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Why Some Spiritual Charms Work and Others Do Not

Often times, when a Babalawo, a Yoruba priest of Ifa, hands over a “spiritual medicine” to a visitor, he gives it with a simple prayer: “May it match your body.”

It is so simple that its meaning is easily missed by ordinary ears. But for those who understand spiritual language, what the Babalawo is truly saying is,

May the frequency that vibrates throughout or within this medicine match the frequency that resonates throughout your body; spirit, mind and soul.

Remember with this medicine, you as a physical being are receiving a physical thing. However, this physical thing is to act through its spiritual form to affect your spiritual reality, which then materializes to the physical reality you observe and experience.

In my years of doing my work, I have heard many people complain about work that they have had done but saw no results to the point of berating the spiritualist that worked for them or condemning all things spiritual together. As a person who understands spirituality to its depths, I know that everything in the spiritual operates at a particular resonance, hertz, frequency–

In my years in Zion Revival, a spiritual church, when ever the spirits walked in and all and sundry were in a frenzy, caught up “in spirit”, when the frenzy became too much, a person with wisdom would place a stick across the entry doors of the church. This action was to close off the energies (spirits) that had overwhelmed the church, and as it was done, the high energy that had disturbed the attendees and placed them into great possession, came down as swift as it had caught them, and eventually all would be still and back to normal again.

This is the manipulation of energy. This is how spiritual work, itself, may work or not work as intended or imagined. If the charm that is created by the spiritualist vibrates upon a high resonance but is created for a person who vibrates low (i.e. as a result of mistrust, doubt, disbelief, bitterness or other ill feeling), two forces will oppose themselves, one constructive and the other destructive. This is especially so if the negative mindset of the commissioner (the client) is directed toward the work or spiritualist itself.

Let me give you an example:

Patricia wants the spiritualist to give her something that will make her prosper so that she may make ends meet. He charges a fee and she pays it. All of this occurs on the physical realm.

The spiritualist puts together all of the ingredients that he knows will assist Patricia. Here, he gathers a frog, because in his teachings the frog leaps swiftly so what he is doing for Patricia should be quick. Likewise the frog is from the water and water is known for its abundance and fertility, among other attributes. The animal may then be sacrificed and turned into a powdery substance.

Now, in the realm of Spirit, the frog is very much alive but with an order through the spiritualist’s incantation to assist Patricia in her physical life to quickly achieve things that she needs to. Patricia lives very close to the river and so on her morning walks, Patricia may toss an empty water bottle near the river, and other pieces of trash.

Unbeknownst to Patricia, she is offending the energies belonging to the river. Or perhaps, her own spiritual lineage is of the river and due to her religious upbringing and conformity to the general social opinion, she does not acknowledge “such things”. Which ever it may be, the spiritual work she commissioned for attraction has instead brought about a repulsion between her vibration and that of the charm, due to Patricia unknowingly creating a disharmony with that element of Nature.

However, the time has come where her medicine is ready for use, and as she is given this medicine, she is told “May it match your body.

Patricia begins to use the medicine as instructed, but it has been over a month and Patricia has seen no change within her financial situation. She becomes angry and tosses the spiritual medicine away and curses the spiritualist and spiritual things.

Everything is energy. Therefore, by Patricia defiling the river, the frequency and vibration of Patricia is out of alignment with that of the constructive force of the river – the source of energy that has been employed to serve her.

Likewise, Patricia’s own disbelief plays a major role in the ineffectiveness of the work. “Sympathy” is essential in spiritual medicines because before any attempt to assist someone is made, the mind of the person being assisted helps determine whether or not the work will be successful. Sympathy is a mutual trust between the spiritualist and the commissioner, like a doctor and a patient. This mutual trust creates a vibrational harmony between the two in terms of intention and expectation. A commissioner and a spiritualist are not just two “people” — they are spirits entering into a deal or spiritual relationship.

There is very little inherent power in the physical objects themselves, such as oils and powders or candles or herbs and spiritual baths, especially if deemed “impossible” or “ridiculous” by the commissioner’s disbelief.

The spiritual work you receive is beyond the physical you are actually seeing or experiencing. The entire process is apart of the work. Your commission, your payment, your effort, your trust, your belief, the spiritualist’s acceptance and good faith in what he has been commissioned to do, etc. These are all participators.

