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Spiritual Drama: How Deception Plays a Role in Spirituality

Tricks in spirituality is very unknown to many people, but very well practiced by those well aware of the psychological weaknesses of the multitude of humans. Spiritual deceptions are ancient and have always been apart of both spiritual development and spiritual suppression, depending on how the tricks are used and received.

Because of ignorance, many people are victims of theatrics. These theatrics arouse fear, excitement, adoration, sorrow, and any high emotion that paralyzes rationality and spiritual awareness.

There is a Jamaican proverb that says “trick worse than obeah“. Growing up I didn’t understand what it meant, but I believe I now know the meaning. The belief into something creates strength that such thing is the truth and that with this thing all is or will be well or not, depending on what that belief is. Knowledgeable few has always ruled the mass with deception, through the written word or through action.

If the Heavens should open up now and a thunderous voice spoke for all and sundry to hear, and it proclaims that all that is written in the Holy Book are lies, many people would be shocked (mentally) to the point of no return. “Trick worse than Obeah”. For what man holds to be true, be it Doctrine or Dogma, Constitution or Science, then true it must be.

All of these things form the basis of belief, and belief forms reality.

In ancient days, tricks were everywhere within temples, festivals, and anywhere that would see public attention. It is the same today. Temples were built for “miracles” to happen during someone’s prayer or reverence. Voices heard through statues, mystical occurrences like the sounds of thunder during rituals, or ghostly appearances. But deception is often a test of the mind to activate it into rational thought, but for the ordinary unspiritual man, this is rarely the case.

To separate the knowledgeable Elder/Initiate from the ordinary people, there were necessary ways to dress as a telltale sign of whatever Order that they were under. A Christian Pastor would wear a black gown with a white collar. A Catholic priest, his gown and Yarmulke. A follower of African traditional practices, perhaps full white and several beads and adornments. Vodun priests (or Zion Revival), certain colors or uniforms worn representing the spirits they serve.

All of these things are necessary as each act as a spiritual code/message within the invisible world that is connected to the material world.

However, the appearance of knowledge and power and its effect upon the superstitious is not lost on the Spiritual Elder. He is aware that these spiritual codes double as ordinary costume, and that even without sacred meaning, the sight of them elicit the same response from the ordinary man: awe and fear; belief and obedience.

But the response is where the power lies.

On the other side, not only does the Elder know the effect of his “spiritual” way of dress on the minds of the superstitious, but he also deceives by sometimes appearing unassuming. He may wear ordinary clothing, or allow his dress, speech, and mannerisms to blend in with a popular lifestyle.

Information coming from the spiritual realm landing into the Material realm:

A coded language is that which can not be understood by the limited mind of ordinary humans. Therefore, before an Angelic Being/Spiritual/Non-physical is able to work through its position from a cosmological space, its Earthly representatives (i.e. pastor, priest, rabbi, spiritual practitioner or otherwise) must be able to re-enact a scene through artifacts or symbol (which can be called seal or instrument, or even chalk, language, writing, colors, mathematical indications, and more). These are among the instruments used to unlock the coded energy that will pass through the world. Therefore, enabling the spiritual connection to the human and his faculties. However limited they may be.

If a person performs a show and there is no audience, then everyone will say that the show is a failure. But if the show attracts a large audience, then we will say that the show is successful. What makes the difference?


For a human to be able to raise his frequency, there has to be a release, an adrenaline response, from the human mind collectively in order to rise up frequency. This is so that like a flower bud, the human mind can open up and rise its frequency to meet the cosmic force coming out of the Ethereal world a place we call Time and Space, thus activating the energy force field that is the barrier between the visible world and the invisible world.

That is how an ordinary person becomes a celebrated person. Energy.

However to harvest this energy is the cunning of knowledgeable people.

It is unknown to many people (non-Initiate or unawakened) that a Priest/ Spiritual Elder is not only wise, but deceitful. And, this he must be. It is through his deceit that his wisdom is shone forth when the deception is the cause of realization and evolution. The word deception here is not to be frowned upon, but it is a word which describes “the end justifying the means”.

