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During the time of my spiritual initiation, when I had met Peanut in the World of Spirit (the spirit I met long before his physical body had ever died), I had no idea that while I was walking with him in the spiritual world, that I would later meet him in real life by another name. I, at that time, had no idea that what I had witnessed – that whole meeting – was not just a dream. I had no idea that I was being groomed to become who I am and also to understand why I was meeting spirit first before meeting their physical bodies.

This is the illusion of both time and death.

In this world people either celebrate or mourn the passing of a loved one when that person passes. However, the world or most humans do not understand what the passing of someone really means and how it is possible to be living in the world of spirit while still living in the physical world simultaneously.

I had been taught about this years ago during my spiritual initiation. I had even met some people in the World of Spirit way before I met them in the physical world. During the times that I was being taught this, my spirit guides literally took me (my spirit) and carried me to different realms. While growing up, I lived with a mother that feared death and sickness greatly. And as I grew, I feared them also. It was not until I became awake that I realized that just as life was an illusion, so was death. I did not understand it, and this was part of the initiation process that I said was jarring to my mind.

Here, it is important that I mention to you all that the Awakening is most recently a word many people have become fond of using carelessly. Many people believe that saying “I’m awake!” is an announcement of an absolute arrival, when in fact, waking up is a continuous process that never ends.

When I met people in the World of Spirit before meeting them in real life, it is easy to assume those experiences to be prophetic messages of the future, but they were not. What I was being taught then was many things, one of which was that time does not exist. You see, everything is happening like a ball of light moving continuously in a circle, but because of the human concept of time, humans have sloooowed down the manifestation of events. So, in the case of people I met in the World of Spirit before meeting them in real life, the reason I met their spirits first is because they have already died (or transitioned to another realm) but the physical has not yet caught up to that reality. A few years ago, I was told by spirit that some people are “from the future”, and at the time, it made sense to me. But the spirit also told me that the “past does not exist“.

Both revelations should seem contradictory, if there is a future, then there must be a past. I pondered deeply on this for a while.

But I did not realize that the interpretation I gave of the spirit’s message could not be correct if time did not exist. What the spirit meant by that was that as everything is happening all at once, humans have erected barriers between these realities, barriers we refer to as Past, Present and the Future. Because of this, only a few people on Earth would have the “ability” to break the barrier and see through it. If humans removed time, humans remove death.

I will break it down a little further to make you understand what you have just read.

Now in Peanut’s story linked above, you will meet Peanut. I met him in the Realm of Spirit in human time about 5 years prior to meeting him in real life. Where I met him was a place that looked like a desert, there were no greenery, no trees, no shrubs. Everything was the color of sand, with rocks and hills everywhere. There were clouds in the sky and the sun tried to shine through, although I could not feel its warmth. It would be like the human time between 5 and 6 in the morning. If you are wondering what I am talking about, this was a projection of me walking through the realm of spirit which I thought was a dream but was not. I tell you this because I want you to imagine the setting that I was seeing at that time. In that story, you will see where I say that Peanut manifested to me as a man who was limping, this part of the story is very important. After he asked if he could walk with me, he began to tell how he got to the place where he was. The interesting thing about the me in that world was that I did not need to wonder or ask questions about where we were, or anything he said. It was as though the me in that world was already aware of where we were and who he was.

But toward the end of our journey (once you have read the story), he told me that this is as far as he can go with me and that if I should ever need him, I should call him, “My name is Peanut,” he told me.

This name was to be the code that was locked inside of me from that experience that would become unlocked the next time I ever heard that name. In other words, when I would hear the name “Peanut” again is the indication that both realities have finally met.

There are many people living in this reality that we all acknowledge, that have already checked out, but it would take years before their physical body leaves the Earth. The interesting thing about this is that even though all time is simultaneous, all simultaneous realities are also “not real”. Do not become confused, but try to follow me here. As a diviner, if I had not seen Peanut in the World of Spirit but had met him in real life, would he have still died? Perhaps, and perhaps not. When I had given him the warning in real life, he simply laughed and told me he does not believe in these things (prophecy), and of course did not heed my warning. But what if I never saw him in the World of Spirit? Would his response have been the same? The thing is because I had already witnessed him in that reality, when I met him in the physical reality, what made this event into something that can not be changed is the fact that both realities had now met. So him being in the Spirit World was a done deal, it was now time for his physical body to catch up.

Although there are events which may seem fixed, such as my meeting with Peanut’s spirit before he died in physical reality, there is always a slip of uncertainty because we can create our reality. So even in a moment of certainty, a person can change such a destiny, which is why I could have even warned Peanut about death and why Peanut had the opportunity to change that destiny through following my warning or not.

Image Source: Newsweek.com

So let’s look at the image above. The image I have in my mind is not on the internet, so I use this wormhole image as a close example, but that is not what I refer to. This image is an example of the time interference with simultaneous reality. At the first end is Shelly who is a High School student, and at the other end is Shelly as a Medical Doctor. The second end is not the future but is happening at the same time as the first end. What exists between those ends, that thinned vacuumed center, is the barrier of time erected by humanity and Shelly, herself. That center is both ends of a simultaneous reality being dragged apart, slowing down the realization of both ends.

