not involved with obeah doings)

All religions are valid as long as it teaches peace and love….ObaraMeji

There are no disappointments in life, only lessons learned…..Obara Meji



Obara Meji

Obara Meji is a spiritualist, Ifa-Orisa practitioner, and teacher of metaphysics. Since 2011 she has used her online platform to share her personal experiences to those seeking answers about spirituality. Her teachings will expand into short stories, novels, and public speaking to continue her mission of bringing enlightenment to the world.

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Di nex smaddy mi a look fi war
A da big ooman deh weh drive di ole car

She try mi granny Faye one long loooong time
Fi she mi wi gi De Laurence all a mi dime

She tink a shit dats why she bizniz tink a road
Di streets a chat seh pan she chess di white farin man a tek a load

Nassy mout and nassy chess Suzie a really me ya try war???
Yuh need fi tek a load affa yuh chess and guh buy a new car!

Big ooman Lila u a drive Ladda??
No to kakaclaartz!! A she seh she hot?? A wah dis fadda???

Memba seh mi familby and yuh have history
Wah tek place wid yuh business was not a mystery!

Don’t try mi crosses Suzie!! Afta mi nuh owe De Laurence
Mi wi mek duppy come beat off yuh ole zinc fence!!

A nuh my fault di whitey a tek out him “CRAP” pan yuh!!!
Mi granny Faye set yuh straight up a De Laurence.. Mi sorry fi yuh eenuh!

But when yuh walk a mek mischief a suh yuh pick up shit
Dis time a yuh chess a di pit

All yuh can do is beg Cami a isrish spring from outta she barrel
She dung a JA ya nung a drink har sorrel

By time she reach yuh guda a stink
De Laurence aguh set yuh like dem gi yuh mad puss piss fi drink

Yuh beta guh buy a bakkle a di blood a jeezas and tek it wash off yuh sins
And guh mek Bredda Curtis breed pan yuh and gi yuh couple spins

Dat is enough fi mek yuh humble
Else mi march guh back up a De Laurence guh mek fall and stumble

Him Obeah trang ooooo nuh fux wid him!
Him a de cream a di crop.. Di creme de la creme!


This was fun lolol, Thank you Obara fi start the ball a rolling! An thanks to Yazzy fi seh, “afta mi nuh owe D Laurence”. Di poem nice cyaan done!


Lawd Gawd Yazzy!
Mi neva wan’ fi seh di name
but gyal yuh right a nassy skettel Linda fi blame!
Di same one weh yuh an Ty ketch an beat!
Mi hear seh unda she smell like rotten meat!
Mi wi help yuh move di mattrass an bun di sheet
Ty can bring ‘Bitch’ an watch out fi yuh
Cause a one pieca beaten an limb up Linda deh get tuh
Mi wi ask Toy fi drive di get away car
Causen when dis yah done wi haffi lay low wi cyaan par
But den wi can mek up an sen’ guh D Laurence fi dis
because when D Laurence tek di case wi well know seh wi criss
Like how Obara an D a fren
Maybe wi can guh a har compoun’ and stay till tings men’
Afta wi nuh owe D Laurence not a kaka fawt
Seet deh now Yazzy look deh! A stawt di war stawt!!!!


Yes mi mawd Chargie Nunu, a stawt di war stawt yes
Dat ole crobate Linda shall be put to res’
But a who dis nassy ole gyal a try tes’??

Afta mi nuh owe De Laurence suh mek da gyal de still alive???
Mi bringle suh till mi kaint chat like Enid, Maniac, plz pas’ mi knive!

A war she want … Linda mek it stawt!
Mi have backitive! Watch mi ES Obeah ppl dem and yuh kakaclaat!

Ashes to ashes and dus’ to dus’
Mek undaneet Linda crotches ‘rus!

Seeit deh now she get iron ole
What is a strippa if she cyah climb di “pole”

A pole yuh want Linda? Well a pole yuh wi get!
Afta mi nuh owe De Laurence suh yuh beta fret!


Linda somewhere deh hide yah now lololol


Nunu raaaeeeee!! You and Obara killed it! I sooo missed the fun I was stuck working… But mi deh try fi ketch up! I’m having such a blast. We should all do this more often… Improvs. Love it


Mi dis get fi read ooooo!! OBARA yuh ting a shat wehhh!! Wukmentz tun up unda mi kakerclaartz! Mi dis leff!!!

Nunu babygirl yuh renkin mutton stew is are di henvy of di town!!! Raeeeeee!

Cami sweetie have a blast in the arms of the one ya love!! Den drag yuh goodaz badi home!

Hear ya nung!!

But a wah dis fadda?? AFTA MI NUH OWE DE. LAURENCE!! By Yazzy!!!!!!

Mi dash all sorta Obeah pan di gyal!
’bout she a falla kartel and a
**ride pan di *****cy lakka bicycle!**

a bet afta De Laurence done wid IT
she wi falla bounty killa & *seize and sekkle!*

Bicycle?? Hunuh nuh see a brite di gyal brite?
Mi ketch di 2 cruff dem hinna mi bed lastnite!

