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There are so many heroes within our Black Race, all over the world, but sadly they are not celebrated by us, we do not honor, support or take pride in what they do for us. These people are our teachers, our inspiration, our defenders, our guides, our mentors our activist,our everything. We as a race, I am talking about the black race, for I am proudly black, need to wake up and honor our selves and all the great and special people that God sent to help us.

Dr. Umar Johnson wants to build a school, he has a Face Book page, we should open up our check books, and support him, no matter how small. I personally do not know him or others like him, only through these You Tube medium, but I am in support of him and all who are like him, nuff respect Dr. Umar Johnson, may Olodumare,your head and all Orishas and the ancestors guide you and protect you and the other same as you always.

I honor Dr. John Henrik Clark….Iba!

I honor Dr, Ben Jochanan…….Iba (still alive)

I honor Dr. Chiek Antop Diop….Iba

I Honor Marcus Garvey…….Iba

I Honor Dr, Khalid Mohammed….Iba
I honor Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango…… Iba

I Honor George G. M. James…….Iba

I Honor

I honor Dr. Phil Valentine

Dr. Umar Johnson

Bobby Hemmit

Saa Neter (out on the side walk in Harlem

Brother Big Man

Brother Seku in Harlem selling the books Barnes and Nobles will not allow on their shelves



There are many more so many more, I honor them all, those alive and those who have made their transition!


I honor anyone known or unknown who teach, guide and lead the way, any person who is committed to the truth and to bringing it forward, no matter the threats to their lives or even criticism by others and even their own, I honor you all!

Iba all teachers and eye openers!





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5 years ago

Afternoon sunshines love n light to yu all! Thank yu Obara for sharing all these great teachers with us. Nunu Ty bless up

5 years ago

Good morning Obara, Ty, everyone. Iba to all these wonderful teachers. I’m going to watch the vids

5 years ago

Mi like how him shut her down her ….boom…

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