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Wedding to Funeral? Here’s a List of Life’s Celebrations… and the Tragedies That Follow Them

As with everything, every pro has its con. In this chaotic world, you can not find the negative without the positive, a duality that harmonizes the same, albeit different. Things of a certain nature that is hard for the human mind to fathom, unless the human mind has climbed to a particular height where it now becomes aware, as witness, that the physical is illusory, and the invisible is the actuality.

I am hoping that this blog post does not go above many of your heads, but I am hoping that in time when you revisit it, perhaps you will understand.

Let’s get into it.

1. Marriage and Death

Everything is energy, and with the energy of the wedding comes joy, togetherness, fun, celebration, festivity, union, contentment, and hope. All of these adjectives are not just descriptive words, they are energies, particularly Light energies. These energies create evolution. The ones getting married are being catapulted from one state of being to another state, even for those simply in attendance.

However, like a seesaw, if there comes something positive, the negative awaits around the corner, likewise if something is negative, the positive is also not far off.

In the case of marriage, often times when the wedding is being planned, or has occurred, death lingers nearby — or sickness that may lead to death.

This is not always the case, however. Because somewhere in some people’s lives there is a knowledgeable one who may have this understanding and can, through prayer or ritual, mind or sound, balance the energy for the funeral not to occur, or for the exchange not to happen, known or unbeknownst to them.

Let us take sacrifice, a form of ritual, as an example of balancing the two energies. Sacrifices are imitations of life through the guidance of wisdom. They imitate the expressions of invisible causes, and so affect those invisible causes. Therefore, with the guidance of wisdom only, the appropriate sacrifice will provide an acceptable substitute (often an animal, due to the type of energy to be shifted (i.e. death)) to appease the energy and so deem the negative energy as having justifiably occurred, because a symbol was used in place of human life. In this way, the marriage, which first takes place in the invisible world before manifesting physically, now successfully takes place in the visible world, but its negative counterpart, the funeral, has also taken place — but only symbolically, in other words, in the invisible world and without manifestation.

In other words, sacrifice, the ritual of Nature’s harmony, has balanced two inseparable energies in accordance to the Natural order, the balance of positive and negative.

The frequency of marriage and the frequency of death are the same. When one is called into order, the other responds.

Life in it itself is a dance. It is motions and waves. It’s movement either shadowed or light. Everything that exists upon the face of this Earth has existed way before us here, or everything that is done, being done, have been before.

What this means is that humans are not of themselves but rather have been taught through invisible forces that we consciously do not have any idea of within the conscious mind, but on a deeper conscious level, all that our Ancients knows are within us. And this energy carries through almost like a pregnancy, from one stage to the next, and is materialized almost ritualistically through celebration, actions, motions, thoughts, speech, through voluntary and involuntary movements, and all of this within the spiritual world, because of substance (matter) here in the material world, becomes a dance.

2. Birthday Celebrations

There is only one birthday that a human has and that is the day upon which he or she enters the Earth. Every other day that comes around at the date of his original birth, is an anniversary of his birthday and celebrates another year of a persons life on Earth. However, not everyone should celebrate, and not everyone should be involved in celebratory activity because there are certain human beings, who, before they came to Earth from their world, promised that with the signal of a celebration, they will return home.

The spirit of celebration, the spirit of festivity, is a high vibration and not everyone can carry it. When something carries such a high frequency, it can often result in a persons demise, and I will explain this.

One of the highest vibrations, other than love, hate, the celebration of marriage, or any major milestone, is death, and death operates on a particular frequency. But death really means transition, the end of one cycle and the shift into another. There are some people who do not know when a new phase for them will begin and every human being has one of a set of particular number of years when a new phase in their life takes place, so there are many factors as to why celebration or a milestone should be approached with caution.

The caution, if the person is not highly spiritual, should be fasting. It is very important to follow one’s instinct before a celebration because your own spirit will warn you, so if you listen closely you will hear.

Anything that comes with a high frequency pulls the frequency of death, or shifts a person out of one reality and into another, simply because of a great shift in frequency. It is like turning on a fan to the highest speed where the blades become invisible.

Every person, every human, has a particular phase in life that they are most vulnerable of crossing the thin veil towards transition. The reason for a man being most vulnerable is that there is a particular cosmic force that aligns itself to a male at every stage (or milestone) of his life.