Drankro, him nah lef me!
Cawz a me have up di ….Benz punnany!

Mi granny Faye did always waaaaan mi
“Yazzy, duppy know who fi frighten!!”
Who, mi raise fool fool so mi tek dat LITERAL!

Mi did affi draw blood!
Dat germz bukkit did Affi guh see har FUNERAL!

Suh mi barrow Pinky money and pay
De Laurence fi sen’ di Singin’ Duppy guh a gyal winda…
Instruk it fi sing out rassssssswssssseeeee
“Mi mus breed yuh ocean-hole Linda!!”

Woooiieee mi delicate badi!
Gyal run weh lef har house gu to har mami!

She tink mi done wid she??
Shithouse jus wait and see!
Not even Handsome Doreen ave nutin pan me

Mi good up sista Nunu lend mi a change
and pinch mi tel mi bout har teacha fren weh know bout “di coffin”

aye, nuh study har eenuh… she galang like she nice but she a tegareg & a ragamuffin!

Mi use di money buy mi new man a Bentley
Cah Jah know di man dis weighty and lenty

Mi draw fi Ty and she hit me off couple G’z
She seh “Yazzy, mek a help fux har up plzzz!”

Mi seh “kool nuh Ty draw fi yuh lass “BITCH”
Wi run up pan har, gyal ago need 10,100 stitch

Mi ongle spear har fi she get a likkle taste
how it feel fi be “saved by Grace”

Fuss ting tinite she wi feel my wrat’
Di ole harlot mek mi a cuss bare claaaat

Hinna my bed of allllll di places?
Not Duttie Linda weh look like scabies!

A gwine fix har tinite dawg nyam she supa!
She neva know De Laurence cuda be mi pupa

mi live a fi him yaad fi mash Obeah wuks
And deh back a him pee pee cluck clucks

And tinite cum bukit Linda aguh a who…
who fa man she did a fu*kin screw!

Tinite tinite death is sure to knock
yes crosses Linda.. @ 12 o’clock!

Di Drankro dem and di coffin a come fi yuh
Uppa yuh muma yaad.. fi yuh dem a guh!

Yes mi a ole wicked.. mi full up a malevolence
But di gyal Linda showed me bed irreverence

She fi gweh! She a guh meet har maker tinite!
Gyal dutty and nassy and tink and brite!

She a dead tinite mi chat it wid CONFIDENCEEEEE!!!!!!……

……Till mi wake up a mawnin & kiss mi rassssssswssssseeeee ole… nuh Linda dat??????????????

But a wah dis fadda???


Yazzy lololol


Lawd mi feel like Docta Seuss lol


Mi seh mi nuh like chat nuff ie nuh
but mi haffi pap dah torey yah,cause mi hear seh a suh it guh
Suh mek mi whispa an tell you
Mi hear seh di res’ a ES Crew nah come chue
Causen di whole a dem owe D Laurence too
Di one Yazzy she, did try guh D Laurence fi me!
Afta mi tell har seh shi can tek back Mad Milk cause now him free (Yazzy mi an yuh a fren man lawd mah, a likkle joke mi a mek)
Kia ketch uppa Prisoner yawd an wid di bullfrog, shi fling on di D Laurence science hawd hawd hawd ( a nuh me dida try teef Splen, mi swear kia b)
Duh nuh tell nobaddi mi tell yuh dis
but bad dawg run dung Mth shi almos’ piss
When di dawg nip har pon har heel back
Mi hear seh shi sen’ een har money more dan quick o’ clack
Dem all sen’ duppy afta Cami she cause secon’ barrel come from ‘merica
Smaddy seh a Pinky, Simone and di teefin’ dry yeye gyal Erica
Mek mi pam mi mout bout Ty tuh
but a soso buzzi and cersi mi hear she haffi deh drink
When mi hear dat mi neva know wha fi tink
but a who coulda deh try paison Ty!?
Mi really oulda like fi know why?!
Charlie, Queenie, Toy unoo nuh badda lauf
Tan deh nuh D Laurence definitely nuh sauf!
A long time wi nuh si Lalibela, Maniac, Donna, Vanessa, Yw and Safo come
but mi hear seh a inna D Laurence dem nuh wan’ run
Nuh owe D Laurence seet deh now
Dem duppy deh bad nuh blou wow!
But afta ME nuh owe D Laurence
Mi definitely nuh deh pon di fence!


Good day Obara and family!


Good evening Maniac and Toy!
Toy nuh falla backa dat gyal Gela
try nuh mix up wid har needa!
A borrow shi deh try borrow money fram yuh
Fi min’ di two man dem, Yes a dat shi wan’ duh!
Afta yuh nuh owe D Laurence Toy!
Tell har agen
Cause when blow sen’ fi har a you shi guh wan’ heng
And tell di people dem seh shi neva know seh a dem man
Cause di one Toy did encourage har an tell har fi galang
Yuh si how di gyal lie!
A you Toy shi guh wan’ mek tun duppy an haffi guh fly!


lmao omg! nunu you have me weak. Lmao


Mi get a call from this gyal name Gela
tell mi bout gyal teef har money
she sey gyal buy new car wid har money
she sey di gyal that teef har money don’t have one but two man a flip har money.

