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What Happens in the Realms When You are Spiritually Attacked?

I once knew a man who was a spiritualist, or obeah man as he loved to call himself. At the time, perhaps we were friends, I’m not sure, but he was someone I liked because of his humor. He (let’s call him Mark) was tall, about 6’3″ and stout with a booming voice akin to Barry White.

We were spiritual people alike, and so we shared this and a sense of humor in common. But there was something about him that I inwardly cringed at most often…

He wore white everyday, and several beads around his neck and wrists, suggesting that he was an initiate of the Lucumi practice, although this was never something he had admitted to me in the beginning. But his regalia was not just a mere reverence to Orisha, he wanted you to know he was a powerful man (the need for man to size his shoulders with the divine, i will never understand).

When we would drive together, if a motorist bad-drived him (meaning cutting him off, or putting him in danger on the road), he would say: “Oh really?” as he would write down the motorist’s license plate number, “I will f*** you up!” Though this was said in our Jamaican patois.

I at that time used to wonder to myself if he was just a mad obeah man. Had power driven him insane? I laugh, but this too is possible for some.

When seeing this, I at first thought the dramatic scene was funny, because this was a man who, like me, found humor in everything. But it was not until I saw him take the motorist’s license plate number home, put it underneath a candle and swear…. I was no longer laughing.

I said nothing as I saw him do this… but inwardly I worried. Because I knew that by him doing this, he was abusing whatever spiritual knowledge he may have gathered over time, and this was not the way to utilize it. But what can I say to a man who believed himself almighty?

People like that unsuspecting motorist face spiritual attacks everyday, and have no idea the source of what they believe to be general malaise. I give my story of Mark because often times you are unaware of your offense to those who seek vengeance or emotional satisfaction from spiritually harming others who may never know the cause of their misfortune.

One of the advice I give to people who read this blog is to always be aware of your life, to note when something has shifted, when something seems… not quite right.

When ever I write a blog post, I give my own experiences, and I have had many posts here where I have told stories of many different things I have been through. I, myself, have had more than my fair share of spiritual attacks, and most, if not all, the attacks I’ve received in my life have come from people I have helped, never from anyone I have ever deemed to be an enemy.

But one thing you must know is that all spiritual attacks upon anyone must enter spiritual court.

Now, here is where I may speak of things you may not have heard or before. It is not relevant whether or not you believe anything written here, what is useful is for you to be informed.

Spiritual Court and Your Defense

When a person decides that you have offended them, and they have decided to take spiritual action against you, this person has now opened up a case within the realm of spirit.

This is how it works: For the attack to happen, a spirit has to be contracted. Usually a disgruntled person contacts a spiritualist to report an enemy. The spiritualist will then take the tale of the offense to the contracted spirit, whether the tale is a lie or the truth, but most often they are lies, and most often even embellished upon.

Someone may say:

But wouldn’t the spirit know that the person is lying on someone innocent?

To this person I would answer:

The lie matters not to the spirit. It is the contract, the work, that these mercenaries are concerned with, not righteousness which belongs to the court.

Now, when the spiritualist contracts this spirit in order to harm a person, a lie must be told if the truth is too positive. The reason for this is because the spiritual world operates off of laws, and of those laws is the Law of Rhythm and the Law of Causation. This means that the Universe works off of a particular order. It is like playing musical notes, if one note is off, it disrupts the entire score. So the spiritualist, in order to manifest his desire, he must adhere to that order. Since he desires to harm someone, then the reason must be an offense that is deserving of the effect.

And this is why the case must enter spiritual court.

Just like the human court, not every innocent is pardoned, and not every guilty is punished.

When the attack goes out, it can manifest in the physical world in many different ways. For instance, if the attack is to kill the person, the spirits who have the contract will begin a hunt and study the physical human who is supposed to be its victim. I won’t explain here how all of this happens, but I will say that while the victim is being studied or hunted by these non-physical malevolent beings, the person will be warned beforehand that there is danger. The reason he must be warned is because this, like the human world, is his right to defense.

What the human does or does not do with the warnings is his choice.

Believe it or not, there are many simple ways to stop vicious attacks, but without the consciousness or the spiritual ability to realize a shift in one’s life, these options seem almost non-existent.

However, for the enlightened, the ones who are attuned when things have changed drastically in their lives, or the ones who pay attention to spiritual warnings, are most likely the ones who will survive vicious non-physical attacks.

But most often before a person asks “How can I save myself?” they ask, “who is doing this to me?” And these victims become obsessed with vengeance, taking it upon themselves to either face the enemy, or harm them back through the same spiritual means.

One thing people do not realize is that war is not just an unfair inconvenience. Any war or inconvenience that you may find yourself, you should leave it having gained something you did not have before, a knowledge or morality that will push you forward. When one enters and becomes obsessed with vengeance, or leaves with paranoia and increased superstition, he is less of the man he was before the war.

Spiritual attacks do not have to be an actual war with malevolent spirits. They manifest in many ways from illnesses, death by some apparent physical means, madness, physical fights and constant upheaval, breakups and divorces, failure and much more. But what unites all of these things is that they attack only those subject to falsehood and trickery. Because this is what spiritual attacks are, a trick of the mind and what it thinks is real. When it enters the physical world, it is not easy to disburse, only the spiritual can cancel that illusion.