3. Buying Land or Property

A milestone is when a person hits a pivotal point in their life, such as turning 18, 21, or 50. These are phases in life and buying one’s first piece of land or property is a major milestone, especially if such person was coming from a struggling space before. Property is longstanding and generational.

It is inheritance, and so it carries the symbolism of value and continuance. Because of this, when a person purchases their first property, most especially land, this can bring forth sickness, death, general malaise, confusion, war, and so many things. Since the most ancient of times, the purchase, inheritance, or seizure of land and property has always brought about some form of tragedy.

Because of this most often when land is being purchased in certain places in the world, a sacrifice of particular animals is performed on the property, along with other rituals. The blood of an animal (or animals) being shed on the land satiates the hot energy of war, sickness, and death that often follows land purchase and uses the animal as substitute, in order that human lives can be spared.

4. Wealth

Wealth, as in riches, often carries a destructive energy. It may not seem so to most people because of the illusion of what it seems to be, which has many people glamourized.

But before I continue with this, I just want to highlight something about Illusions.

The world we live in, as I have always said, is chaotic, and humans are here for many different reasons and purposes. But apart of the chaos that humans encounter when they come to Earth is glamour. In the world, we have the Haves and the Have Nots. The Have Nots most often want what the Haves appear to have. What the Have Nots see on the other side is a better life, opulence, comfort, and happiness. While the Haves see the Have Nots as despondent, unhappy, and destitute.

If you are able to see both the Haves and the Have Nots as energy you would see one as dark and the other as light, because it always boils down to darkness and light. What I am saying here is that one that seems like it is the greatest place to be is often not the case, because a dark energy follows materialism. While the ones who Have Not, if they are calm about their situation and patient within it, and conscious within their situation, they will realize that everything has an evolutionary stage to it, and everything progresses from one state to another.

With these sets of the Have Nots, they will emit or attract a Light energy, and their wealth may not be the riches that others aim to gain, but come instead in true forms of wealth, such as wisdom and other virtues that will take them to Light.

To put it simply, there are two energies at work behind the forms that you see in this World of Manifestation. Riches is an illusion and appears as extreme beauty, power, and success, but this is only the face it wears. Its true face is that of a dark energy that attracts to it the greatest forms of downfall and tragedy painted in the guise of beauty. The human who finds himself immune to the magnetic pull of glamor attracts to himself true wealth, the one that wears the false disguise of poverty because it is not material. This wealth is virtue, and it is true wealth because it alone evolves the human.

The persons who have attained or inherited riches without calamity and without glamor, and can maintain this wealth is only a person who is grounded in spirituality and maintains a humanitarian quality about him.

It is important to understand that the negative counterparts of these celebratory milestones do not have to affect the celebrant, but can also affect people close to him or her, including family, friends, or people he may be acquainted with.

I wrote this post because of a dream that I had. In this dream, my enemy, along with others, was sitting at a plain table having dinner with just bread and butter and iced water. A step up from us was a finely dressed table with highfalutin people seated around it, including Barack Obama. This table was filled with the finest, most expensive foods and the fattest meats. These people were being served by maids dressed in uniforms, while at our table, we had to serve ourselves the freshly churned butter, hot bread, and beans. However, everyone who was at the highfalutin table began to die one behind each other.

There were nine of them and it came down to eight.

I woke up that morning and I realized something from that dream, which prompted me to write this post. All that glitters, as the saying goes, is not gold. At times when a person is down trodden and has nothing, they have life. It is important for me to juxtapose certain energies and how they cancel out each other as we walk this Earth unbeknownst to many.

I hope what I have tried to convey in this post you will receive.

Stay present.

I love you all,

Obara Meji

PS: The high intense energy of clubs, concerts, and stadiums, or gatherings of high elation, if you check through history, people often die in these settings or chaos occurs during the events, on their way to the event, or even after they have left the event. Many musicians, as they gain celebrity status they or those they love leave the Earth soon or years after becoming celebrated. Joy and sorrow are a married couple, one does not travel without his or her companion, and this is why when you are too happy — stop and think. Confuse the companion of sorrow that he may not be called into Being when too much joy is present. If you have bought a new house avoid calling everyone and spreading the news.

There is a quote I found by Socrates which states, “Remember, there is nothing stable in human affairs; therefore, avoid undue elation in prosperity or undue depression in adversity.”

All truths goes through 3 stages: First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.