Every spiritual path that a person walks, including Christianity, Islam, or any religion, tradition or even science, they must walk it through drama. Most often people become apart of a religion or a group or practice as a result of some negative experience in their life.

This is a hard one to swallow but life is not for enjoyment. Life is for learning. You only enjoy when you have learned something. But when you have settled from that learning, the mind should prepare for its next trial, whether that trial is of their own, a loved one, or something that they care about.

There is something that every human being needs to know:

We all have a Head spirit that is with us before we even enter this Earth Plane. Almost like a spiritual advisor. That Head Spirit knows us but we do not know him/her/it/them. That Head Spirit has been assigned to our journey and it knows what is to come and what is to become. Its job is to lead us to our true path, whether we walk on a bed of nails to get there or we ride a storm. That same spirit will, itself, create negative experiences in our life.

Yes, your protective advisor, is the same one that can open the door for “demons” in the form of ordinary human beings to attack you, whether this is directly or through indirect deception.

When you begin your spiritual journey, you will first meet upon deception. It is the opener of the way to only he who is worthy of the path he has discovered. This deception will manifest itself in many forms that you will not (without wisdom or patience) recognize. It may come to you in the form of an elaborately dressed Priest or Priestess that matches your imagination of a “spiritual life”; or an enemy in the form of a friend or family member, or even someone in need of your assistance or advice, or even a misdiagnosis from a doctor. This deception is one granted by Spirit through the body of a human. And all because you chose to walk a spiritual path.

And although your Head Spirit stands beside you, it can not help you to fight the enemies it has granted access to. How you come out of this has to do with if you are able to endure the battle to get to the next phase of your life. When a child is learning to walk, the mother can not save him from falling down.

Remember life does not stop with death. Death is only a transition to a continuation of life, mainly after you have served your purpose. The spirit will always encounter death, it is a process that continues from one reality to the next.

Let me give you an example of spiritual deception:

Let us imagine an initiation ritual. The initiate is standing on the one side of a closed door, while the Priest, who will grant him entrance should he pass the test, stands on the other side.

The Priest may ask:

“What is your name?”

The candidate may answer. “My name is John Doe.” But this is wrong.

He is being initiated, re-born. His answer should be, “I have no name.”

The Priest may then ask:

“From whom were you born?”

The candidate may answer: “Jane Doe, my mother.” But this is also wrong.

He may answer, “I am not yet birthed”. He is on sacred grounds to be birthed, but in his answer, he can not separate his old human form from his renewed spirit. A better answer would have been, “I am but a beam of Light awaiting birth.”

The final question may be:

“Can the wind be jailed?”

He should answer (as he has failed the previous two answers; he now overthinks the third question): “Yes, air can be jailed.”

The failure of knowing his own state of being will deny this candidate entry to his next phase. The literal belongs to the non-Initiate. The spiritual belongs to the Initiate. What passes through that door is the spirit, not the form. You should know that neither the Priest nor the candidate are themselves in this example. The entire ritual is an act, a drama, that is deceptive only to the ordinary person who can not disentangle the material from the spiritual. This ritual drama is happening at the same time on the cosmological plane. The physical is only a mirror of that spiritual. But a mirror must reflect the same for the same.

In the realm of the spirit, the candidate’s spirit, his double, is answering the questions correctly. But in the material, if he is not answering correctly, then both are not aligned, so he can not cross.

To be tricked, is to become wise.

Whether or not you are being deceived is of no importance, it is what these deceptions symbolize in your life, where they carry you to, and the person they make of you. You are either made wiser or foolish. Thoughtful or vengeful. Empathetic or ego driven. You choose your road.

Appearances are deceitful but not in the way of harming the man for profit, as it is in the way of reinforcing the limited minds of humans to rise their consciousness to the Ethereal world and of Heaven, such as the physical design of the Catholic Church (architectures which are created for the purpose of awe and fear, energies which reinforce the power of the Church).