In fact, an incompetent spiritualist can still succeed in helping someone if the person being aided has a pure and total belief in spirituality. This trust alone can aid him. But what is the aid? That aid is the spirit of the commissioner which has placed itself “in agreement” with the intention and attempt.

However, even the work of a competent spiritualist can become obstructed, delayed, or ineffective if the person being aided has no belief nor trust in the whole ordeal. What can override his own will? Doubt bars the way.

Everything vibrates. Nothing at all stands still, even an inanimate object has its own form of motion, although invisible to human eyes. Spiritual work works by the manipulation of this invisible energy to (if used constructively) bring about orderly change in the vibratory activity within a thing, which then causes a corresponding change in the thing itself.

Even the spiritualist, himself, is responsible for the work that he does for another because if he or she is not living the life morally, spiritually, and otherwise in the way that is acceptable to the Beings, malevolent or benevolent, it can affect the work that he puts out or gives to clients. Therefore, if he is a malevolent practitioner and he sends out a work for tragedy and it does not happen in the way he had intended, then he also needs to check himself to see if the spirits he works with is “responding” to him.

We must understand that as we are all a collection of energy vibrating at different frequencies, the necessity of success lies in harmony. Because of this, matter and the objective reality can always be changed. Therefore every problem has a solution, and what can be seen can always be changed.

Generally, most people have no idea how some work that they commission works. Especially if they do not “see” the result as how they imagined it to be. There was a time a woman I knew decided to do a particular mantra toward a particular Deity. The Deity was one who was known to bestow the gifts of wisdom and music, and other talents to humans, and it had not taken more than a year before the woman began a new chapter of her life when she participated in the organization of a music festival. However, this new chapter was so subtle that she never attributed the opportunity to the mantra she performed the year before.

I mention this story because often times works that are commissioned do come to pass, but subtly, and not with the resounding high cymbals that are obvious and noisy. As I said before, everything that is done physically or spiritually has its own vibration and frequency that it acts upon. And so, it is not prudent to remove your belief from spirituality because of loss faith due to an apparently “failed spiritual work”.

No spiritual work has ever failed. What humans do not understand is that everything happens at the right time, and that matched frequency is absolutely important in bringing about results.

There are some works that as you commission them with the spiritualist, before the fee is ever paid, the work is already done. This phenomenon happens because you, the spiritualist, and the Beings that ought to carry out the work are resonating on the same frequency even at the time of commission. Spirits always resonates on a higher frequency that humans, so if you are wondering how a physical being can resonate on the same frequency as the spiritual being, you have to remember that the human body operates twofold: one in the physical, the other in the spiritual.

When you are engaged in anything with a spiritualist, if even inquiry, you are operating on the spiritual.

Spiritual work is not a magic trick or miracle. Every work that a spiritualist does, the commissioner of the work is involved while the work is being prepared, even if he is not physically present at the spiritualists’ side — his or her spirit is very much present.

Likewise, if you commission a work but the spirit that resides within you is against the work you have commissioned, no matter what the spiritualist does, that work can not go through. Your inner spirit is the controller of your physical, and as such it knows best for you because the physical body vibrates low due to its emotion. Some people may desire a particular thing, but their own spirit or Head may not allow this thing to take effect if it is not aligned with your destiny. This, too, should be taken into consideration.

The best way for a person to get the result he intends to get when he or she has commissioned a spiritualist is for him or her to command what they want with their own will within the depths of their minds. You must remember the great role your own mind plays in the joys or obstructions of your own life. The moment you fumble in your mind of what you want, you have now placed a lower vibration upon the work.

I will revisit this topic another time because there is so much I wish to say that will answer questions for many of you. For example, at a later time we must discuss when charms are “ineffective” because an instruction, or sometimes a situation may require much more than a single work depending on its severity, or the charm itself may be of lower vibration than the person for whom it is intended, or even the geographical space or environment where the person is can affect the effectiveness as well.

Another interference can be opposition forces either on the commissioner’s side or on the spiritualist’s side (a spiritualist can have an enemy that does not want his work to be successful in order to promote doubt in his work) which blocks the work from taking effect. All of the above situations are left for the spiritualist to investigate.