In other words, if it is spiritually sent, then it is the same kind of message (spiritual antidote) that has to be used to destroy the malevolence that created the disturbance.

This particular magic in the realms only becomes a reality to the human whose consciousness is less developed. In other words, the lower the consciousness is, the more susceptible to the trick of reality one will be.

I can only advise people on what to do. I know that not everyone will take my advice, but one thing I can tell you all: it is never good, regardless of your emotions, to retaliate. There are many reasons why I say this.

Always remember that there is a spiritual court, and from once you are innocent, your defense is sure.

Now innocent, here, does not mean whether or not you are innocent in this case. Innocent means can you firmly and with full confidence say “I have never disturbed another person’s life in any capacity, in any way.” Because one should be careful to remember the time he had cheated another person, or harmed someone many years ago, because in spiritual court one’s entire life is considered, and in many cases the very war one finds himself in is the punishment itself.

However, there are exceptions to the rule, and too many for me to discuss.

Life wouldn’t be life without experiences such as these, so the attacker himself contributes to the world, in a bizarre way, and the victim as long as he survives, adds to his life’s experience and grows. In every which way, the evolution of Man continues through peace or through chaos.

It is not enough to be hit or insulted to be harmed. You must believe that you are being harmed. If someone succeeds at provoking you, realize that your mind is complicit in the provocation.


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1 year ago

Thank you so much obara. Though I am a strong and devoted Christian, but I must confess that you have the spirit of a higher priest even if you maybe doing in on the wrong way based on my own view. Reasons I said wrong way is because it’s not done to the glory of the most high God and Jesus Christ our saviour. I can see in all your ways that you are considered perfect and preaches the gospel of peace, love kindness for all men. I Pray the most high God grant you more wisdom and open your… Read more »

2 years ago

Supreme rising empress Obara and ES family Thank you for this post Obara and sharing your knowledge it’s us. Your advise for us to be aware of our lives and shifts that occur is one of the things I have been mindful of especially after reading some of your posts. You have made me aware of how the non physical communicate with us, the physical. You have taught me the importance of listening to and trusting my spit (which never fails me). My enemy (thank you Empress ObRa for this phrase to deflect the negativity from me) has had spiritual… Read more »

2 years ago

NEW POST! Ah Sis is back!!! “I have told stories of many different things I have been through. I, myself, have had more than my fair share of spiritual attacks, and most, if not all, the attacks I’ve received in my life have come from people I have helped, never from anyone I have ever deemed to be an enemy.” I think I must have written this line- Why is it in life we are more than often attacked by people who we helped? You know it seems ironic as I am an especially helpful person the more I help is the more… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Yes Sis I think we need to talk more on topics as this- Folks need to know that we are spiritual beings and our quest is for higher spiritual vibration.

Much Love for you and the readers

Last edited 2 years ago by Lincoln
2 years ago

I greet you Obara Meji…..I am learning so much. I remember being under spiritual attack and that small voice said…. drink some of your urine. Then I read it here. I remember telling someone who came to warn me, that I am innocent…. I said look at my hands ✋… I am innocent. I did nothing….. I just prayed and still pray. I read it here. I remember having boils on my bottom, same place all the time ⏲️. And I read it here that it means attacks have been averted. Attacks are there, but I have learnt to pray… Read more »

2 years ago

All protocols fully observed…… This is coming at a good time… Thanks Padrino for the post…. I was still thinking today that me that I don’t dream or see visions how do I know where attack is coming from… Following a voice or thought impression to identify the attacker can be somehow coz I don’t want to think someone is doing evil to me when they are not the one…. For me the most important aspect is not about knowing who sent the attack but knowing when am allowed to present my defense in the spiritual court… I present my… Read more »

Intellectual Bhutu
2 years ago

I greet you, Obara Meji, with love, light and abundance. “the spiritual ability to realize a shift in one’s life” – I agree that this is absolutely important especially in subtle aspects. It is also helpful to recognize the places/people/situations that trigger a shift. We need to stay grounded and pay attention. Quite insightful post….and of course I have questions. I didn’t act with the intent to cause hurt/offense – How does my intention and someone’s perception impact my claim of innocence? To what extent can ancestors/spiritual guides act to protect the “accused” without their awareness or without them even… Read more »

2 years ago

Yep, never leave your guard ring

2 years ago

Obara it’s not easy to leave with attackers all around you sometimes I get vexed in my spirit an begins to questions my spirit guides and the Universe if my pains brings them happiness.

If even your defense sure how can all the time and years wasted or spent before your vindications be restored?

Obara I will get in touch with you soon.

Peace and abundance dwells in your abode always.

jojo queen
2 years ago

Reading this makes me wanna cry, teacher what I would like to ask is, so a baby just born and enemies try to kill him or she why does the evil work on the child even if the child doesn’t die him or her life is disrupted with pain and disappointment? isn’t that child innocent? it’s not fair! ( in my spoiled voice) teacher I think this needs a part 2. Forgive my manners greetings teacher.

2 years ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

yes I understand teacher it’s just sad, if God is willing I maybe making a trip soon to come your side of the world hoping to meet you when I do. love and light teacher another daughter of water.

2 years ago

I constantly am amazed at the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished.” I spend time in meditation and study to understand this. It relates to a law of physics: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I didn’t pass physics in college but I understand it by and by. Obara this is deep. Charlotte

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