Gela wan know if mi cyann believe that
Mi sey afta mi nuh owe De Laurence not dime, nor penny…..


No sah! I deh read an ah laaf; caw chuss mi, Nunu an Obara is one set ah mad rawse!!!

Oonu is too much. Dwl


Yuh know seh dat one earz nyammy is a dutty rass!
Mi cyaan tek di ole liad, him love fi faas
A him fuss get plate full a di mutton
if mi eva did know him woulda neva get nutten
Achoo him love excitement him run guh tell drunkin’ Fred
An know seh carry news coulda get mi ded
All di Fred him wah Nyaamy cyaa come
Tan a di pawty an drink out di rum
Talking bout Myrkle a nuh ongle cluck shi cluck
When mi si wha happen mi frighten nuh [email protected] ( lololol,ask pardon)
Mi tek mi own two yeye an si Myrkle lay bout dozen hegg!
Da D Laurence science bad nuh yawz, juss ask one foot Meg!
As yuh know mi nah swear fi a soul
mi nuh wan’ D Laurence duppy come tump mi inna mi mole
Afta mi nuh owe D Laurence, no duppy nah falla backa mi!!!


Good afternoon my dears! Look like obara and nuns tun dj pon we inna di satdeh! I would love to hear this poem in spoken word, we haffi set it up and put it pon uchube lol. Unnu ah gwan!


Lolol Sea Queen a di singjay teach mi ie nuh! When mi settle down mi come back


Lawd have mercy pon mi soul!
Mek mi guh tun mi roll
unoo know seh a dutty Go-go Slim
Mek mi get ketch up inna dis D Laurence ting
But it look like seh mi owe D Laurence afta all
Jeezam Peez fretration a mek mi bawl
Mi neva know seh pieca di Chrismus money Slim gi mi, a di Chiney man shi get ie fram
Shi seh afta hours him like get push inna baby pram(paraphilic infantilism)
Mi did frighten when shi show mi di heapa money( apparently infantilism pays well, wid Obara promise money lol)
Shi gi ni some fi keep Chrismus pawty
A some a it mi use tek buy di mutton
D Laurence duh a beg nuh kill mi tink mi a glutton
Mi guh use mi New year money pay yuh mi swear
Mi nuh wan’ owe D Laurence outta fear
Mi did a wonda wha mek singjay duppy Delroy ketch unda mi winda
but a chue D Laurence science ketch mi, a blow back mi deh suffa fah
Obara like how yuh an D Laurence a fren
Beg fi mi nuh! it wi worth yuh while inna di en’
Afta mi really nuh owe D Laurence mi neva did know!!!!!!!!!!!


Good afternoon Teach and all ES CREWS. Teach what is Afta? I dont know how to compose the poem.


Arite nuh badda bring Delroy inna dis
Cause yuh know when him stawt sing not one note aguh miss
but sake a yuh, him cyaan get fi res’ him chraot a it mek mi an him fallout
chue yuh nuh owe D Laurence him always haffi git up deh roam bout
Yuh know seh dats why Meggy misn di leg
shi owe D Laurence an haffi deh walk pon peg
Mek mi tap chat yah
mi nuh able fi yuh,
Since di pawdna teef an di torey leak
Mi nuh have nutten fi pay D Laurence dis week
Mi nuh want owe D Laurence a ting you si
Next ting mi nuh have nuh head like di chiney man from Lucea!


NuNu! yu a fling lyrics! lololol…next week or inna the week me review all that me miss, but you reach back a yu yaard so you back to yu elements…good, lol


Cami, mawnin, mi glad fi si yuh!


Cami I miss you!


Lolol Obara mi nuh bad lika yuh backa di poem business but mi try, mi juh reach fi yuh an Yazzy level a madniss yet


Mi nyam di mutton yes
And it did sweet ie si!
Suh nuh badda tink yuh can tek badmine and carry feelings fi mi
Afta mi nuh owe D Laurence!
Mi nah secret wid ie
Di duppy get him plate an a glass a sarrel
But anyways mi want hear more bout Pinky and Cami teef barrel,
Til D Laurence money reach
di blood a Jeezas pon Pinky bleach!
A dat yuh fi talk to D Laurence bout
Cause him need more dan bax inna him mout
But mi nah faas inna no baddi businiz
A nuh duppy mi fraida
Caws me done know mi nuh owe D. Laurence needa!


Pull up! Watch Nunu! lol lol


Yazzy a fi yuh madnis cause dis, yuh si wha happen when yuh follow mad people, lol, mi inna.mi bed good good an a tink bout wha mek mi nuh owe D. Laurence. Obara as dem woulda seh yuh poem sell off!



Mawnin mi babygirl Obara! Mawnin alll a mi sweeties! Mi de come ooooo!!!

Mi a get ready fi di wukmentz [no pun intended] den mi come back come dash out!

Large up Jamaica oooooo!! Afta wi nuh owe de Laurence! 😀

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