My Experience with “Doctors” From the Spiritual Realms

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I worried about posting this story because I still am in shock that this happened to me.

I can tell you all for months on end of my experiences and still more would be coming up from my memory bank. Anyway when I started this blog I made up my mind to teach you all through my own experiences, and so this, I must do, despite what the memory makes me feel.

Here it goes:


There used to be a Doctor who would visit me when I was spiritually younger and going through my spiritual schooling. What this means is when God decided that he wanted me to do what I came here on earth to do he stripped me bare of all the things of the world and I became like a brand new babe.

At nights the spirits would come for me by way of astral projection and I would travel the many astral realms and experience many things. Read Walking on the left. The Doctor would come very late at night and give me an examination; he wore full black and carried a black medical bag, just like the television show Marcus Welby M.D. To those of you who do not understand spirituality this sounds unbelievable but I, Obara Meji, being of sound, mind, and body, am here to declare that it is true. This may have even happened to you but because you are still spiritually sleeping your soul will not allow you to witness this as it could be devastating to your mental being. He would come every six months and give me an examination and tell me the results of his findings and what I should expect to come in the future, and then he would leave walking backwards out of the house.

What I am about to share with you now will be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. After disaster had struck on September 11, 2001, I had developed a slight wheezing. I was no where close to the location where the devastation took place, but people who lived in New York anywhere within the tri state area were affected by the smoke and debris. Hospital rooms were being overcrowded by people that were having breathing problems as a result of 9-11.

I, on the other hand, decided not to tell my husband and children that I was wheezing and kept it to myself hoping that it would go away. It continued for a week where I would not only hear the wheezing but also catch my breath intermittently.  About a week and a half after I had began experiencing this wheezing and shortness of breath, one Sunday night my husband and I went to bed and as usual I remember going to sleep laying on my side, around 3am I found myself hovering outside my body – my body was on its stomach and my back was bare I could see that my nightgown had been pushed down to the base of my back.

Above my back was a bright circular light – the kind that you would see in an operating room, – I saw 3 pairs of gloved hands but I did not see the bodies to whom they belonged. The gloved hands had made a horizontal incision about 5 to 6 inches long and used some type of metal object to hold the incision apart.  One hand held something that looked like a sponge while the other had some type of instrument in both hands and the third hand was responsible for passing those instruments. It was obvious to me that they were operating on my lungs. I floated beside them watching everything that they did with fascination (now that I think about it, I wondered why I had not panicked being outside of my body and witnessing this).

When they had finished doing their surgery, they inserted what seemed like a beige gauze-like looking cloth into the incision and sewed it up.  When the last stitch was pulled that was when my spirit re-entered my body and I awoke with a jolt. As I jumped up out of my sleep I felt the most excruciating pain from my shoulder straight down to my arm and the whole side that they operated on as if I had just come out of a real life surgery.

My screaming out in pain awoke my husband who asked me what had happened, but the pain was too much I couldn’t explain other than to ask him to assist me to the bathroom. Cold sweat washed my entire body and I felt weak and exhausted. Needless to say for exactly 8 days I laid in my bed recuperating from the ‘surgery’ but guess what? There was no more wheezing, the shortness of breath had gone. During those 8 days of recovery I had to have the assistance of my children and husband but I can tell you that cured I was.

I have never forgotten that and I choose who I tell this story to even though it’s now on the world-wide web, but I tell this story because I want to let others who may have experienced something like this know that it was real. They are not crazy, there are many realms in the universe and they visit us here on earth all the time. Depending on whom your guardian angel is and your life’s purpose, they will appear to you in many different circumstances once you are awake. For those who are still asleep and have not embraced their spirituality you will only experience these energies in your dreams and visions, most of you not even remembering when you wake up. It was a cry and when I needed help the universe responded.

Without knowing a person we must not hate him…..Yoruba Proverb.

Next articleMESSAGES IN MUSIC!!!


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[…] had experiences such as surgery performed on me by spiritual doctors from another realm, read Doctors From The Realms Operated On Me After 9/11  , I have been taught astral projections by non-physical beings who came at nights to teach me these […]


[…] have had experiences such as surgery performed on me by spiritual doctors from another realm, read Doctors From The Realms Operated On Me After 9/11  , I have been taught astral projections by non-physical beings who came at nights to teach me these […]

Tiffany Anderson
9 years ago

god was just working on you thats why you wen thru that…..

9 years ago

wow am speechless …

9 years ago

me no know…me scary sometime…me gooda did run off de operating table…like docta a whe u deh pon…like one woman dreamme a ask me wha do u…whe dem do u…come mek me tek care a u…me say lady a who u…me no know u…lady do i beg u backup from me…me ma…bad ting mek joke…a goodly one a mi ancestors dem…

9 years ago

Mi noe mum ah choo it may soun farfetched to dose who dont know you.

9 years ago

Ase O! Stitch yuh up good! It is true that most of us are still sleeping. the universe sends the messages a we fi recognize dem….Ase Wauuu!

9 years ago

Another good read….’I, Obara Meji being of sound mind and body’? U tan deh deh ah now dem ah goh sey u mad

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