I feel duty bound to also give you a quick understanding of what you may see when you walk into a spiritual church such as Zion Revival.

Often times, what is laid upon a beautiful table or an altar are water, candles, flowers, perfumes, and more. However, beneath the altar are particular seals that may be drawn underneath the table or under the cloth covering the table. Those seals are messages to certain spirits that the Bishop or the Church Leader wants to command or conjure that day. The attendees are there to manifest the secrets beneath table, unbeknownst to them.

Their jumping, dancing, drumming, speaking in tongues and high energy will certainly create the spiritual spark needed to complete the mission hidden beneath the altar.

These things, although you may not know what they are, are necessary to the function of the church and what is to be established that day… other than preaching the Gospel.

More on this in Part 2.

We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than reality.


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1 year ago

Thank you forbthis. I completely agree. I have also accepted that I know very little and no longer take much for gospel. I think the more you accept that you don’t know, the wiser you become. You are able to observe without judgement.

1 year ago

Wow great piece, quite deep still trying to assimilate

1 year ago

Definitely something I need to reread but as per usual, you dropped some gems. A mom cannot save a child from falling …. Life is t for enjoyment but for learning…. It’s really a lot to think about. Thanks again for the teaching and blessings to you.

1 year ago

Wow..scary confusing and interesting at the same time. Mentally and spiritually stimulating. I would love to learn more

1 year ago

I love when you drop these gem and jewel. Thank you Obara Meji for always sharing and teaching us to see things from a high level of thinking and for others it was just a quick reminder to remember. “This is a hard one to swallow but life is not for enjoyment. Life is for learning. You only enjoy when you have learned something. But when you have settled from that learning, the mind should prepare for its next trial, whether that trial is of their own, a loved one, or something that they care about.” Thank you again. I… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Please do not be discouraged Ms. Obara to write the adjoining post to this. I know for myself I had to come back and re-read this post because there was so much to unpack. It didn’t go over our heads. The information here is deep, thought provoking and deserves dissecting. This posts literally brings me to a scene in my mind from one of those Martial Arts movies where the student learns an uncomfortable truth, then turns to the Master like “why didn’t you tell me it was going to be like this”? and the Master says “if I told… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

So, true…You don’t want to waste your time or energy. Some people on this post or reading this post need to engage some more for you to know that they are here and want some more knowledge to be learn from. I use to be one too for years. Reading and not engaging but I break out of my shell for a few years now and stop that old way of thinking. I really enjoy engaging on this blog. Some people just need to step out of their zone and just do it as Nike would say. Write something. Even… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

Oops please

1 year ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

This are all powerful nutritions for my growth as far as my spirituality is concerned. And I believe I’ve been brought to your page by my upper heads. Please do not deny me the opportunity to build myself for the journey and mission ahead of me. I’m really learning a lot from your many Post.

1 year ago

Thank you always

1 year ago

Thanks for the Info and perspective, O. “And although your Head Spirit stands beside you, it can not help you to fight the enemies it has granted access to. How you come out of this has to do with if you are able to endure the battle to get to the next phase of your life. When a child is learning to walk, the mother can not save
him from falling down.” As my enemy recently suffered spiritual assault, I needed this reminder and reinforcement. IBA , my Ori!

Intellectual Bhutu
1 year ago

Greetings Obara,

This is a good mix of all the aspects of Spirituality that spark my interest. Mi like it.

I am grateful to have been privy to this information and that this post serves to concretize the much that I have learned from you.

I observed the use of energy recently as I noticed a “spiritualist” hosting parties etc….it just seemed like energy was being harvested for another purpose. I had mentioned it to you….

I’ve seen this use of collective energy in church a lot…worship service an dem tings.

Please ensure that part 2 comes soon.

1 year ago

As they say in Jamaica …. “Know God for Yourself”

Very Informative post Obara. .. Thank you.

1 year ago

Hi Obara, Blessings
Thank you for this article, Some of the contrnts i heard about when i was growing up I have to read it again Thank You

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