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The Story of Peanut: The Man Whose Spirit I Met Before He Ever Died

Any one that knows me knows that I am always teaching, and sharing a lot of my Spiritual Experiences with those who care to know.  I have often explained that there is no such thing as death. Only the  physical body dies, but the spirit lives on. We all have a spiritual double that lives on the astral planes.

While we are on our journey here that twin of ours, hovers closely by. In the blog about reincarnation, I wrote about the me watching me Obara Meji in the visions, who seem to know exactly what is happening and is not afraid of anything. That me who is watching, is Obara Meji living on earth, while the me in the dream/vision is my astral double. Have you ever had a dream where you were fighting and overpowering people, doing somethings like flying, swimming, etc, that you know your physical self could not do?.  That was your Spiritual Twin who resides on the planes not of this earth, so you see that we have all been to the realms, after all sleep imitates death.

Read this next story about a spirit I met, while I was on my journey through the realms.

When I met this spirit, little did I know that some years after meeting him, that I would meet his physical double on the earth plane, and even warn him and his wife of his impending death, only to realize years later that I had already met him in spirit form (in other words, despite my warning, he was already dead). Sad story but true.

Years ago while I was going through spiritual schooling,  what this means is that the spirits came for me and stripped me of everything that I had been taught all my life and all that I thought was needed in my life including my baby’s father, my business and left me bare like a newborn child and started teaching me spiritual things.  At nights while I slept or in the days when they put me to sleep I would be taken out of my body and into the spiritual realm and experience lots of things and also meet lots of people some who were living on the realms, some who were living on earth, some who were to come into the world, and some who was living on earth but whose spiritual double I met while walking in the astral realm, one such instance is this.

They came for me while I slept. The lift out of my body was subtle and I knew not except a few times when they took me. On this particular occasion I found myself hurrying to get “home” (back to my body). For some reason I felt that I had to get back into my body before a certain hour. While I walked, a man materialized with a very pronounced limp beside me.

“Hello young lady,” he greeted me. “How are you? Where are you hurrying to?”

I told him I was hurrying home and he asked if he could walk along with me a little way. I quickly accepted and said yes. He then asked me:

“Do you want to know how I got here?”

I said yes and by “here” he meant being the astral realm where he now resides. He then went on to tell me this story

“I met a girl I liked and invited her on a date and she accepted. So we decided to meet up on top of the hill,” (I wasn’t sure what he meant by “on top the hill”) “but when I went to meet her, her brothers had come along with her, because apparently she was underage which I did not know. Then they used cutlasses and chopped me up really badly and that’s how I got her,e” he stopped walking forcing me to stop too, and said ” it was nice meeting you. Thank you for letting me walk and talk with you. I can not go any further. But if you should ever need me please call for me my name is Peanut”.

And at that moment, I found myself back into my body. I quickly wrote this experience down as with all my others and carried on about my life. A client of mine had a boyfriend who died tragically (I will tell that story to you one day, the title may say PREDICTING DEATH PRECISELY), he received eight shots to the chest and for whatever reason the doctors had cut his legs off before he died. Remember what I have just said here about his legs as it is important to part two of this story. As a matter of fact let me tell you that story now.

A client of mine who I use to consult for had a boyfriend who had been deported back to Jamaica. He was there for a year and some how he was planning to come back. She came to me for consultation on the matter as she worried that he would come back to America and resume his womanizing ways, so I prayed for her and allowed one of my main guides access to my body. When the guide arrived, he told her:

“The guy will come back but he will go straight back to Jamaica in a wooden box with both legs chopped off and buried with him.”

My client then responded “Nuh true,” (It’s true) as if that message satisfied her (the simple two word response became a stamp of approval on the prediction). Let’s call the boyfriend Delroy (Deli for short). When Deli returned to the States, and they both lived together for two months, one day I called their house and he answered and told me that my client was not at home. I was about to hang up when I suddenly shouted out to him,

“Delroy, they are going to kill you. Somebody will call you suddenly to leave your house. Do not go! Please stay inside for at least a week!”

Delory laughed and said, “Thanks, but I don’t believe in those things“.

Before the week was out, Delroy went out with a male friend. He was the passenger in the car while the friend went to buy liquor from the liquor store. At the time, someone walked up to him and pumped eight shots into his chest. He died at the hospital five hours after. The doctors had removed both of his legs in futile attempt to save his life. He was buried in Jamaica with both legs buried beside him in his coffin.

About three years after his death, his girlfriend and I were having lunch and she sighed heavily.

“Lord, I wonder what Peanut is doing right now…” she said.

I asked “Peanut? Whose Peanut?”.

To my astonishment she said “Delroy. Anybody who knew Delroy from Primary school knows him by that name… Peanut.”

The name sparked a memory in me but I did not connect it immediately, but when I did, I was shocked. I then told her that I met Peanut in the World of Spirit while travelling in the realms. He had a bad limp, (which now made sense as his legs were cut off on Earth), and told me the he had died because of a date he had with a young girl. The client had told me that it was true, Delroy was shot because he had been having an affair with a young girl whose boyfriend felt disrespected and went hunting him.

Can you believe that? Boy oh boy my life! I will tell you my second encounter with him three days after he died and how he held my physical hand trying desperately to talk to me… Stay tuned!

Obara Meji

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Obara meji
9 years ago

For some yes not for others and I don’t remembering peanut looking like he did when met him in real life

9 years ago
Reply to  Obara meji


9 years ago

Astral travel sounds pretty cool… I am guessing peanut looked different in the realm…meaning his face…

If you meet someone’s double while traveling, do you have a déjà vu moment at some point when your earth plane bodies meet?


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