This is why before any work can be done, a divination must be conducted so as to know what the obstacles may be that must first be cleared before the futile attempt of attracting a blessing.

If an overweight person wants to lose weight, he needs to take at least 10,000 steps for the procedure to begin. What this means is that with everything there is time and patience before the results can occur.

I promised to try my best when ever I write another post such as this, to break it down further so as to dispel all your doubts, as I have come to a resolution that the spiritual world is indeed the reality of all.

Above all, make sure to seek a competent spiritualist. Allow your head to guide you.

God speed,

Obara Meji

Your life is what your thoughts make it.


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10 months ago

Thank you, Obara,

1 year ago

Thank you Obara. This is truly insightful. I had to read it twice. This message came to me at a time I really needed it. I prayed and fasted for something for months and truly believed I would get it- but I didn’t. Although it’s really painful, this message brought some sort of consolation to my heart.
Thanks again Obara. ❤️ Always a pleasure learning from you.

1 year ago

Thank you so much really educational

1 year ago

Thank you Obara, I really enjoyed this post.

1 year ago

Thank you Obara for this topic. I really appreciate you explaining things to us the way you do and the way you break it down for us to truly understand what you speaking about. And also the examples that you give are always clear. Love it. Everything you speak it true and real. Thank you again and I will re read again to get another understanding of this message and write another comment. And I will also wait for another post like this ,the other half, you mention you will bring to us in a few weeksweeks from now. God… Read more »

Intellectual Bhutu
1 year ago

Greetings Obara! Thank you for this information. “This is why before any work can be done, a divination must be conducted so as to know what the obstacles may be that must first be cleared before the futile attempt of attracting a blessing” If divination reveals the querent as an obstacle to the work, whats the recommended response of the spiritualist in this situation? I have heard of spiritualists refusing to work with certain clients because of the energy they bring to the consultation/work. Some people get turn back from the gate. Also, I’m wondering…if a querent’s will is enough… Read more »

1 year ago

Great and mind opening post. Please I want to ask this do the spiritualist takes into consideration whether the commissioners who comes for spiritual assistance had some evil done in the past which could block the efficacy of the work he is about to do? or if he finish the work and hands it to the commissioners and says ” may it match your body” does that overshadows all negativities and karma? And in the case there (is) a blockage of that sort what would the spiritualist do for the commissioner? Thanks!

1 year ago

I came back to share some spiritual work Obara did for me. She has done a few workings for me and mine over the years. All have been successful. Reading this post brings them back to memory. Obara gave me some prosperity items to use. She wrote the instructions very clearly and I followed precisely. Well you know at first mi never too see anything but looking back I’m realizing financially I’ve been able to save more and I’m not pay check2pay check for awhile now. It was subtle and over time when I noticed. I have faith in spirituality… Read more »

1 year ago

Wow this was very informative and made me think on some works I’ve had done. You know they were subtle.. results came eno but if you blink you miss it lol thankfully Obara has been my teacher quite awhile and I’ve learned plenty. Plus I trust her so iykyk. Great post waiting on the follow up

Queen Okunmayowa
1 year ago

ahhh teacha u a spoil us with knowledge and am greatful, why would a charm disappear soon after being given to the receiver? is like no matter how u look fah it cyan fine I have come to my own conclusion but Teacha please enlighten me on this.

Queen Okunmayowa
1 year ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

alright obara mi fi link u anyways, soh we will catch up.

1 year ago

I’ve been a reader of your blog for years. I decided to create an account to comment. I love how the truth is always the same with people who are awake. I’m on the high frequency and in my dreams I always see people/beings below. I see through people and I see things before they happen. The amazing thing is all you said in your prophecies my mom has said all. She predicted Covid before it happened and now another is coming worse than that, she has been stressing about getting a farm and growing what we eat plus Africa… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Obara Meji


Last edited 1 year ago by Jayjay
1 year ago
Reply to  Obara Meji

I hope to talk or meet you someday. So my mom told me to include clove in my daily diet(I drink it as tea every morning 30minutes after my regular tea )….just did a search and it contains magnesium as you stated in an earlier post.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jayjay
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