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The Gifts We Receive in Spiritual Suffering — My Journal of Channeled Messages of 1999

During and after the time of my spiritual initiation, I realized that I was gifted with the ability to channel messages from the Cosmological Heavens. I would like to explain a little of this to you so that you can understand this from my perspective, other than what you might know about channeling from Google or elsewhere.

During the several years when Invisible Forces put me through a spiritual initiation, which was very rough, towards the end when the Initiation was nearing its close, I began to experience certain extremely high ‘psychic’ moments that to this day I am unable to define. But I will try to let you have just a little peep inside of my mind so that you can understand some of what I have gone through.

If a person called me on the phone, during this Initiatic period of suffering, while speaking to the person, my consciousness would shift outside of my body and be where they were. I could see their environment, the clothes that they wore, I could smell their perfume with great vividness, even the smallest ant on the floor I could see. It took me quite a long time to realize that this was, other than calling it a shift of consciousness, it was actually an inter-dimensional travel. And so with this new found ability, which I had to suffer terribly to get to, I realize that many other things were added to it, such as the ability to hear inter-dimensionally sounds, words, songs, messages, that ordinary people could not hear.

When using the word “hear” most people think of the the physical sense of hearing. But with me, there was no sound as in the 5 senses. The best I can describe this in the physical sense was as a presence of thought, but in actuality it wasn’t. What it is is that the illusion of the physical manifestation of me, where ever I was, rose up inter-dimensionally, meaning my consciousness, my spirit, my frequency rose up to meet the message coming from a higher plane. A person looking would see my physical body, but my consciousness was expanded more than the consciousness that lived this reality. The imagery of some of these descriptions may bring forth some literal depictions in your mind, such as an invisible me literally rising out of my physical body, but this is not the case. As I said earlier, it is very hard for me to describe, but let me move forward in explaining to you things that had happened to me in those times, and have since advanced since then.

In those times I had no idea what “channeling” was. I had no idea that I was a Medium, although Padrino (one of my mentors) had told me years earlier that I would be doing as he did, and he was a phenomenal Medium. Channeling came to me at odd times and it often would start with this message which formed in my mind:

Get a pen and paper.”

And I would obey. I would get the pen and paper, sit down and wait.

Soon enough something would enter my mind as I described above, and I would simply write, most often not understanding what I was writing. I did not share this with anyone during those times that I struggled in wondering what was happening to me, as I was fearful that my family and others would see my enemy as mad.

However, as time went on, the channeling became much more, and so I began keeping them all in a journal, journals that I still have today from all those years ago. When I first started this blog in 2011, I shared snippets of these messages without explaining to my readers that these were messages that had come from the Realm of Spirit to me through channeling.

I must pause here to explain something else.

What is Spiritual Channeling?

Channeling is not the Medium willfully pulling from the Invisible world, but rather is the Invisible world sending to those who are consciously able to have their vibration risen high enough to receive them.

Some people are able to receive them while asleep, and so they enter the World of Dreams and Visions and are able to come back with messages, while the more advanced are able to receive messages while awake at any time, any hour, any minute, any second, and without the labor of ritual. When I shared some of the messages on the blog when I started blogging, I did not elaborate on them nor explain from whence they had come. I had written them as though it were just another blog post.

However, last night I somehow saw one of these messages while perusing the blog, and today I have decided to share one of these messages since the human race are currently living in what some would call a perilous time, and what I would call a Rebirth.


Image Source: Obara Meji’s journal during the years 1999 — 2005

Understanding our position here on earth or our journey here can be quite challenging for us, especially if you are not spiritually attuned to the soul connection within yourself. The earth and the outer universe is alive and pulsating in tune with the human body.

Man has created his own existence and has carved his own fate and is able to redeem his own self when his path gets rocky or rough but has no idea of this. Until we slow down and begin to study our own actions and sense of being and acknowledge the forces that are of nature, and our ancestors, and that which we as individuals perceive as God regardless of race, culture, creed, religion, or academics, we in our human form and also from a spiritual position will NOT evolve!!!!

