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The Biggest Spiritual Problem: What Happens in the Spirit World When You Have a Spirit Spouse

What I am about to explain to you is something that disturbs most human beings on the planet, unbeknownst to them. Although, we are all living a physical life, we are all spiritual beings having this experience. There are many explanations within Traditional cultures about this phenomena, which the Yorubas may call Egbe. However, even these explanations still makes one yearn for deeper understanding of these things that hinder the human’s way.

You are all aware that to understand anything from a spiritual perspective can be quite difficult. However, things can be explained through stories as in the days of old when metaphors were put in place for the limited mind to understand that which was complex. In order to bring the spiritual to the physical, we have to enter the world of imagination.

This may all sound like a fairytale, but these stories may be the closest thing to the truth as you will ever get. The stories I am about to tell you, though, are no fairytale. Through storytelling, I will attempt to humanize (i.e. giving them personalities and emotions) a true spiritual reality, one that is more than it might be imagined. You will add your own intellect to what you are reading which will guide you to understand the metaphysics of what is being told to you here.

In the featured image of this post (see below), I attempt to depict one aspect (or one world) of this spiritual phenomena. It is bright and colorful and filled with child-like entities. But this is not an actuality of this spiritual world, it is only a depiction, an image, of the beauty and purity that is the Spirit Spouse and Spirit Children.

But why would something so beautiful, so pure, and so full of love and joy, affect so many human lives so negatively?

Let me take you to the Spirit World…

Image Source: Embracing Spirituality

Lucy is 44 years old.

She has never been married and she feels she is getting older but still she has no children. She has a good job, great education, and can afford all she wants in her life. She dresses nicely and is seemingly attractive. But she is not happy. Her last boyfriend broke up with her out of no where, and so did the last one before him. In fact, that one just stopped calling and stopped coming around. Before him, she went on several dates but never heard from the men again. It has always been like that for her, rejection. She was clean and a good home maker. She knew she could make a good wife and a great mother, her personality was winsome, she was lively and fun. So what was the turn off?

She hates speaking to her parents nowadays because her mother would pester her about time. She wanted grandchildren, but it did not seem possible as Lucy was the only child she had. Her father stood quiet whenever she saw him, but he gave the “look” which she knew was one in wonderment about her life.

Devon was attractive and charming. He loved women but they seemed to hate him. Okay, so he had a temper and hogged all their time on the phone, some even told him that he was controlling, but he did not mean to come off controlling, he just liked their time. What was he doing wrong? When he liked a girl he became invested in them and so he wanted to spend all of his time with them. Guys his age had many girls, he only had two at a time. Once his mother had berated him about that, saying that his deadbeat father was the same way, and he had told her he had to have an “extra one” just in case he ever got his heart broken.

The look she gave him, he would never forget, but who cares? He has his own life to live. He wasn’t a product of that man in personality, hell if he got a woman like his mom, he would marry her, mom was great!

He is cool, clean, charismatic, handsome down to his teeth. But now at age 35… and yet another heartbreak. Maybe his standards was too high? He started to date women he would not have ordinarily chosen (Well, he doesn’t really go for ugly girls, but he had to test his life, so he went after Buck Teeth Joanne. She was a neighborhood girl, very shapely but unfortunately God had given her extra teeth… like an extra set), but even they would stop answering his phone calls. He adjusted his personality and tried to appear more cool and uninterested, and suppressed his urge to send a “What’s up?” text. But still, at some point, the relationship would just fizzle away.

Even Buck-Teeth Joanne rejected him after a while and changed her number, can you imagine? “What have I become?” he often brooded to himself.

Spirit husband watching over human wife
Image Source: Embracing Spirituality

From across the room, Peresh (the name we will give this non-physical entity) watches his wife Lucy. She cannot see him and he knows this, but he can see her. Soon, she will prepare for bed. He will lay with her tonight, as he does every night. He knows everything about her life in this terrible human world. Yes, he knows that she had to come here, and the honorable duty she had undertaken for the sake of the Group. He had also applied to the Council to descend to Earth but he was denied. He had been to Earth many times, and had to wait on her to finish her wheel of existence on the Earth plane.

