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I was born in Kingston Jamaica and grew up with both my parents along with my sisters. We were all taught values and good moral standards like to always say please and thank you, to get up when we were on the bus and offer the elderly a seat or the disabled or a pregnant mother, to never disrespect an elder and to share what ever little we had. I must say that most of these teachings came from our mother who was a very strong independent woman but who had the most kindness and generous heart. I cannot speak for my sisters but I have taken a lot of my mothers teachings and have even passed them on to my own children. I live my life caring about people and  having empathy to those who are less fortunate than me. I have done a lot in my life to assist many of those who have been in need of assistance from feeding to housing to clothing etc, and I must tell you that if I  have helped a hundred people only two have told me thanks. The father of my children use to complain to his mother about me that I would cook and he would see plates of food going through the door to all kinds of people, and when the mother asked me about it because apparently her son was upset that I was so kind, I was shocked  that they saw something wrong with that. Apparently he could not deal with my generous ways so eventually we parted and I was left on my own with four children one who had just been born, along with bills that he refused to help me with.  Resulting in me my losing my business which was a Hair Salon. I had no help or no one to turn to but miraculously I managed to feed my children and kept a roof over our heads.

There was a friend who sympathized with me who lived all the way in Texas, she had lived with me when she just came from Jamaica and was one who had never forgotten my kindness. With the problems mounting up on me daily she was some one I would cry  and pray with on the phone, through our prayerful conversations she introduced her friend to me and soon we all would be on the phone at nights praying constantly. The newly introduced friend promised to come see me when she came to New York and sure enough she did bringing with her another friend and before they left my house they both gave me enough money to clear my bills with a little left over. It was these two women that eventually built me another Hair Salon and helped me tremendously, all this came from the one who was thankful from a good deed that I had done, that I was introduced to these women who at the time were God sent. I urge every one to be the best that you can be, and to do good deeds not to be praised by man but to build you blessings. There is something out in the universe that will reward you for whatever you put out good or bad. Choose your actions well.


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Meekail Adeosun
Meekail Adeosun
8 years ago

A Yoruba proverb says, “If you do good to a black man, a white man will pay you back”. So you should not expect people you are kind to , to do same to you.

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