Count not your weight of wealth with money but rather with spiritual knowledge. Seek to know first the spiritual value of yourself and those that you care for and with this you will succeed in all your endeavors. Understand that in order to do this you must tap into your mind through consistent meditation and prayers, with a deep respect for all and everyone.

When ever you ride on a bus or a train, walk or fly, get in the company of other people, you come away with their vibrations, and you unknowingly have to deal with this daily. This is why praying, meditation and respect for every living thing is crucial, because of the importance of balancing vibrations.

Obara’s Journal of Channeled Messages — 1999

I would hope that this message will be received by you on a deeper level than it was by me the first time I had written it. The message is more than what your two eyes have read, and what your intellect will try to make sense of. In this message lies a message beyond the message if you can find it.

Regardless of the words written here, there is one key that is Supreme. It took me years to see it.

But I hope you will receive it promptly.

I love you all,

Obara Meji

PS: Please stay tuned for more channeled messaging to come on this blog. I used to be hesitant to share some of these messages with you, mostly because it is the internet, and I see the messages as personal even though they are for the world. The reason why I will begin sharing is because we all need to know what is happening and what is to become of us in this New Earth.

We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than reality.


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1 year ago

Good Night and a huge big up to Obara. Been reading your posts for quite some time ( been a peeper)but have been a bit shy to post comments. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts….they are informative ,full of knowledge and wisdom and have been so very helpful to me.Thanks. You are truly a blessing .Continue the good work and love , light, elevation and blessings to you always. You are truly a sunbeam lighting this darkening world.

1 year ago

I often hear things not in this dimension. It sounds like, when you hear chattering in a restaurant type setting. I cannot decipher any words, just different voices. Other times, there is music playing. This is the only way to describe it. When I am really focused on my spiritual work and meditating regularly, it happens more often. I cannot ‘will’ it to happen, it will be when I am engrossed in something and then I realize I can hear “somewhere else” as I call it. If I turn my attention to it, it stops. It also doesn’t ‘ask permission… Read more »

Queen Okunmayowa (jojo)

Aboru boye Obara, Love this post thank you but teacher how do we deal with the message so my enemy don’t think they are mad ? do u ever zone out while having a conversation with someone and all of a sudden a image plays out in your minds eye like a movie? I have too many questions lool did you often go home with emotions that in yourself you knew they wasn’t yours? for persons that are healers why does the energy bring Envy and hate from others? thank u again teacher

1 year ago

Thank you for the post Obara, it was so needed.

Intellectual Bhutu
1 year ago

Greetings Obara Meji, This was a refreshing read. I can relate to many of the experiences you shared…I remember spending time with a “competent spiritualist”, she started singing along to the sound of music that only she could hear….by later that night we started to hear the music as it had now entered this dimension. Her spirit had heard it before it started playing in this physical realm. At that time, I was amazed because that was so new to me. Now, that I have started to have my own experiences, having access to your teachings makes it easier. A… Read more »

1 year ago

Thanks for the Post!
Blessed Love

1 year ago

Hi Obara. Prayer. To suffer is another part of knowing thyself. One should not be able to ONLY accept positive as the negative MUST play a role for one to become balanced.
Rebirth process is hard, challenging, fearful & difficult to realign ourselves with what we train our human self to believe is our purpose compared to our awakening & accepting the real mission.

1 year ago

Salam Obara Ma,

Thanks for sharing this thoughtful piece of guidance, Knowing oneself and realizing that you’ve the power within you to unlock one’s misery through consciousness and being awake. Hence one often suffer from the illusion, un awakening and not striving to know or realized one position.

May your days be long as you continue to light up the world with Knowledge!

1 year ago

I bedn receiving messages since a child. My father who was already initiated never responded to the things I “seen” or ” heard”. Fast forward, after suffering for years with depression – before & after having kids, i realized this was Real! And by the time I was finished with Breast Cancer treatments – I realized this was Me – so I embraced it! Asè

1 year ago

Thank you for this Teacher. Kí ẹ pé fún wa.

1 year ago

For me the key is self….. knowing one self and so interacting with all, but aligning with God, nature, your ancestors.

Thank you Obara

1 year ago

Thank you for sharing!

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