She had assured him that she would never forget their union nor their children or family. Yet she did. It was only yesterday that Jethumi (a layman with the Over Seers) had explained to him that once any of them descended to the human world, they would not remember their lives here within the outer world.

Jethumi (after swearing him to secret) told him the Council did not disclose this, as it was classified, and when they returned, they also would not remember that when they were in the human world, they had forgotten their lives here. In fact their life within the human world would be like a dream to them upon their return, and they were forbidden to speak about it to anyone.

This was hard, very hard, because he had the document sworn and signed by her that she would never separate from him, and there she was last night hugging that human thing or whatever they are called. He didn’t understand and he was threatened by her guardian (her spirit guide) to stay far away from her, but how could he? She was his wife.

He had returned to his world and had meetings with Kimora. Kimora was very old and powerful. She once held a very high position with the Over Seers, but the Council had removed her because of her insolence according to Jethumi.

The Over Seers ruled their world within the Astral Heavens, but reported to the Council who were a projection of Beings who held meetings with the Over Seers from somewhere within Space-Time Continuum. They didn’t have names or even a description, but they were very powerful Beings of Light which ruled over the Astral Realms, all the Earths and many more Planetary Spaces. Kimora was to be among them, but she had sent her family off and had stayed behind to be among the Over Seers. She was removed, and has since began a revolutionary movement to which the humans would call her a Witch. She was powerful, but the Council had left her, at least for now.

She had helped some people like him having the same problems with Earthly Beings stealing their spouses and Kimora had pulled some of the spouses back home. Some of it happened the moment they married. The humans would say “tragedy struck”, and the bride or the husband died as soon as they married, graduated, celebrated a birthday, or some other celebration. Ugh! Tragedy for them, celebration for us, because our family, our wife or husbands have returned to the whole.

The Over Seers had brought Kimora up on charges before the Council, but something had intervened, perhaps her own powers and she was free. She had whispered to herself once that she worked for the Council, but how could that be? However, it was hard to get to her, although she had many apprentices, they were also hard to get to as well.

“44 years old and no husband, no children, nothing,” he heard Lucy telling someone.

“But Lucy, we are here! Come home!” He thought.

As Peresh watched her, there was a movement in his peripheral, and he turned to look, only to see Mina materialized. She exhaled and cast him a look in the shadowed room.

“Yep, he is at it again,” she said as she watched Devon. “He doesn’t even remember me or our boys.”

“What are you doing here?” Asked Peresh.

“What are you doing here?” She asked but continued.

“I sensed that you were here and I needed to escape his presence for a while,” she was speaking about Devon. They were all from the same soul group. Devon was her husband in their world and had gone to the human world because of the clarion call. She had begged him not to go, but she knew the progress of their soul family depended on getting dispatched to this earth realm and passing all their tests.

Meanwhile, over on Earth, Devon’s current girlfriend has suddenly found herself losing interest in him… there was just something about him that she could not explain. Maybe it was the way he called her too much? But her last boyfriend hardly ever called her, so was she complicated? She wasn’t sure. She would simply slow things down, maybe cancel their plans, and maybe he will leave her instead.

Kimora told Mina once that it was a privilege to come here. Yet she assisted many of us to bring them back home, even though it was illegal to do so. Kimora had lived many lives as an Earthling. She had attained much Light and all her family had ascended to places unknowable to others, but for certain they were in better positions.

These ones (those like Kimora’s family) who had advanced did not need to heed to any clarion call or be duty bound to go to Earth. Kimora told her that they could volunteer to come in and they could leave the Earth whenever they chose regardless of the assignment.

“This idiot husband of hers decided he needed to come as soon as she had told him what Kimora had told her,” thought Mina. She had followed her Aunt to get Kimora’s help in bringing home her son. This is how she learned all these things when Kimora advised the aunt to leave the boy and allow him to complete his mission.