Have you ever known how to do something without ever studying it or ever having anything to do with the subject matter? In other words, your car breaks down and you know nothing about cars, and maybe you’re even a new driver, but after coming out and looking around the hood, you innately figure out what the problem is, so much that when the mechanic comes, it is exactly as you figured. This, perhaps, is what you might refer to as intuition.

But really the other end of that vacuum that you are actually living in, that reality, as an engineer, manufacturer of cars, or perhaps someone that is genius. That you, which you might think impossible of yourself, does exist… somewhere else. And in that moment when you need that information, you automatically tap into it, therefore knowing how to solve that issue in your current reality. But that tap is exactly a tap. It is not something that can be done all the time, but after the tap happens, the person “taps out” almost as instantaneously as he tapped in.

I should mention that there is no such thing, or perhaps no need for a time travel machine, as we time travel through our minds already.

Last week I was doing a mediation and I was chanting a particular mantra. By the time I got to the ninth chant, I heard 3 distinct voices atop my own, chanting along with me. One voice was a male voice as clear as day, but the other voices I could not distinguish their genders, but all voices were connected to my own. What was surprising to me was that the voices would only repeat half of the chant in one set and in another set it would repeat the second half, but never the full chant. When I finally came out of that meditative state, I now realized that I tapped into another part of my own reality where somewhere out there there is a masculine me that connected with me through meditation. If you have not guessed why our voices never chanted altogether for the entire duration of the chant, is because we are not operating on the same frequency, or “time” for better understanding. However, my vibration had risen enough to have tapped into those realities and to have heard them at all. If my vibration had risen even higher, it could have been possible for my enemy (me) to have “disappeared”.

We have now entered yet another puzzle, which I will quickly explain away before ending this post.

I would not have “disappeared” from existence in this reality, but due to vibration imbalances, others of a lower vibration would have lost the ability to see me. This is the same reason we can not see so-called “ghosts” because their frequencies are way higher than that of those encased in the human body.

There is so much more for me to write, but I will leave it here. Perhaps I’ll delve into these subjects a bit more from now on as I believe it is important for you all to learn. Just know that who ever you are, there are multiples of you in other places. Not on this Earth, or perhaps on this Earth, depending on your frequency and how high it is. Know that if you are awake, your awakening will continue until you decide to leave this Earth to another birthing place.

Good luck,

Obara Meji

“The key to creating anything at all, is to listen.” – OM

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4 years ago

Wahoo am short of words ,I can’t belive what am reading thanks ma God bless you ma.

4 years ago

GREAT analogy with Shelly and the image. So happy you’re delving into these aspects with us.

4 years ago

I miss you Obara, I think about you everyday. I read all your post. I am still here. I am waiting for classes

Benjamin Franklyn Jr.
4 years ago

This Post resonates with me even though I still have a lot more to know and understand. Thank you Obara Meji. You INSPIRE and MOTIVATE me. Thank you for educating me as always. Hopefully, I will contact you soon for reading and other spiritual…………….
God Bless You. Stay Blessed and have a productive rest of your week.
Benjamin Franklyn Jr.

Natalie Lawrence
Natalie Lawrence
4 years ago

A very interesting post Ms. Obara. Quite a lot to absorb.

Love and light

4 years ago

Great Teaching. OBARA They open my mind and fill it with new ideas. Me glad you back

4 years ago

Good post as always Obara. I grasped it easily. What I am especially glad that you revealed was the part about how we can know things even though we have no knowledge/experience of it in this plane of existence. I never really looked at it like that as I basically chalked it up to collective consciousness which, to me, is a dumbed down version of what you revealed and what Ivory said. For those that may find this difficult to grasp then I would recommend watching “The One” starring Jet Li as it is the closest thing that comes to… Read more »

4 years ago

Wow… now I know why i fix things i know nothing about just by taking a long hard look. There’s a genius me out there.

Thanks for what you’re doing on your blog ma’am Obara.

4 years ago

Not many writers will be courageous to put these vision in words.Surprisingly you did.This is highly commendable. If we have to sum it all up,I would say there is only one source,one energy, one life,and one soul(not quite sure)we are all manifestations of the same source.like light shinning through a prism to emit varied colors. All souls are already in existence,meaning,all probabilities are already happening into infinity. Peanut didn’t need to listen to your warnings because time does not exist,like wise death.His stubborn spirit knew better.There are infinite possibilities for peanut to exist here alive or dead.(reincarnation) Everyone is everyone… Read more »

4 years ago

I have always felt this. And up to this morning. I was not fully up but I had to jump up because I was running late. And as I woke up oddly my mind was on getting a q-tip which is kept behind a mirrored medicine cabinet and I went straight to the bathroom and instead reached for the bathroom door to look behind it which is on the complete opposite side of the medicine cabinet. And I recall saying to myself yeah your spirit is still in another realm that is mirroring this one which is why I looked… Read more »

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