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Benjamin Franklyn Jr.
11 days ago

I’m going to come back to this post perhaps in the future. But one thing I will say, is that this post you did is UNIQUE, it is different, it is nothing like any other article on this blog. This post stand out. It takes a well knowledgeable mind or person, to understand everything about this post, only people who are exposed to the spiritual…can understand. There are hidden knowledge and secrets in this post. I won’t say much. This is ESOTERIC. Thank you Ma’am for this. I can relate to this post in certain ways. It resonates with me.… Read more »

Intellectual Bhutu
17 days ago

Greetings Obara Meji! Though mi love obeah an di excitement …the student in me loves when you go deep. The principles you expressed in this lesson are easily understood by those under your tutelage…I am grateful. Having learned to see all as energy really changes the way we explore life. Mi feel like seh weddings, funerals and even birthday parties can easily be interpreted as rituals. The use of music, dance, food, fire, the vows, rings, singing (chanting) “happy birthday to you”…is a heap a spell casting. All a dese tings nuh muss set dah way ya fi try balance… Read more »

19 days ago

Thank you Obara for this post. It really opened my eyes on many issues.

19 days ago

Wow, Obara Meji. Every posts the you write and posts is so deep and insightful. This post is a must read over or revisit post for me. It speak about a lot of important life celebration as you mention; that we as people may overlook not realize there is another side to what we celebrating.
Thank you Obara Meji for sharing this knowledge with us and your dream too. You are Bless Always.

19 days ago

Extremely well written post. Thank you for the enlightenment. Question: “ The ones getting married are being catapulted from one state of being to another state, even for those simply in attendance.” Is this the same for persons who attend funerals?

19 days ago

What a timely post, teacher, especially as I am marking my 33rd anniversary today. I have never been big on celebrating my birthday but I am always in deep gratitude of another year around the sun. I also like to do it alone or away from chaos, familiar places and faces – usually, I like to make new acquaintances at this time and I have never understood why.

I will be coming back to this post time and again to remind myself why I am not particularly big on celebrations.

Thank you and stay blessed, Obara.

20 days ago

Thank you, Obara.

E pe fun wa oooo

20 days ago

Good morning Ma’am. Thank you so much for this post. Once again, you always post on the present situation of my life and I know this again is a personal message for me from my guides. God bless you and yours. Amen.
Ma’am, pls can I send you a mail?

20 days ago

Insightful post. Thanks OM. I’d like to know about the banking industry and energy. Are they tied together? Are money and payment symbolic of energy exchange that takes place between humans and stored in banks? Or is it a concept of value stored within our consciousness right from creation? Something that makes the world go round day and night must be so powerful that it even ranks second after God itself.

Last edited 20 days ago by Kojo
15 days ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Thanks so much for your reply OM. I’m always stunned at your depth of metaphysical knowledge and knowledge of life in general. I read your posts a lot and never get tired of them. Indeed I always knew banking was somehow linked to energy and the collective consciousness of humanity. There are so many hints the majority of people don’t pay attention to or take for granted when dealing with such a matter of great importance as they usually look at life mostly from a physical point of view. Similarities such as the debit and credit method of accounting which… Read more »

Last edited 15 days ago by Kojo
20 days ago

Sorry for the second post- I think people need to understand that the universe is always in balance and that means we have positive and negative energy working all the time- That’s why there is no utopia in the average man mind but we need to realize that balance is the perfect utopia and as such we must navigate and learn to live in balance-

20 days ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

You know what I think about the world be chaotic? I think the world is in balance and it is man who is in chaos- Nature is working perfectly anything out of sync is due to man making it imbalance through mining, pollution, politics etc. But trust me universe is in balance- it is man who need to get in balance

20 days ago
Reply to  Obara Meji


20 days ago

Ha ha ha …. thank you Obara … I must keep humble. Love you my spiritual teacher.

Prophet marc
20 days ago

Wonderful write-up. Thanks so much and may God continue to bless Ur wisdom

20 days ago

yep This post is something I have lived by through my uncle and mother- They always talk about the darkness after joy and we must be mindful. They are from the old school of sacrifice as you spoke about when you move or build a new house to warn off the darkness. Growing up they would say dont tell everyone about your positive movements as you noted like moving or building a new house. Keep your Joy to yourself and ones around you who understand as it will call in negative energy. That’s one reason why I grew up humble… Read more »

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