Bloggers, I am tempted to go on but I must stop here. This is my attempt in explaining why so many people on this planet have so many different problems in their lives.

Many vulgar people will call the non-physical counterpart of the human being a demon. The Pastor may frighten the hell out of everyone when he is preaching about them. However, this approach is wrong. There is a spiritual explanation as to why many people go through these things. For example, if you took notice, during Mina’s musings about Devon, Devon’s girlfriend suddenly felt a growing dislike for Devon that she could not understand. Because the human world is chaotic, often times things of Great purity, of Great love, can express themselves in ways that are perceived as negative, such as Devon’s girlfriend losing interest. But this lost of interest is a translation, as strange as it may seem, of love.

The Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria call this phenomenon Egbe. I have written many posts on this topic (see here, here, and here). Yet, daily when I do divinations, I see how this plagues many people, even members of my own family.

Before I “initiated” to Egbe (which, by the way, I must mention that you can not “initiate” into Egbe, rather there is a ceremonial process that one undergoes to rewrite spiritual contracts), my spiritual husband would come to Earth to spend time with me. I would see him in my dreams and I had never in my life felt love like that. However, the love I felt was not good, could never be good.

Why? If I had allowed myself to melt into him, he could have taken my enemy away into another world.

We must remember that our Earthly existence is for a purpose, and in this Earth realm all Good must be challenged, as chaos is the nature of the Earth. Because of this, even the Soul Group can be a source of challenge to the human journey, unbeknownst to both the human and the Soul Group that poses the challenge. But these challenges are not haphazard. The Universe is always in order, even the Earth’s chaos is apart of this order, and the very things that manifest negatively for the human, such as the mournful longing of the Soul Group, are for the evolution of the human. It is his mission to overcome these challenges wisely and thus ascend from his realization.

Every realm serves each other. The overcoming of chaos and hardship of the Earth serves the spiritual realms, and the effects of these spiritual realms, be they “negative” or “positive”, serves the Earth. All are interconnected and in their perfect order according to the wisdom of the Universal All.

The spiritualists that banish these Soul Groups without understanding their cause end up causing far more havoc for the human journey than good.

Not every human is plagued with Spirit husbands and Spirit wives. The ones who are are usually a big deal within their world. This is why the Yorubas (fascinating people with a fascinating and very insightful philosophical ideology) refer to them vaguely and simply as Egbe, (or “society” as I have been told). All Yoruba deity names are full of wisdom and have direct translations that mean very little to the unspiritual mind more than what his literal understanding can conclude.

The spirit wife’s influence over her husbands life can cause him great depression, emotional hurt. Her influence may influence him to steal, or do bad things (not all who are plagued with them act this way), however, because she is not happy with him being here, she will disturb his life and so will a spirit husband disturb the wife.

They will not allow their spouse to enjoy their time on Earth. Spirit children will cause the parent (i.e. dad) to be impotent, change sexuality (though not in all cases), have fibroids or barrenness pronounced on the mother, become promiscuous, or go completely unnoticed by potential partners, and much more. But again, all have their reasons.

So much more to explain to you about the hell some people go through.

Are they evil? No, they are not.

The Love that emanates from this Spirit Husband/Wife/Child is more that we on this Earth could ever understand, so much that even I will not attempt to explain it.

They are here, they are in our world, and they make their presence known.

Obara Meji

There is only one way to worship God, and that is to be good.


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11 months ago

Hi Obara, and Happy belated birthday. Reading this post reminds me of the Chinese shows that I love to watch where the immortals would descend to the mortal world to go through some challenges. When they die in the mortal world and would ascend back to the heavenly world, they would have no memory of it.
Because of you, I’ve learned so much and my understanding of different cultures have opened my eyes to many things. Thank you obara for sharing so much. I’m will be emailing you soon.

11 months ago

First, why yu a tell mi bizniz?! lol a joke but this certainly sounds like i am lucy. smh please universe speak with my peresh(spiritual hubby) make him know this earth realm is hard enough and being single is adding to the day to day struggles. so if him coulda please to allow me a divorce until mi very important wuk here done. i promise to return and love him again.

Okay Obara mi done lol

11 months ago

I find these missions to be very selfish. No wonder kimora turned a rogue agent although still operating under the instructions of the council’s. What’s the use of leaving my spiritual life to come to earth and complete a mission without being able to retain the lessons from it? Then again, if we returned to the spiritual world with our human memories, it may create chaos and mixed emotions. Hence creating a lag for the spiritual group evolution. Can 2 or more spiritual groups and levels, join together to complete a mission? You mention, spiritual children how do they play… Read more »

11 months ago

Thank you so much for taking out time to give a detailed and mythical description of this article. I have a better grasp of the topic though I’ll have to re-read it again for better understanding and assimilation. What happens when a Peresh disappears from the life of his earthly wife? Thank you

11 months ago

Hey Teach. Fascinating post and thank you for the style in which it was delivered. Made it (even more so) relatable! You touched on spirit not remembering details of their human experience when they return. Why is that? Especially since Spirit has so much wisdom and some sign up to return multiple times. What purpose does it serve for Spirit to not recall details of their human lives? Also, one’s Ori and guides can block the person’s Egbe from interfering with their human life? As was the case with Peresh and Lucy’s spirit guide? I thought guides and ancestors can’t… Read more »

11 months ago

This was so deep and very good to imaginate and take in. But it something over our understanding that I really like. It something to think about and ask questions, but also to read again for better clarity for one understanding. I love the way you break everything things down and the way you went into it, for us to have a picture and some understanding for how this work. Beautiful illumination. Thank you for this post on your Birthday. God Bless you for sharing with us, knowledge. For sure I am going to read it again to get another… Read more »

11 months ago

Happy Birthday Obara wishing you a blessed day blessing to you and your lots of (hugggs)

Thank you for another great post If possible can you tell us how to we can live our lives if we have a spirit husband /wife?

11 months ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Hi Obara, Thank you so much for your reply. Love and light.

11 months ago

Happy birthday Great One!!!

This post has given me my answers about demon I wanted to ask…

May your light continue to shine upon me…

11 months ago

Fantastic content!, Am grateful for this write-up

Queen Okunmayowa (jojo)
11 months ago

Aboru boye Obara, happy earth day to you teacha I decree Abundance in wealth, great health, wisdom, knowledge and all u need and want in this life i hope u enjoy your day Ase. I just wanted to ask if that’s why some babalawo Insist on rituals to ask the family to allow the human to live their earthly life because they are the source of the humans problems?

11 months ago

Happy Birthday to you Obara Meji!!! We share the same earth day. Blessings plenty. Thank you for this amazing post. To be read and re-read indeed.

11 months ago

Wow, this feels like it needs a read, a re-read and another re-read! Interesting, also, how I could relate the scenarios to so many people I know here on this our good Earth – including myself!

Thank you for the insights, Obara. And a happy bearth-day to you.

11 months ago

Happy Birthday Obara… respect

Intellectual Bhutu
11 months ago

Greetings Obara Meji It is good that in the midst of the birthday celebrations you remembered us and wrote a post. Blessed Earthstrong ! In the post, you made mention of the pastor referring to “spirit spouses” as demons and the Yoruba use of the term egbe. You also acknowledged that the phenomena is present in other traditions. Based on your vast knowledge and exposure, have you any knowledge of how the other traditions “treat/address” or solve the problem? During your time as a Revivalist, were you ever presented with a similar case? How was it handled? Is the Egbe… Read more »

Intellectual Bhutu
11 months ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Yuh ansa mi proppa.
I find this so interesting. Mi jus wah learn more.
Mi haffi guh read this bout 3 more time fi absorb the wealth of info.


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